by Jeph Johnson

being unique

apparently isn't

that unique


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I am myself
I won't be nobody
Of what essence is the
moon's immitation of the sun?
When the Lord of the heavens
has blessed it with it's own
Unique radiance...
Illumination, radiating beauty

I am myself
I won't be nobody
Why should the river envy the ocean?
When the maker of water
Has given it it's taste, it's lovely tide
And with its gentle smile
to the face of the sun

I am myself
I won't be nobody
The dew can't be like the rain
Why should it race to be?
When they both are from the sky
With the dew's soothing touches 
And grace all over the earth

I am myself
I am not nobody
I can't be everybody
'Coz I am somebody
Me...I am myself
I am unique
And I value my uniqueness

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We are created differently and we have varying potentials... So, why don't you be yourself?

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Underneath a glass dome,
Immune from outside forces,
Abundant growth, petals soft,
Glistening array of gentle endowment,
Thriving in a myriad of opulence,
A torus exudes timeless ardor and stride,
And the integrity of wholeness

Is autonomously and freely fullfilled.





12:06 AM 5/27/2013 ©

The Effing Word

the eff word really is so unique, for how many words begin with 'f',
it reigns high among the others, and causes some to become deaf.


it has so many uses, too, so many more than 'like',
it's etymology is from a german word that plainly means, 'to strike'.


the effing part about it is that it's mostly used to make a point,
but often it explains intercourse, or to exclaim, 'i need an effing joint'.


i was driving past the shopping mart, and saw a sign the other day,
'the effingbar' is what it said, i thought, 'well i guess eff's here to stay'.


the world is changing rapidly, word meanings changing too,
there's new ones added everyday, babbling like a zoo.


so as i ponder on this word that we've serated, chopped and abused,
i see in it some special traits, but can easily be confused.



6:58 PM 4/22/2013 ©





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the 'f' word. think about it.


do you ever 'strike' your lover? how about that one?

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There is something about this man....

There is something about THIS Man....

he's real, ever so wise he's Spiritual had a masters before the creation of time.. All he needs to do is speak to capture my attention. Now I must say I've heard from the young and old, but his TRUTH is still being told. He's unique, a gentleman POWERFUL YET, MEEK. He could glance at the World even from a bird's eye view! Now when he glance, his eyes surrenders you.. You feel REAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, taking you to intimacy from the moment you meet, almost breathtaking where you can't even speak...
Feelings of warmth an compassion travel from your HEART down through your body to the veins in your feet, he even makes your bones weak, yet he is the ONLY ONE who can speak to them and bring LIFE EVERLASTING...He treats me like a Queen and knows what essence to bring. Not only is he gentle, and caring, yet a strong he treats me like The Virtuous Women  I will grow to become..Oh did I mention he always understands, who am I kidding it would take all Eternity to describe him.
Now I'm not speaking of a physical man, but the Word of GOD which I hope all the lost sheep scattered comes to understand.
I'm falling in Love with him over and over again...
There is something about THIS Man....



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