Vol VII: Brief Poems 159





Dawn’s gift ribbons pink the sky. Soon unwrapped is the present of the Sun’s    
      alllighting presence.
Horses need their nostrils cleaned so that they can breathe. It’s hard to do with hooves.
How can pigs scratch their backs..They can’t reach them with their feet.
Voiceless lambs bound for slaughter can’t say that they have thirst
Dogs given laryngectomies in labs
so that they can’t cry their pain
Forest animals.. their homes bulldozed…Where can they go?
The crabapple tree weaves her
fruits for many a day only to see them drop onto the
pavement and be smashed. But the streetsweeper
gathered them and tossed them into the woods
behind his home, there unmolested to grow into new apple trees.
“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”
was said of the Trojan horse.
Ignore cats bearing dead mice,
lest they think one approves.
The cheerful lift spirits  Bubblers are doublers.
The high tide recedes
Presents to all he deeds
He will return soon
with ‘gifts from the sea’
For the Good Shepherd’s pie
no creature did die
God bless the eyes of all sentient beings now. Bless every one each way and all ways, each day and always
 The FDA’s black box warnings on antidepressants is in regard to their correlation to homicides and suicides. Perhaps antidepressants should be called prodepressants.
 Daily newspaper writers, magazine editors, etc. do not have their initials carved into trees as a sign of love, but as a notice that they are guilty of arboricide.   10
Faith comes slowly dripping in after great pain, as pine needles quietly drip after a rain.
The lambs are shorn before they are shiv’d
Soldier children have died before they have lived
The Tibetan monk lay weak on his deathbed. Numberless times his servant the Wind for him turned his prayer wheel.
To the candle the flame gives entire yet never diminished is his own fire.
The sun does not set. It is the earth which turns away.  God never rejects.. It is humans who reject God
Beach footprints by tidewater erased. Snow footprints
by the sun melted away. Sooner or later God forgives all transgressions.
The Gita states that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  We need not seek the sun. He comes to us.
Nearly all the fountain’s water falls but some drops are lifted by the evaporator sun  Sooner or later all souls merge in God.
Faster than God answers when His Name is invoked are His
responses to cries of agony whether silent or sounded.
From their hidden cloisters untimely ripped are oysters
 For their flesh or pearls, with or without them
their shells are thrown away where there’s no moisture  20
Near the hickory there’s skyblue chicory. Beneath the grey cloud cover, gold sunflower fields radiate.
Sky and earth reversed
Discarded pieces of a quartered baby lamb are thrown into the lambsquarters
The sunset dyed red cloud like a crime victim’s shroud
His soul silently rises, his spirit unbowed.
In World War II, did God select a thorn to remove a thorn?
Churchill the bulldog to remove Hitler the attack dog?
(Neither country was a 1 person 1 vote democracy. Both leaders were
involved in the bombing of millions of civilians)
He plucked a daisy from her plant and began to tear off
petals one by one..saying ‘she loves me she loves me not
she loves me she loves me not she loves me’
 but the daisy felt he loved her not
 Dick Van Dyke, Sally Jesse Rafael, Wayne Dyer
for a while they lived in cars. Jesus Christ, Buddha,
 Krishna.. for a while they lived neath stars.
 Classroom teachers reported that
 children who watched the 3 Stooges
 were hitting others on the playground
 like violent unaware scrooges.  27
 The country will be better without
 insider traders and insider traitors.
 He’s positive about everything and so found a reason to be grateful
about insomnia… it prevents nightmares’*  29
The biggest dippers:
Into meditation pools they dip
As they emerge with vision they drip
Into meditation pools they slip
From pure flowing fountains they sip
Congressman Andrew Jacobs used to quote ‘many eat the meat..
but few visit the slaughterhouse.’ Most purchase a hitman.
They delegate the killing to others when they buy meat..
He could pledge allegiance only to God, for he desired
between him and his conscience no earthly thing.
Nor would he kiss any bishop’s ring
nor do obeisances to any king.
The 1986 Senate had given vaccine makers
from lawsuits, immunity
Some thought that meant they could act with impunity,.
