if I had a scar for every mistake i've made..
I think i'd have as many as you.. 
Satan is impaling his dagger into my throat..
why can't you see that inbetween every breath, I choke..
you spin that thread like some spider in the corner above your bed..
casting webs into thin air.. 
you look so evil while you sit back & stare...
everything around you struggling..
your screams echo in the center of my head...
sound waves of pain..
pulling me further into disdain..
from you I try to refrain...
I swear every single day is just another suicide..
all you've got is filthy money on your mind..
if I could, I would wipe you out..
never to see the grey of another fucking New Jersey day..
would you finally be happy?
stop saying "it'll always be this way"..
cause fuck you i'm going to get out of here no matter what I have to do.
I've grown tired of the constant debating with you..
just let me do what i'm going to do..
apparently my hands aren't clean anyway, so bloodstains wouldn't make a difference..
it can be washed off, but the memory leaves a permanent stain.
inhaling that same toxic air...
how do you ever expect to get anywhere..?
your eyes have grown faint & your laughter means nothing to me..
you're all just bathing in one another's self destructive disease.. 
I want so badly to just float in the sky...
I need a real change of tide.. 
I want to climb a purple mountain,
dive off & grow some black angel wings,
man of all the fucking simple things.... 
can I fly to another dimension?
or will this back always be scabbed of the wings you've prevented me...?
robbing me of my potential as I watch everyone else let their's coil down the drain..
damn.. which of us is truly insane?
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My Wish For You

My Love

This is it
This is goodbye
And though you say I just can’t add up
I’m not so sure about that
But your saying that may mean
That you’re not good enough for me
Yet, that’s not how I feel

So before you leave
I wish

That you always find God’s grace
That you find what you’re looking for
That your dreams give you wings
That you aim at the stars
That you appreciate compliments
And forget critics
That you live like you’re dying tomorrow
And you always find your way back

I’m still your friend
And I can settle for second place
But only because loving you briefly
Is better than not knowing you at all
Perhaps another time
Another life
We would’ve been happy
But if you can’t find someone better
I’ll still be here

And I wish
That your heart won’t be broken
Past what I can fix
That the fork in the road
Wakes you up to the drive
That you find joy
In the little things in life
And that you always find your way home.

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Always fighting
My two natures
War within me causes shivers
I can’t hold it
What am I?
A man or beast
A demon or angel
Do angels burn?
Do their wings catch fire?
Mine do
My mind is in torment
It reels from it’s agony
My heart is broken
It’s lying in pieces on the floor
I look up
Who is my tormentor?
A mirror image of my own face
The past self
The present regret
What darkness is in your eyes!
I get off the ground
My bone-wings still on fire
A red halo above my head
And a blue-flame inside my chest
But who are you?
I know your face
My love
Why do you want me?
Look at me, I am fallen
And have further to fall.
Yet she picks me up
My wings cannot grab the air
I can no longer fly with her
I am doomed
And my bane approaches
But she resists my fate
And pulls me to my feet
One kiss
And everything’s alright
My body enveloped in blue flame
Now, I am loved
I have purpose
I have a mandate from the one who sent her
I have the power to love my enemies
To put others before myself
I have the power to do wonders in His Name
And I love her who saved me
Who am I?

The Angel and The Beast

My Love

I once loved an angel
A pretty mystery
Who took joy
In her freedom to fly
Far above life’s pains
Never tied to anyone
Never sorrow known
Never a tear on her face
Never sadness shown

Then she met me
A sorry, troubled beast
Who once had loved another
But lost her to the wind
Whose wings were firm and strong
And whose heart was hard as steel
But melted at the sight of her
Stood in awe at the sight of her

She tied herself to me
And gave to me her wings
Never to fly once more
Never again to leave
But I knew she was meant to fly
And like a bird in a cage
Although she sang so sweetly
I could easily see her pain

So I give you my wings my angel
Don’t cry for me anymore
I made my choice
Now you can fly
Through the sky once more
And when you come back down
Remember me
I’ll be here
With scars you won’t see
Where my wings used to be
But I’ll smile all the same
And quietly call your name
Because redemption you were to me
For all eternity

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Kind of like my own twist on the Beauty and The Beast theme. Enjoy


You load of bitches
You are all a bunch of witches
That pure evil jealousy
Can cause you all to be so witchy

Do anyone ever actually just see me
Have you ever taken the time to let things just be
Why be so bitchy towards me
If all I have ever done was only give you honesty

If you all really so badly want to be me
Why don’t you take the time to actually really see reality, that i am only a little worker bee?
I get nothing more than any one of you
In actual fact, I am getting far less that can make anyone blue

But no, all you see is what you want
And you are permanently on the hunt
You load of bitches
You are all a bunch of witches

You are all dark human beings
And may karma fly all of you off on her beautiful wings

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You're the One

My Love

She’s the only one
To me, a beautiful thing.
Music is how she speaks
And how sweetly does she sing!
All throughout the day,
In my ear her voice will ring
All I want to do,
Is accompany her while she sings.

But soon she will go home
To a place that sounds like Hell
I want to comfort her
But I never can really tell
If she can feel how I feel
Her fears I wish to quell
But all I can do right now
Is listen to the bell.

I would give you my wings
So that you can fly away
But we’re all like fallen angels
And so here we must stay
But I can tell you now
That there can come a day
If you take me as your own
Then we could run away

Far, far away
No troubles can see us there
And possibly could escape
Fear and Death’s ghastly stare
As to where we’ll go,
You already know where
But until then
We’ll just have to dream that we’re there.

Although we are slaves to time
The moment’s coming soon
Just like the next note
In a well-remembered tune
If you should come to love me
And my return will come soon
Then we can disappear;
And restart like the new moon.

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Blood Stained Wings

Trapped within a
That started as a
Pleasant dream
I rattle the bars of my cage,
Hoping for release.

When did my happy home,
Turn into such a painful place?
When did this so-called love,
Turn into firey Hate?

So now I wait,
To awake from my restless
sleep, and hope for a
Better tomorrow,
And fight for a chance

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Comments/Thoughts appreciated.

Broken Free.

My body is just a shell,
I realize that now, as I'm sitting in Hell.
My soul is a wavering gold,
Unfortunately, still young but growing old.
My fingertips show outlines,
Of my spirit trying to break thorugh the confines.
My physical bodily is too small,
Much too tiny for the spirit about to fall.
They say only ten percent of our minds are at work,
And here I use all of it, in this damned murk.
My feet don't touch the ground,
It seems my spirit is becoming more sound.My blood trickles, then pours.
My body cannot accept my spirits lure.
I want the garish light of day,
No matter what the demons say.
My soul's mouth lets out an unholy roar,
As I rip from my shell and soar.
My pride is ripped despite freedom,
Because I know I won't be allowed in God's kingdom.
"At least not yet," I sigh,
"I will seek salvation over my demise."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A break from my frustrated bubble, only to come out of my shell.

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