Infectious achieving

Where there is time and silence there is thought.

Meditating upon the best grooves I've experienced.

My life has been a long road of love and dispares.

Situations all too enjoyable at peak comfort.

Situations to distressed to enjoy remembering.

To every mind there is a common urge to ascend.

The time happening is a reflection of emotion.

I want a very wholesome and complete future.

My mind is boggled on infinitely for a good idea.


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The Edge

The Edge

By JFarrell


We stand here, on the edge,

What do you want to do?


Turn back and run away?

Take my hand and jump?

I leave the decision to you,

And I will be by your side.



Take a moment….

Close your eyes….

Take a deep breath…


Can you hear it?

The blood rushing through your head?

That is the sound of everything.

Listen to it,

Feel it.

Badoom- whoosh, badoom-whoosh.

It pulses with your heartbeat.

That is the sound of the beginning

And the end

All of eternity

Rushing through your ears.

All that was, is

And is to come

Is in that sound.



At the edge

What do you want to do?

Take my hand

And choose.

I will never let you go.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

choose hope

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She heard the voices of silence calling from the deep, so tender and humble, forgotten through ages. The winds carried words only she understood piercing through every pore on her body she felt every word as it whispered her name with a voice so loving and tender, she couldn’t have been more comforted.

Her feet sank through the sands with every nerve connecting with the fine and consoling dust, it felt it had found its home. The waves of the Ocean swirled upon her soft skin as warm as a baby in its mother’s womb, calling her into the deep, drawing her dejected soul to itself, she followed slowly stepping through the comforting sands.

Life was all she felt breathing in an air so deep which sank through her marrows forcing her hands apart and out of the convictions and judgements of her conscience reminded her of how to smile with every cell, tissue and fringes of her body in an ephemeral orgasm.


Those eyes had cried tears of pain yet she couldn’t hold back the tears that rolled down her chick, she basked in the euphoria forgetting the world behind her, avoiding the voices behind her conscience, shutting her mind from sight and head from thoughts but knowing deep within the privacy of her relaxed and contented subconscious that what she feels now may be indescribable but may as well be her last.

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For a little comfort,

Everyone craves,

For the generations to come,

Each soul saves!


Bodily comfort is different,

Compared to the mental one,

Yet some may briefly get the two,

Some may get none!


One may have everything but not comfort,


One having nothing may have the comfort of any sort!

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Leaving You Once Again (Original)

Verse 1:
I have witnessed many having to say their final farewells and goodbyes once and for all.

Ships starting to arrive on the dock,

Horns blowing nad tooting within the distance,

To inform passengers

Soon after to abroad the ship.

Anchors dropping into the sea,

To stabilize the boat.

Putting it on balance.


Such a hefty wound, it carries within one's heart,

Only coming to realize that later on...


Words left unspoken,

Need not be said.

Evidently, our guilt takes control

Controlling our emotions in a split second.

Closing down and narrowing is thse walls

One hsa built as a lifesaver

To ensure they are alive and living.

No risk being lost and isolated at sea.


Verse 2:
A wounded heart so vanished at sea,

Flowing freely across the tranquil ocean waters.


Amid the breeze flowing,

Tides rolling and crashing before us.

2nd Chorus:
Its illumination guided me

To the path I should have chosen and ended up with.

Best believe it:
Sometimes, we all are not necessarily lazy.

More along the lines of discouragement.

Not necessarily smart or intelligent.

Just have our priorities straight and in order.

We are average.

So, in the end, the ocean is turbulent and calm as it can be.

Let loose your wings...

Fly away into the distant skies

Overhead the ocean in our paths

Somehow, we manage to get through it all.

Close our eyes...

Dreaming of flying away...

Spread our wings and fly...away!

Free at last with our wings outsretched. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is about the good byes in life/reality especially when it comes to friendships, interpersonal communications, public speaking, etc. It was written back in 2002-2003.

*Enchanted Whisper*

Trisha M. Barrek-Hopkins

On a Clear snowy night 
In the middle of the falling snow
I promise not to leave your sight
I will stick by your side until it is your time to go
My tears my love are so hard to hide
But I know it would be cruel to keep you as you are
It would be selfish to ask you to fight the pain you are feeling
Soon my darling you'll begin healing
I understand you'll always be near never to far
You whisper to me you see this beautiful light you see your angel above
So calming so warm peaceful white 
An Enchanted whisper I can hear from your love
It will stick with me in my heart always
As i lean in to comfort you i know you're on your way 
Because your last breath i feel
My last tear drop falls onto your head 
I still can't believe this is real 
I no longer feel your heartbeat I now know i must go on without you
You are now in the embrace of your angel 
And left behind is your lifeless body at my feet 
I look above me I feel a small snowflake fall on my nose 
From the pain my sweet 
You are finally free
Again your enchanted whisper I can hear
"My love our souls are still together 
Just like from the start 
So please live your life before again we meet
Remember we are never truly apart"


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Closeness, No More

The cold distance,

Between my fingers;

The void,

Where you once sat.

The abyss that grows wider,

As curiosity gets the best of me.

There you are again,

Running in circles,

Sicker than a lab rat.

When was it,

You and I?

Where is the closeness --

That sigh of relief?

The gap widens,

Slipping further,

And then I let go.

No longer is there the need --

To sink my fingernails in,

And hold on for dear life.

The abyss will swallow me --

The void of blackness will consume me 


And there will be nothing left.

A shell --

Something no longer in existence,

Where I once would have been.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Calling all angels

Calling all angels in this dark and lonely hour
I call upon you to restore me to my former powers
Bring me a ladder for when I'm feeling low
Lift me up on a cloud so that my wings may glow
Hold me in the clouds which I now consider to be my pillow
Soften the blow for when I have to go
I already know that someday soon I will face this world alone

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I Need You Near

Should you be by my side once more,

I would never have you leave;

Your presence give most needed comfort.


Like the sunflower misses the sun for sustenance at night,


Your absence creates a similar fate for me.

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