Delicate little snowdrop flowers, white flags of winter’s surrender to spring
Stabbing snow, smashing ice, shooting water, like invulnerable Spirit, water’s many forms are not harmed.
Poets eulogize the dirt of our planet made into mud after a flood, or the dry barren desert sands, or the cracked brown soil of a drought stricken land as Mother Earth. She is beautiful below the tree line only when she is dressed in green. 
Boxing industry agents, National Football League owners,  movie and tv directors who for a few moments of sensation send stunt men and women into death or serious injury, remind of the Caesars of the past who sacrificed gladiators to divert the crowd from serious problems through evanescent amusement.
Most religions and ethical systems teach we are to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, tend to the sick etc. When this is done in an organized instead of a haphazard way it is called socialism.
One cannot violate ultraviolet.
When members of the Audubon Society gather together and dine on dead chickens is it bird racism?
Pens release pain  41
When sheep are on a ship bound for slaughter, it’s never shipshape.
Maple tree seed..  grows wings… in freedom flies..
long enough her to spy…alighting by her .. he becomes rooted in love..
with no desire more to fly..
but only to grow by her side      (to L Seikel)
As effortlessly as a river flows into the sea did he merge into his inner divinity
Oh woe is me. I’ve lost the password to my email account bananananda
There is often no matter which political party is in control
more illumination in a lighthouse than the White House
We know that egalitarians eat eagles..
 but are not acquainted with omnivores. What kind of animal is an omni?
Human beings, the most invasive of all species, the one most responsible for extinguishing many species, are killing other species labeled invasive, such as Asian carp. The strongest most adaptable species are punished.
Those who stop mowing effortlessly protect
bees and butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies     49
The birds are known as ortolan bunting
Their species survival is threatened by hunting.
Their sweet songs were stilled
when they were killed.
Do most Pennsylvania writers prefer Pen-sylvania to Pencil-vania
Should cadavers of murdered cows, pigs, chickens, fishes
be buried in the ground rather than in human stomachs? 52
Your mission here on earth is not finished…. All beings need your light to complete theirs.
She asked God for water and for a cup…. God gave her a coconut full of dew and an outer husk.
Those who seek abolition of the death penalty are often unconscious that they impose the death penalty on cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, fishes etc.
Into the killing rooms, the animals are electroshocked. One slaughterhouse worker said while the mammals are still alive, their feet (hooves) are cut off.
It is the place in which livestock are murdered into deadstock.
The cows break down the fences to get to their calves who are separated from them to be butchered as veal. The mothers cry audibly for days.
While they are alive many dairy cows are pitchforked. After their murder, on the plate, their flesh is forked.
Why are those wildflowers called cowslips. Perhaps because when it rains, cows have slipped on them. She was a dairy cow in Ohio. On the mud she slipped.. and then split Her right legs went to the right and her left legs to the left. She lay in the mud for several days unhelped before she died.    60 *
“The unkindest cut of all” not to Caesar but to zillions of animals by knives cut… the coldest cuts of all… for cold cuts. *
The teen said she didn’t want to hear slaughterhouse stories… they made her sad… as she put a frozen slab of flesh in her grocery cart.
Not just sacred cows and calves, but sacred pigs and piglets, sacred sheep and lambs,
sacred turkeys and chickens, sacred butterflies and bees… all sentient beings sacred
On the wall was a murder chart of a cow marked with dotted lines, subdivided,
 drawn and quartered, as horrid as the victims of Queen Mary the first and
Queen Elizabeth the first in their torture wars against each other’s followers
The meditater had achieved a cloudless blue sky of consciousness…
 but attachment ever weaves its ties with new cloud wisps.
The falling rain
has alchemized into rising grain.
The sun weaves clouds in lifting water from the sea.
Sometimes he rains it back down on the deeps.


