To Become

Society's filled so dark
A sickness fit to last
A hasty hungry shark
A one that bites the glass

The air turns a poison mist
and the grass turns to a distant waste
A glare becomes a fist
and then a flower becomes erased

louder than words

I am not seperate from the whole.

Every particle of the ocean speaks to me.

The movement of the oceanbody is the movement of mine.

My personality is a seperate wave.

Words can not express such deep feelings and knowings,

So we listen in silence

giving our full attention.

We tend to believe that when we speak

we will be heard the loudest.

Through the force of words we will get our point across.

But there is a great power,

a movement that occurs,

a shift that takes place,

in silence.

There is a healing that words could never say.

We believe our seperate words are powerful,

But silence is the whole.

It is not our breath that moves the world

But the power that breathes life into us

and in which can breathe through us

if we honor silence

and listen

truly listen

to the whole.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Meditation is not about becoming a better person or becoming "enlightened." The art of mindfulness is to realize and feel all that you already are. This is it. Here now. There is no where to go. You are already all that you seek to be. There is nothing to seek. The action of seeking will never allow you to reach what it is you are reaching for-  It is already in your hand. Observe yourself as you are right now without judgement. No matter what you are feeling or thinking, be the eternal divine observer you truly are, and without judgement, emanate the light of your true self onto all. Love the splintered aspects of your ego personality. Do not take them personally. For you are LOVE. You are not your thoughts and wounds. You are the divine eternal healer. Allow your heart to be ruler of your body once again.  There is no where to be. No where to go. You are already here. now.

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Demonic Words

Cthulhu Mythos

A man found a tome,

In his newly acquired home.

A book of ancient prophecy,

And things he should not see.


Written by madmen,

Different from what we all can.

Secreted away,

It drove him mad in one day.


The night he read the tome,

He was visited by Demons alone.

Scores of Demons in his dreams,

Banded together in teams.


Sounds fell from their mouths,

Dead and corrupted:





Feeling their poisoned tongues,

His flesh, burning along.

With their very words,

Unto corrupted swords.


Do not speak the lines aloud,

EGO, this time, don't be proud.

Their divine language on his skin,

From these words you cannot win.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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Words are only combinations of letters formed within our heads

But they have the ability to evoke emotions the moment they are said.


A word by itself is not beautiful or ugly, complimentary or demeaning

It’s the people who utter them that give our words their meaning.


Some words when spoken from a place of love have a musical refrain

While others when spoken in anger are meant to damage or cause pain.


Some words make us feel good and bring us happiness too

Like freedom, smile, joy, peace, love and family to name a few.


Some words when they are uttered leave fear and sorrow in their wake

LIke Alzheimers, Aids, war, death, tornados and earthquakes.


Yesterday a friend of ours informed us her doctors wanted to see

If cancer was growing inside her so they performed a biopsy.


Biopsy, another word that fills your heart with fear

As you wait for the doctor to say, hopefully, the words you want to hear?


It’s interesting that once her story got out and we read words written by her hand

Words of encouragement came rushing in from all across the land.


Words of love, of compassion and support...words easy to comprehend

Drifted softly through the heavens and landed on our friend.


Our words were the only way to show her we were behind her and we cared

And to let her know her suspense was something we all shared.


The next day as we all waited for our world to realign

Our apprehension transformed to exhilaration when we heard the word...benign.


Yes, one day one word can cause us woe, or anguish or concern

And the next day another word replaces it and makes the joy return.


That is the nature of our words in this or any other day
We never know what kind of words will randomly drift our way.


If we spend our lives using kindly words that help us gather friends

Then one day when we need them, those words pay dividends.


For when I think about our friend and the words of her friends I recall


Perhaps words of sympathy and kindness are the most beautiful words of all.

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rummage sale




sometimes I can spend an hour 

rummaging through my mind,

trying to place the right word,

or phrase,

like finding the perfect picture 

for a certain room.


some days, the same words

reappear again and again,

and I don't know what I want more,

to know the answer why the same word keeps reappearing,

like an old flame that needs to put out,

or to finish the poem.



I have always loved a warm hearth,

so I usually always finish the poem.



exact dosage






unseen, and ignored

need to face ugly 

truths enables

¤words to be¤ 

the anesthetic

of a medicinal


¤¤¤on open¤¤


¤¤and skills¤¤

titrate dosages

▶▶that often◀◀


*¤¤or delay¤¤*

recovery from


blindness that

stems from an





















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human beings


Like the personification of 


Trembling cowardice,


We hide behind


Linear time,


And feel safe in that


We have great intelligence.





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You are dying

1. You are not special because you have a sadness that sleeps within your spine.

You do not require attention.

No one has to love you.

2. Vicodin will not ease your pain. 

It will not bring back your unborn children.

They will not make him un-touch you.

They do not make you more alive.

3. Rum is not a cure for not feeling your body in the morning.

It doesn't make him love you.

It doesn't make your mother care.

4. Sad songs do not make you feel better.

Sad songs aren't a fix for your broken heart.

Do not relate to them.

5. Your therapist is right.

Do not ignore her.

Do not take more pills.

6. Do not sleep with him.

He does not love you.

He can't fix you.

Fix yourself.

7. Do not read old blood stained suicide notes.

They are not beautiful.

Do not be proud.

8. You are not beautiful.

You are dying.

Stop saying his name.

Stop painting his name in red.

9.You are dying.

Stop wishing for him.

You are dying. 

He doesn't love you.

10. You are dying.

Stop fighting the paramedics.


Internal stress becomes outward hostility.

Misunderstandings are destroying humanity. 

Feelings that are kept locked up inside are what cause people to hate,

which causes people to die.

There is no need for pain and war,

but people are hurt.

We are all broken, and while we remain so we cannot move forward. 

We will continue to push our brothers into the dirt. 

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