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I'm sort of quiet.... I like animals, sitting on my roof, and hiding in small places. Don't ask why, I just do. I like having the types if friends who aren't gonna get offended if I swear or something. I had this friend who got so mad at me once cause I said "What the f*** just happened?" After this hobo came up and like, shook his bag of cans at me. I felt I had the right to say it. But whatever, I'm getting off topic. I have 2 bunnies, 2 chinchillas, 2 rats, 2 dogs (German shepards), and a horse. I love them all. I'm a sophmore in highschool, and so far it's okay. I'm a bit lonely, but whatever. I'll get used to it. I like French Fries. I have 2 older sisters and an older brother. We get along pretty well... Hmm..... I collect masks. And dream catchers. I'm in the bathroom. You didn't need to know that. But now you do. So deal with it. I love Halloween. My neighbor across the street is insane and he yells at his mailbox, it's really weird. I live on a tiny island. It's pretty cool, but I have to drive half an hour to school because there are no high schools on the island. Stupid, right? Anyway. I'm done for now.

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.....well I'm not sure whether or not it's an iny or an outy. It goes in at one part.... But it sorta sticks out at the same time..... Maybe I'm a flatty.....?

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I love to read(books, poems, newspapers, labels etc.), I love anime/manga, I'm going to be a video game designer when I grow up. I'm 15, 16 on Sept. 12. That's about it. Talk to me if you need to know anything more.


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