To look around and simply see

the people who pretend to be

those who try to fade away

and those who make a brighter day

Those who are happy and those who frown

take the world slowly down

because in my eyes i only see

no happiness, none for me

I look to the west and see some cheer

i look to the south and only fear

I dont know which way to walk

because both will eventually hinger my walk

Wish me away, to a place in my heart

Wish me away, like a falling star

I dont wish to be, i never did care

I only came here because she was there

Now im alone, wow this isant new

Im alone like a child who never knew

In the world, that doesnt care

about what a friends heart, truely bares.

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Jesus Pagan's picture

Wow.. now this is trully how I feel most of the time. It's just great. Keep it up.