The new owner axed a whole row of  driveway separating 70 year old pine empty bird's nest rolled across the neighbor's

driveway... the shattered shells were splattered elsewhere


Olive and avocado, lime trees and lima beans

 are some of Mother Earth's myriad palate hues green.


How mysterious that her fractured heart

was a broken cup which could contain endless liquid love.


Flopping on the beach a ripped up sturgeon stitched up and healed
by the very kind surgeon and in the water set free
when the full moon sea was surging.
(to Shirley Weber)


Cruelty in biology classes leads to cruelty in animal labs. Dissection often becomes vivisection


The number of civilian deaths in bombings are often only estimated. The numbers of animals and birds burned or smashed in the bombings are ignored totally.   73


There is gun debate. Should or should not people be disarmed.

Meanwhile, trillions of animals have been dis-armed, in slaughterhouses now called disassembly or packing plants


Cannibals who eat people contract kuru, a form of Mad Human Disease


Turning hate into love is spiritual alchemy... reversing the magnetism of repulsion to one of attraction


Division and faction turn the whole into fractions.

We are warned that to every action there is a reaction but there is only good when the sun's ultraviolet grows nonviolent violets


Is every black man in America born... by skin color affixed to a crown of thorns?   79


Residents are treated like cattle (no cattle should be treated like cattle) in many nursing homes and

assisted living institutions. Many of these places are slowmoving slaughterhouses.


From a computer with a video screen thousands of miles away, generals supervise drone and missile slaughter, safe from repercussions, as if playing in a video game.   81


How oxymoronic to equate strength with equate masculinity with the love of killing. The truth is the opposite. Real men don't give in to violence nor do they need the trophies of murder... that is real strength


Earth retains the gift of rain  Its sweet refrain brings peace in train..Washed leaves. Trees life regain. Rivers flow. Peace remains.


All fishing is overfishing. Canadian seals are clubbed, Japanese dolphins are knifed, whales are murdered by Norwegians partly because these beings eat fish whom humans want for themselves.


The dog was starving, skeletal. When she walked in pain, she left pawprints of blood.


One said that the playwright put audiences to sleep, and meant something different than

the veterinarian who killed every stray brought to him for care


So relaxing, so peaceful to go fishing... because the human is not the fish, fighting

for his life, panic in his eyes, struggling against the suffering suffocation.


With a baited hook, the struggling fish is affixed, and then asphyxiated.

The bait is a deception directed at powerless innocents.


7 minutes and 46 seconds a policeman's knee sent his entire weight onto George Floyd's neck, blocking his ability to breathe. A horrible death from denying breath. The world opposes the murder of George Floyd. May we all also oppose the similar death imposed on zillions of fishes. Human beings are more valuable than fishes, but all sentient beings have a right to a life of breath and nonviolence.


Rather than call someone a liar, the diplomat says 'our memories may vary'.


To devour a lambchop he chopped a little lamb into pieces


Sometimes before they are killed lab animals fight.
They might their abusers scratch or bite.
Only human torture could turn a gentle rabbit into a shortlived warrior.
But human sadists in a lab have all of the might.    92


The full moon tide secedes. Seawinds subside, no longer assailing the sails.


Humane slaughter is an oxymoron.


It is human chauvinism to say that only humans can be murdered and that only terms

such as slaughter or cull are acceptable for animal killing.


Are cold cuts the coldest cuts of all


As piggy banks are sometimes smashed to free the coins inside, so little pigs' lives are

shattered so that the owners of butcher companies can sell their pieces for coins.


Emotions written out become tomes
Gradually they distil into poems

and finally reduce
into waves of Om's.


To those who love nature's wild place sanctuaries, the word overgrown is an oxymoron


She was cleared as a suspect

after the gun was checked by ballistics

and chemically tested

was the lipstick.


Not liked by sentient


are bulldozers and tractors.

Many humans too are their

de-tractors.   101


Over the waters lay
the dawn seamist
merging with his beams
when by the morn sun kissed.


 The flower keeps his petals
but his fragrance is for all.
The songbird keeps her feathers
but her songburst is for all.
The soul keeps within her body..
but love she pours for all.


Meat & fish profiteers and farmers kill US mustangs, coyotes, wolves, Australian kangaroos, Japanese dolphins, Canadian seals, Norwegian whales, British foxes, Indian and African elephants, nillions of Brazilian rainforest animals in thousands of species


He would not toss pearls untimely ripped from innocent oysters towar blameless pigs


He avoids medications whose side effects include
pancreatitis, headaches, nausea, vision blurred,
constipation, faint heartbeat, pain, or speech slurred.


Lent, a time to leave palm trees unmolested by the pond...

that waving in the breeze continue, their arms, their fronds


Death is not goodbye but au revoir, til we meet again.


There's power in your words to move the world


Apprehended thieves must usually return what they stole... unless they are Republicans and conservatives who won

a minority of votes and may keep the illgotten White House. They include John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George W Bush, Donald Trump.


If one cooks for the rich he is called a chef.  111


May all executioner judges on the Supreme and federal courts read "Thou shalt not judge" and resign.


The antiabortion group sat down to a breakfast of eggs.


Most shepherds are not good shepherds, for they rescue the sheep only to murder them later.


