He didn't love her and he never could 

But she loved him and she always would
He played with her mind and broke it so fine 
She never had his heart just a bag filled with lies 
The agony she had, the torture he gave 
Her soul was dying and her heart was a slave
To her painful screams and his abusive touch 
He silenced her and ripped out her love 
Their kiss became pain 
And her eyes filled with shame 
Bleeding out disgust of their craving lust 
But she wanted more but he gave it up 
He wanted her to break into nothing 
He wanted her to consume with suffering 
He wanted her to scream and cry 
He wanted her pretty eyes to die. 
The broken heart of lust and love 
Her dying soul was left to rust 
Her smile always used to flirt 
But now it is consumed with dirt 
She's now just broken all inside 
Their passion of love became suicide. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love can be poison but you still take it anyway.

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The Poison Game

The Darkness

She froze me with her poison,

A needle to my brain

She spoke the words that stopped my heart

She played her toxic game


The wretched water that she drinks

Depletes her decent mind

Wrapped up in her own misery

A reality fostered by lies


Be not weak, for when she comes,

Her venom will consume

Your spirit 'til you have not much

You'll wallow in her doom

Toxic friends! 2015

toxic friends 2015


the worse kinds of friends in life are called toxic friends

no matter if your hurting a hand they will not lend

they'll stab you in the back and then they walk away

there always crying on your shoulder every single day

but when you have a problem there quick to offend

thats when you think you've got a selfish toxic friend

there as two faced as they come just like a spoiled brat

they will tell all your secrets just like a dirty rat

lies that they will spread will hurt you to no end

that when you are certain you've got a toxic friend

so open up your eyes and watch all that you say

because it'll be made public the very next day

when you realise your so called friend is not so very nice

please let them go or it is you that will pay a heavy price

i hope you realise what they are before the very end

so you can back away and expell that very toxic friend




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because i had a very toxic friend and this person almost ruined my life and if it can help anyone expell that toxic friend from there life then i have done what i set out to do help someone see that there worth more than that


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8 Poems

A dog is so cheaply bought.. He sells his heart
for all eternity for a handful of popcorn

(to Karin Anderson who has never said
no to a suffering being)

His dogs and cats cannot read.. save the script of his soul
They cannot write..except on his heart'
(T Zagar has for many years kept 3 fulltime jobs going
.... librarian, astrologer, and keeper of an animal
The dog was abandoned,
.. said the answering service,
on Howe Road.. She waited
at a telphone pole
for 48 hours. For 2 days she had
chased each passing car.
1000 times her heart rose
and fell
until she learned how not
to feel..

Later she found a happy
The roots of trust grew
but steadily..
as pain took many moons
to seep out of her

(to Constantina Fiorentino of Akron's Animal Aid
and all those involved in the rescue of animal or human refugees)


Black Hawk down.
Sikorsky profits up.


Food colorings
yellow and red and blue
It's time FDA corporate operatives
we overthrew

5 chemicals banned overseas and allowed in the US

yellow number 5
red number 40
Azodicarbonamide, also called the yoga mat compound because it’s used to make exercise mats, is found in hundreds of baked goods and TV dinners.
Brominated Vegetable Oil

not on the list:

Sodium nitrate, the red dye making gray meat look red, is not on the list

caramel color   in many sodas... cola companies have delayed its withdrawal


For the hungry
she provided food.
San Antonio Texas
made it her rood

San Antonio Texas has joined Canton Ohio in fining someone for feeding the hungry
The lady will appeal her $2000 fine as she cites the 1st amendment


Sid sowed seed
in the sod
on the side
of the house
for Sadie


As red hot lava turns to
translucent green jewels
while pouring into the sea,
so crystallizes poets' agony
into poetry
for you and for me.
My muse -Robert Anthony Maguire- (FrogAngel2) in I See The Real You
  'into a mind of poetic thought i peek I watch as it organizes pain into words'
Michael Wilson's  'a man's heart saddened is a poet's heart gladdened'


How many daisies
A daisy cutter bomb....

phoenix birds.


April 16 and 17 2015


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if I had a scar for every mistake i've made..
I think i'd have as many as you.. 
Satan is impaling his dagger into my throat..
why can't you see that inbetween every breath, I choke..
you spin that thread like some spider in the corner above your bed..
casting webs into thin air.. 
you look so evil while you sit back & stare...
everything around you struggling..
your screams echo in the center of my head...
sound waves of pain..
pulling me further into disdain..
from you I try to refrain...
I swear every single day is just another suicide..
all you've got is filthy money on your mind..
if I could, I would wipe you out..
never to see the grey of another fucking New Jersey day..
would you finally be happy?
stop saying "it'll always be this way"..
cause fuck you i'm going to get out of here no matter what I have to do.
I've grown tired of the constant debating with you..
just let me do what i'm going to do..
apparently my hands aren't clean anyway, so bloodstains wouldn't make a difference..
it can be washed off, but the memory leaves a permanent stain.
inhaling that same toxic air...
how do you ever expect to get anywhere..?
your eyes have grown faint & your laughter means nothing to me..
you're all just bathing in one another's self destructive disease.. 
I want so badly to just float in the sky...
I need a real change of tide.. 
I want to climb a purple mountain,
dive off & grow some black angel wings,
man of all the fucking simple things.... 
can I fly to another dimension?
or will this back always be scabbed of the wings you've prevented me...?
robbing me of my potential as I watch everyone else let their's coil down the drain..
damn.. which of us is truly insane?
Author's Notes/Comments: