Kitchen Blessing (016)

Is my kitchen
Be healed, be happy
Let go your bitchin'


Come take part
Of food
Of drink
Share in laughter
Pause to think


Make a spell
Take one if need
Rest all travelers
And do take heed...


To all who enter
With harm in mind
Baneful action
Returns three times
In kind


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Parent’s choice!

Parent’s choice!

Being half orphaned kid was not your choice,
parted parent for their own choice.
Let you witness of their voice and noise.

Curse not the fate for the man-made deeds,
some emotions bounded them to hatch,
Long lasting promises wiped off by storm.

Their unworldliness shuttered the doors for ever.
Eventually, defining silence blew the home
to the worst of its time, nevertheless it's all in the storm.

To fetch the bricks, to rebuild the house,
then you were immature to pile up the bricks.
Now you are at the labor, to see the home as house,
to wipe off yourself being half orphaned boy.

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There's a longing in my soul,
For a place that it calls home.

It's not where I am right now.

My soul and I,
We don't know where home is,

We don't know what it looks like.
We just know what it feels like.

It feels like sunshine,
Kissing the horizon in the morning.

It feels like the soft caress,
Of the breeze blowing through the leaves.

It feels like the waves of the ocean,
Dancing with the shore.
Oh we may not know where home is,
But we know it when we feel it.

It feels like a warm embrace, 

Only you can provide. 

A smile on your face,

Perfectly matching mine. 

The touch of your hand,

On my cheek.

When our eyes meet, 

And our souls finally dance.

The feel of your lips, 

As they tease mine. 

It's how my head feels, 

Resting on your chest. 

Home feels a lot like you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know if this is done yet ....

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the last piece of st. louis


she picks me up

just before eleven,

talk over our favorite thai,

and the last time for years

I will ride down this highway like this


the butterfly house

there is something that makes it art

me leaving home and

all those wings


we walk through

a piece of st. louis

(the last piece of st. louis

somehow I keep having to tell myself that)

and the years paint all these colors

on the butterflies,

on my hands

and the unforgiving heat rises from all the pictures we take

and I remember all of this from when I was little

but also none of it

I am seeing it from a new height and

a new angle


they tell us

we can release a new one into the room

hand us a jar-

she is a pink rose

dark all down her back,

reddish pink spots underneath

so bright they look neon


we open the jar and she does not leave

we spend ten minutes gently tapping her out

into the open,

onto a flower

we spend so long

watching her sit unmoving-

this one is apparently her favorite

but I don’t think she’s realized

what you taught me

the world is opening up for her and

you will still be waiting


the world is bigger than where she puts her feet


I look up down at my mother

and there she is,

the one I have always wanted to be,

smaller than me and still just as important

and we are running the world

from opposite sides of it

and we are crying and cheering

as much as before

and we are still back in the butterfly house

just as much ourselves as we have always been

as long as she’s known me


I turn over my shoulder as we leave,

looking for the pink rose.

suddenly she is in the sky.

and I am too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/3/22

Mother's Day

Home (a one-sentence version of my life- January day 14)

I am just trying to find myself by finding you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/15/21


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Some people call home the place they were born

Some are home wherever they roam

Home is more a state of mind

that often can't be defined

you know it when you feel it

just somehow seems to fit

Home is where the heart is

It's where you hang your hat

It's some place you're comfortable at

Author's Notes/Comments: 

WPOM poetry prompt day 30 National Poetry Month...write a poem about home...

Comparing VoIP Providers For Your Home Or Office

Looking for a Jive Phone or similar product is something that you should do when you believe that you can improve your phone service, save money, and get better options with your phone service. You should use the steps below to get a better phone plan that you know will work for you, and you must have a look at all the providers out there because they are all slightly different. You need to get a good phone, better service, and the confidence that comes with a good product.



1. Choose The Right Phone

You should choose the right phone when you are looking for a much better VoIP provider. These providers often have their phones, and they will sell you these phones when you sign up for their service. They will talk to you about how you can attach the phone to the service, and they will tell you what might be your best phone option. You should be sure that you have selected the best phones based on what you think is best, and you also need to see if you can get the company to give you a price on the phones that drops when you buy in bulk.



2. Choose A Better Plan


You can get a very nice VoIP plan that is very simple, and you will notice that you have the option to pick a plan that seems cheaper based on how many minutes you need. You could get an office plan, or you could get a plan that is just for the house. You might get a phone that will go anywhere with you, but you need to be sure that you have the phone connected to the Internet. It is going to be very hard for you to get on any calls if you cannot get a solid connection. Remember this minor point when you decide to switch over the VoIP. This plan only works for people who know that they can be connected at all times.



3. Where Is Service Offered?


The service is typically offered in a limited number of places, and these services make it much easier for you to get the best possible options. You might plan to use the plan because you are in the center of their service area, or you could use the plan because you have a good Internet signal that you know will make calling easier. You can actually plug your office phones on the wall, or you could purchase a phone that will work wirelessly in your office. Make sure you have a good router and remember that the only way to make this happen is to ask if you are in a good service area.



4. Lower Prices


VoIP is going to be much cheaper than whatever you have now, and you will be pleased by the fact that you can buy something so simple as compared to the big phone companies that want to charge you a lot of money just to have a phone number. You could take your phone number with you, and you need to be sure that you have taken this chance to get the price that you believe is best. You can ask them to lower the price when you get a big plan, or they might have a seasonal deal that makes it possible for you to get the policy and afford multiple lines.



5. Business Plans


You can use business plans that will help you get all the minutes you need, and you will be much happier with the way that the business plan works because you do not feel restricted in any way. Someone who wants to purchase a business plan should be very careful to ask for the right number of minutes, and they should hold onto that plan until they outgrow the minutes they have been given.




There are a number of businesses that need a VoIP plan, and there are homeowners who will want to use VoIP because they want to get away from the phone companies that charge too much. You can change your life, and you will see the difference when your calls no longer get dropped.


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Home Trends For The New Year

Exterior glass doors are a wonderful way for you to dress up your home and make it look beautiful no matter the style of your home. Adding glass doors is very helpful because it provides a nice way to let natural light into the house, and you should purchase a door that has the framing and design that you like. Some glass doors are completely smooth, but others have beautiful ironwork or metalwork that slinks through the frame. The doors can turn your home into a much more modern space, and they increase the value of the house because of how they look.


1. The Doors Must Have Glass You Like


You can have glass doors that have tints, have some etching, or are completely clear. You want to have glass that will let in natural light, but the glass should not leave your family exposed to people who are peeking in from the outside. A nice frame and ironwork will help you cover up many of the things on the other side of the door, or you could have blinds.shades on the other side.


2. The Doors Should Come With Good Locks


Glass doors are not always known for having the best locks. You can purchase a modern door that has the locks you need, and you will find that the locks could actually latch into the door frame. The lock should come with a special key so that people cannot get through the lock, and there are many people who will purchase a special lock just for this door. If you are concerned about security, you should look at the sort of glass that was used in the door.


3. The Glass Should Be Heavy


The glass in the door should be double-pained at the very least. Double-paned glass will be much quieter, and the glass cannot shatter just because someone ran into the door. You could purchase security glass that is actually bulletproof, and you might find a shaded glass door that will only get darker when the light is shining. You need to have a look at how much light the door gets, and that will determine what kind of glass you choose.


4. The Tinted Doors


Tinted doors work much like glasses that have tinted lenses because they will only be dark when you have light hitting the door directly. You can keep natural light out of the house when it will be annoying, and you can use tinted glass in the back of the house where you do not want people looking into the house.


5. The Hinge Style


You could purchase a glass door that has framed panes like a regular door. You will hang this door from regular hinges, and you might have a special design go through all the different panes of the door. You could have a glass design in the top half of the door, and you can have a glass design going throughout the door.


The doors could have a special swinging hinge that has a hydraulic pump, and you must be sure that you have had these doors hung by a professional. It is very simple to use these doors as your screen door before someone gets to the front door, or it could be the door that you use to go out to the deck.


6. The Installation


You must have your door installed by someone who does this work every day. The company that installs the door for you should hang the door securely while also fitting it to the frame. They can hang the door with a brand new frame, and they can install the door with the tinting so make sure that it is perfectly fitted to the glass.




There are many ways for you to use an exterior glass door, and you can have them installed by a professional who sells you a tinted glass pane, or double panes that are much quieter. You could have a nice door installed that comes with hydraulics, or you might have a door installed that has some inlaid glass like a regular door. You will improve the style of the house while keeping your family secure.


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Maybe a song?

I woke up this morning with the fire from last night smoldered.

The pain of reality attacked my mind,

It's starting to steal what's left of me.

I remember the happiness, the make-shift joy, that was contained inside of me.

Love was all that mattered, the stories, the sadness, the laughter,

And I still feel, that I am not home.


The children are still crying,

The women are still cheating,

The men still drink all of their pain away.

The teens are still growing, creating new stories

The orphan is still trying to find a way,

And everyone just wants to find their home.


I got up from my slumber, with this burden heavy on my shoulders.

I put my clothes on, and looked at my eyes in the mirror.

I saw the laughter, joy, and tears, the stress of all of my feelings.

I cried and bowed my head, asking God when he'll come again,

Because I know, that right now, I'm left all alone.


Oh, the children are still crying,

The women are still cheating,

The men still drink all of their pain away.

The teens are still growing, creating new stories

The orphan is still trying to find a way,

And everyone just wants to find their way, home.

Because that's all we need, a place where we feel complete.

A world with no wars, a world with no scars, a world,

A world that I can call my home.

Where laughter lasts, and age is a lost cause,

Where a mother and father can keep their son,

Where we kill hate, and express our love.

Where no one will ever feel alone.

For this is a world that I believe in,

This is a world that I've prayed for,

This is the world that I need, that I want to call my home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something I came up with a few months prior to now, I forgot the occasion

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