In the restaurant window a bowl of chicken wings..... cancelled flights


Ranchers are called animal owners, a term objectifying animals into property


It is often not the illiterati but insensitive self described literati who are litter bugs  117


The cries of billions of animals were the backdrop, the counterpoint to every act of his life.


The river decided he could not surrender to the sea.. he did not want to lose his identity, nor his purpose. And so he worked hard

 to gether dead leaves from the banks.. and make dams.. soon he became a pond.. because of the lack of movement limegreen scum grew on his surface... and he began to dry up. Finally he decided he'd made a mistake, gathered his force to burst through the dam, and traveled on to flow into the sea.


Imagine if among the countless numbers of sperm who did lost the race with each human conception, there was a spirit of rejection, which grew cumulatively to include zillions of rejected beings.


The tree shed its leafy clothes in the fall.. now winter is over and the rigid barren branches burst like magic wands with spring green leaves.

Theists believe that when a soul sheds the clothes called its body, it either merges in God or if desire, ignorance or karma remain, it

takes on a new body.


Birds of spirit fly past fixed steeples.


We are not dust nor to dust shall we return, for we are immortal Spirit Beings, and not the temporary bodies which clothe the soul.


The mountain peak snows have melted and become the stream bisecting

the alpine meadow  124


God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. He indwells every being. Inside even hardshelled demons await His unequaled presents.




Onions make their killers cry



Little boys smash piggy banks to get at the coins. Some men smash pigs in the head in order to get money.  127*



What is the biggest cause of mortality in male and female mice? Coming into contact with human serial killer vivisectors who ignore cries of agony and despair
Some lab animal torturers are motivated by a desire for fame, career requirements, or money. A few are actually convinced that good can come from inflicting
pain on powerless voiceless creatures

Revenge is hatred disguised in the clothes of justice. 129



What do physicians employed at govt, university or corporate
animal research labs have in common? They’ve all violated the
Hippocrataic oath: first do no harm as they inflict great suffering on
the voiceless and powerless.


Never again a presidential campaign slogan ‘chicken in every pot’. From now on only ‘pot for every chicken’.


One of the most heinous ways to designate unethical ownership of another is branding


Seafood is a human chauvinist term developed by those who eat murdered beings.


Indian independence fighters were strapped in front of guns and then canonnized. As their souls left their bodies by all freedom lovers they were cannonized. All invading colonists like Bonaparte

leave behind the blown apart.



Herod killed all 2 year old boys. 99% of all baby boy chicks also don't make it to adulthood but at a few days old are smashed in crushers on conveyor belts, dropped into eviscerators (tubs full of swirling knives, strangled etc.




Those who would not steal a robin's egg out of her nest thoughtlessly purloin the eggs of mother chickens.




It was a beautiful sight... dozens of boats coming in welcome toward the big ship



It is not the impatiens blooms but impatient crocuses sometimes scythed by frost.


Antidepressants which cause permanent shaking also cause suicides and homicides and are labeled about this on each bottle. When swallowed they become prodepressants. The most lethal of them cause memory destroying chemical lobotomies.


Those who buy no rat poison are less likely to be accused of using

arsenic to poison a human.


Those who feed the hungry often exempt raccoons, mice etc.


Lot's wife is said to have turned into a pillar of salt by turning around to look back. Dwelling on what is lost can make one bitter.


Cold cuts.. the coldest cuts of all


Seedless grapes, castrated watermelons... the seeds of immortality removed for convenience' sake or to concentrate control in the hands of the few.


Cows are pitchforked in the udders by angry dairy workers.

  sometimes hoisted to dangle from forklifts. Virtually all of them end up being forked on someone's plate.(


Cows' milk has toxic casein, carcinogenic hormones,

artery blocking lipids. It was designed not for humans but baby cows... this liquid.


They are called cowslips... because when wet they make cows slip.

(If 2 left legs go 1 way and 2 right the other, cows have been unable to get up... and in some instances have been left to die)


He is a modern Quixote, this world changer. So great is the

visualizing willpower of this dynamo, he makes the windmills go.


In a few seconds, great poets perform the physical impossibility of painting pictures in our minds.


I read the scriptures of several faiths.  Why do some Christians have to change 'go ye therefore and preach to all creation' to the human

oriented 'preach to all nations'.


He liked to play hearts online with 3 computer generated partners. He got so involved he called 1 of them bitch when he got the queen.


