The Perfect Ones


Be wary of the perfect ones. The ones everyone likes, whose enemies consist only of narcissists, they know how to blend. Be wary of your affection for them, as they draw it out of you with their perfect skin. Be watchful upon where their eyes trace, as they laugh and sing, and cry and shake. Their traps are skillfull, unnoticed and strong. They draw you in, like a perfect little pawn. They paint it with comfort and a warm embrace, only to find yourself alone in this place. The wonderment smashes upon you, how did it end up like this? With nothing to go on, you're lost in an abyss. Emotion, the pain, you feel it to your core. Your love for them, unreciprocated, leaves you with a desire to want more. But as the pawn wears out, they toss you aside, to find another, after cutting their ties. Intricate, the game, these perfect ones play. Complex, the emotions, you struggle to remain at bay. With a screw in your head, that they've placed inside, life feels empty when they vanish on high.

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Mysterious Illusion


You were just a beautiful illusion


A mirror image of all that I wanted


Dangerous and manipulative


My emotions couldn't keep up.


My demons were almost at bay


But you pulled them to freedom


Learning to live with them once again


Blaming you, but I let you do it.


The mystery, all that is you


Igniting something inside me


Something unknown to be


Leaving me to my own devices


Struggling to search for them.


The tools to recover


Suddenly absent they remain


Inside my brain


You, the illusion, maintained.


As nature manipulates human lives,

Her beauty influenced me a lot,

To fall in love with her,

I do cherish that thought!


She is the world to me,

More than this I reckon,

She is the universe and beyond,

She is the one to beckon.


I am a boat without the boatman,


She can save me alone, yes she can!

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Monsters In The Dark

Now listen to what I have to say

For the wicked hide in the shadows of this day


You know nothing of what is of me

You may know the color of my eyes

But not of what they are capable to see


Now here, I've warned this upon you

For not every smile is ever true


Everything is not set in stone

You may say there is an answer

When nothing is completely known


Close your eyes, please understand

That what you may rely on is a blood-thirsty hand


Unknown of what they truly are

Watch think before you turn and talk

Someone so close to you can be so far


So remember before you go on and say

"But why would anyone do this to me anyway?"


Human nature can be full of evil and greed

Unwatched, A monster born within the shadows, full only of self pleasure and need.

Another Game of Manipulation

He tells you I'm sorry

Another game of manipulation

But sweetie, I bet you think he loves you.


He tells you that it will never happen again,

He'll change

Another game of manipulation

But sweetie, I bet you think he loves you.


You smell the alcohol on his breath,

Stand there while he lays his hands on you

But he told you that he changed

Another game of manipulation

But sweetie, I bet you think he loves you.


A lie to your friends and family
While he drinks away the money

And you tell yourself you love him

The poison that makes you stay

Another game of manipulation

But sweetie, I bet you think he loves you.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

My sister is in an abusive relationship, with her boyfriend of four years. A man who I never particularly liked to begin with, he's a high school drop out and before she made him get a job he was out of work for two years.


 She swears that he's changed, but I think that she's lying for him just like she did before everyone found anything out. I think that things only repeat themselves, and I pray for the day that she breaks his little heart.

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"L U S T"

OOOOhhhhhh, my goodness!


Just the word, the very sound of "lust",

Makes the young man's pant zipper feel it will bust!

Why is lust such a forbidden thought?

And causes the fear of God--is it what they were taught?

Lust is a word that is changing in meaning,

And some at the sound of it, sets their eyes gleaming,

They associate with sex, this word we use, "lust",

And right away, they picture a vagina, a penis, or a bust,

But truth really is, many things can be thought with its' use,

A lust for knowledge or power, can also be an abuse,

Some religions say that lust is any "wanting" we have,

Or a human who has sexual intercourse with a cat or a calve,

Other religions will tell you, that unless you have sex to impregnate,

It then becomes lusting, and your worthiness, it will complicate,

"Simple fornication" is to have sex for enjoyment,

Don't tell at heaven's gate, because hell will be your deployment,

Someone said, "Sex without love is just lust",

But there are many babies born from this, who I do declare are the cutest!!

A deep desire, is lust, that controls the emotion,

So masturbation is lust, yes, even if you use holy lotion,

I am thinking that every human being on earth lusts something,

Some lust for winning, and some lust for hunting,

Another lusts for cutting, and another for food,

We all lust, we're human, we're like animals, we're crude,

To live in moderation is the best we can do,

With balance we learn what lust is, different for me, than it is for you.

So to hell with these books, because. they all say a different thing,

Lust can even be loving too much--or giving too much if it's to that which you cling,

Any thought in excess, no matter how reverent you try,

Can turn quickly to lust, in the blink of an eye,

Just live in the moment, with the eyes of a child,

Don't ever seduce your spouse, or by you, they'll be beguiled?

Don't ever have fun, because that would be lusting,

To tell you the truth, I think this is all quite disgusting,

Maybe just crawl into a hole in a neat little ball,

Cause the way the species is going, lust will be the death of us all.

You have to figure it out for yourself, just listen with an open mind,

Don't go to either extreme, and you'll be just fine.


6:35 PM 8/5/2013  ©


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do you think I covered all the bases without making it something it is not? LOL What is lust to you? That is what matters, if you ask me.

A Claw From A Cloud

The Prompt Pit

A Claw From A Cloud


The sins of her father soak her clothes,

Freeze her blood and crack her bones.

Vapid she sings and evil she grows, 

Cruel to a limit that nobody knows.

A claw from the sky reaches down to her bed,

Snatches her body and turns her head.

The shadows that face her grow darker still,

Brooding and snarling but waiting until,

She loses the need to stare at the clouds,

Teasing ideas that they cannot allow.

They wait, but the girl still grabs at the sky,

So they order the Sun to dazzle her blind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

© Lizzie Ayres, 2013

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skilled verbiage






a beggar's 


poor choice


rolls him 


gently from 


curb to 




as the wealthy


roll over


in interest.




cutting words


spoken with 




like an ice pic,


hold the gentle,


subtle power,


to leave cracks 


like fault lines


in ignorance


left from











5:23 AM 8/4/2013 ©








Author's Notes/Comments: 
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I hate you


I hate the way your so damn sweet, just to manipulate me.

I hate the lies you told me, just to get me not to leave.

I hate that you are always right, i fight you tooth and nail.
its just because I am afraid, I just dont want to fail.
I hate the way you lured me in, all with false pretense,
I hate the fact I fell for you, I should have had some sense.
The way you touch me makes me quiver, i wish you felt the same.
But you dont, its not your fault, I am the one to blame.
The goodness faded quickly, but the scars will never go,
I just hope next time I do not leap before I know.


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