My Promise

(Dedicated to Melissa Stasinopoulos)

I've held on for so long
to an empty dream
filled with empty hope
        I must find where I belong
        and now it seems
        that I need this so I can cope
Every day after day
we grow further apart
and now this must end
        I must find a way
        to give closure to my heart
        so a new life, I can begin
It may be the last thing I do
and I don't know how
nor do I know when
        but what I say is true
        and I promise this now...
        We'll see each other again
And on that day
I will finally then know
what is to become of me
        I will know which way
        and direction I should go
        to be what I'm left to be
Now, I'm so incomplete
no matter what I try
I can't keep growing
        I shall not accept defeat
        because I refuse to die
        without first knowing.

- May 19 / 2006

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