Some in excruciating pain see Kavorkian (who provided painless death by anesthesia) as an angel of mercy.


The Hindu scholar found as he got older his tomes were becoming poems and his poems Om's


Fallen pawns are resurrected for the next game.


The blueberries have become the bear.


Upton Sinclair with words so brief wrote of the suffering, the grief

as pigs are murdered into pork and cows slain into beef.


Pipelines of oil mixed with the red blood of people birds animals fishes

and the green blood of severed plants



The time is coming when

no turkey, chicken, pig,

lamb or cow

will ever again

to a butcher kowtow.


There is no Abba

in an abbatoir

Its meaning is 'disease contracted

in a hospital' they say of the

word 'nosocomial'.

Whether its MRSA, covid,

food poisoning, or other.


Ivy vies not with violets

for ivy is nonviolent.







 (99.999% of dairy cows are murdered eventually. Many of them experience

lives like this victim's  )

A cow tries to climb out of the slaughter pit

Australian rodeo 2 videos of calves running far on a long rope.. jerked back.. in one case the baby cow's

  neck was broken before he was slammed to the ground.. in the other

the injured calf survived in pain


1, No butcher could serve on a 19th century British jury. It was felt that killing an animal desensitized one regarding violence to humans.
 2, Oysters are coprophagous or waste eaters… and as such are correlated to food poisoning incidents and anaphylactic shock

saiom shriver




Giving creates a space, a vacuum, into which angels send higher gifts.

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How, And Why?


It's been a while since I've seen you, been a while since I've heard from you.
Your face is the one thing I can still see, and your voice is the one thing I can still hear.
Mentally, I saw you walking, but you passed me, and didn't notice I was there.
I tried to call out to you, but you didn't hear me.

Once, I thought I loved you, everyone else seemed to think I did too.
But all I felt went away very quickly, like I knew it would. 
When I met you, I was happy, we talked almost always, and it was great having someone to talk to.
You were there, when he wasn't. 

I appreciate and love you for that.

I've tried to picture what it would be like if I was with you, what it would be like if I was yours instead of his.
Would I be happier? Would I experience what I'm not right now?
So many questions, and so many answers which I haven't found. 
Everytime I am alone, I feel some sort of sadness, some sort of emptyness.

Not that it completely has to do with you or him, but I think more to do with the loneliness I've been living with.
Making myself believe things could be different every time I find someone new.
But, you know how it goes, and how its gone for me.
How to walk away from something seems easy, but sometimes, people struggle even when they know they have to let go.

Being with someone new is something I almost don't want to do again.
I don't want to tell anyone else stories of my past, and how I once was.
I don't want to do things and not keep it to myself.
I've always been a quiet and reserved girl, I've always been you could say, overly careful about who I allow to touch me.

Doing things with him, I grew comfortable with, and something I became okay with.
Doing things with you, I've questioned, and thought of, something I would've had to grow comfortable and okay with.
Could I ever do things with you, can I see myself doing things with you, and would I ever see and hear you again........but this time, for real?



I look at how other girls live their lives, and sometimes think of how they handle being physical. 
How do they allow themselves to give their all to one guy, and then another after some time has passed?
is there never any regret? Is there never any fear and doubt?
Where does the trust comfort and idea of being okay with it come from?
If things go wrong, how are they able to allow themselves to do it again, and with someone else who isn't meant to be their someone?

And off the topic I wonder, how was someone like you, able to seemingly fall for me?
I am a damaged broken record you see. 
What is there to possibly like about me, how can one like me, and why?
Even after trying to be with someone for 5 years, I still don't know why he chose me........but then there's you. 
Why did you pick me? why havent you given up? Why do you still wish to have me?
What is there, aside from the reason to do with my body, to like about a woman like me?


