A Fight for Survival

Volume Two

Can you hear the wisper in the darkness

if you close your eye's it could sound like bliss

Lost and Confused

beaten and abused

hated and used

Even in despair light can be found

when there's no hope in sight just stand your ground

when you expect the worst

sometimes the best will come first

It's when you give up

that you'll run out of luck

"Struggle and Fall

stand and take the call

fight for what you believe

and your heart wount be decived"

This is your one and only chance, Life in which you only know

beyond this is a mystery, where only the dead can go

Live for this day

Breath before it's taken away

Don't live for what they say

Expirence it your own way

when everything crashes down

that's when your true strength can be found

"Struggle and Fall

Stand and be tall

Fight to Survive

you might even see why your alive"

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