You tell me...

Are you a sportsman, oh, Minotaur?

Would you like me to run, or stand in place?

This heart is yours if you hit it right.

So, draw your bow and arrow tight.

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For the sake of sportsmanship

She saw his arrow pointed directly at her heart.

Teasing, she ran with a serpentine start.

Then she darted off through the woods.

Leaving a trail behind as she moved.

He followed her scent when her trail disappeared.

She was hard to find. He lost her, he feared.

But then she rustled within the brush.

He picked up his arrow and aimed with a hush.

She stayed still. Not a movement was seen.

And he, moved slowly, surveying the scene.

As soon as she thought it was safe to run.

She darted off toward the blinding sun.

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You load of bitches
You are all a bunch of witches
That pure evil jealousy
Can cause you all to be so witchy

Do anyone ever actually just see me
Have you ever taken the time to let things just be
Why be so bitchy towards me
If all I have ever done was only give you honesty

If you all really so badly want to be me
Why don’t you take the time to actually really see reality, that i am only a little worker bee?
I get nothing more than any one of you
In actual fact, I am getting far less that can make anyone blue

But no, all you see is what you want
And you are permanently on the hunt
You load of bitches
You are all a bunch of witches

You are all dark human beings
And may karma fly all of you off on her beautiful wings

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Huntress Moon i

Wulfman Adventures

The sun still shines
Making the snow a glistening mirror
Blinding, staggering
Yet I paw forward
The strength boiling within me
Rippling my fur in a throaty growl

I chase the facade man, the broken relic
All is useless when I am no longer that persona
Under the Huntress Moon, I trail the hunted prey

Clouds of frosty breath escapes the panting mouth
Eyes bleak, focusing and locking
For the prey is at hand, then a hand touches me

Caressing my shoulder, calming down the wulf rage
In puzzle moment, I look to the left seeing only a ghost
A ghost among a sea of ghost

I am a hunter being haunted, I am full of life
A pulsing heart in the dead world I call the Highway
I am a target, as I march forth after the one prey that matters

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