The Wind is Never Too Late

Wayward Motions

The Wind is never too late
Minutes and hours may pool into an endless shadow clock
but She cares not for the tick tock tick tock
She has been cast into many worlds
With no hope to ever unfurl

Ravaged with unrest
We seek Her company but know not what is best
For Her

She curls Her arms in a lover's embrace
We reach out in hope
We leave with despair

To Her
we are a ghost of live's past
we are a measure of time She cannot understand
we become dust in Her shapeless lands

And yet... the Wind is never too late
She casts Her endless touch
Hoping        needing        yearning

She is here
She is now
She is always
(The past cannot present itself
when the future was never there)

Sadness beckons, widens, and burdens
And like a loose cannon
we shoot out into the distance
reaching out for anything

To hold
To conquer
To master
To love

But, The Wind... She knows
She is never too late
She catches our follies when we become one with the daisies
She carries our songs which blankets those worlds
She chronicles our stories and heralds them across endless sands

The Wind is here
The Wind is now
The Wind is always

For us
For Her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After returning from a trip to the mountains I am finding myself in unrest. I miss the wind across my face. I miss the serenity of the forests. I miss many things and yet I aim to adjust the sails of reality and move forward. Hopefully, soon.

pink ribbons of light


user img


Each morning the sun's presence
gives of himself as presents
wrapped most days in streaming
pink ribbons of light

-saiom shriver-

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ice cold numbness

bathing the hands and feet

of soldiers past

doused in healing water

reaching into portals beyond

and flesh and bones 

of days gone by

and a time where sirens

fill the skies

the laughter of chidren dies


he glazed the tip of the scapel

to the wound in my mind

unknowing if whether

the stitch would hold

but had faith in the light of my eyes

her pain was great and lasted years

but the greater pain seen in his tears

a universal bandaid was what he saw

to nulify the scars of war


the surgeon's hopes 

are filled with fears

but love outlasts

all human tears




12:48 PM 7/4/2013





Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about an experience gifted to me by a doctor whose care i was once under as a child.

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Rain On Down

Light and Dark

Go on and just let it rain

Rain on down

I don’t care


Keep on washing

This pain away

I don’t care

She’s gone away


Twilight’s moonlight

Shines against the sun

Hasn’t taken over yet

But I know it’s won

Just like how I feel right now

Numbness sets on me

Taking away how I felt

What we could’ve been


Hell ya rain is a good thing

Because where would I really be

Without it taking away my thoughts

And all my memory

Without my past

I have a future

So just go on


And just let it rain

Rain on down

I don’t care


Keep on washing

This pain away

I don’t care

She’s gone away

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Sweet euphoria

so enticed by your own suffering..

it keeps coming back around.. 

just when you think you're standing up, you get pushed down.

you wonder, but why bother..


I know what that feels like... 

to be swallowing dirt, with your face planted into the ground..

your mind is in constant crucifixion..

you can't look at the clouds, & know the sun is behind it.. 


the hands of time move in circles...

quality is not quantity.. 

tomorrow is not today.


if this storm hovers over me,

if it fucking pours down on me,

for all eternity..

raindrops will glisten through my eyes.. 

you'll see I never tried to hide.. 


because the rain can bring out our true colors,

when given the chance to pass..

I will walk along a street of rainbows,

while the past burns, & falls to ash.. 


my heart says not to turn, & walk away.. 

but so badly it yearns to fly, & just escape..

oh, Sweet Euphoria..


Sweet Memories


Time flies by way too fast

And what was the present’s now the past

And I think how we were back then

The trees whisper your name again


Sing to me sweet memories

Of just how great things used to be

Remind me again what went wrong

To end the time when we’d get along

Laughing and playing in the summer breeze

Jumping in the river from an old tree

I remember how great things were back then

Sing to me sweet memories


Twelve years later at a county fair

Our first date I was so scared

But your hand felt so right in mine

How would I know I’d forget that time?

Our wedding day, and honeymoon

Before long you’re a mother soon

I felt like I was on top then

I wish I could go back again


Sing to me sweet memories

Of just how things used to be

Of how her kiss felt that night

How holding her felt so right

Knowing my son was on the way

Thanking God everyday

I remember how great things were back then

Sing to me sweet memories


Here I sit in a Hospital room

Doctor says it will be soon

Forgotten life for so long

And my body is not so strong

But as I’m leaving, just before I pass

I see my life through the looking glass

And I see my wife once again

I remember how it was back when


Sing to me sweet memories

Of just how things used to be

Kiss my wife every night

Living, loving through my life

Now to Your Son, I’m on my way

Thank You God everyday

For letting me remember how things were back then

Sing to me sweet memories


Sweet memories

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song from the viewpoint of an old man with alzheimers.... I don't know, something just clicked as I wrote.  Enjoy

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Little is known about this entity,

I don't know if it roams free.

It could be locked somewhere,

In the past, future or present.


It is made out of living fire,

Something you could not hire.

Associated with the star Fomalhaut,

Which is its home, its delight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about Cthugha.

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