I felt I saw I was ...

I felt Mexica today
she whispered into my ear
I saw her lovely skin
I felt her Indigenous power

I saw Mexica today
my eyes filled with tears
some of joy of the exchange
some of fear for their burdens

I was Mexica today
we touched, exchanged words
exchanged glances and smiles
we were for one moment akin

My heart beat Mexica today
my blood pumped as I came alive
under the beautiful dark gaze
of my beautiful and Indigenous people

I am Mexica today and everyday
even though my light skins whispers
of a mixing of European blood
my heart beats Mexica
my eyes cry Mexica
my lips whisper Mexica

Ometeotl keep my Mexica safe
give our people the strength to rise up
to fight once again in the spirit of Cuauhtmoc
in the spirit of Villa and Zapata

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