louder than words

I am not seperate from the whole.

Every particle of the ocean speaks to me.

The movement of the oceanbody is the movement of mine.

My personality is a seperate wave.

Words can not express such deep feelings and knowings,

So we listen in silence

giving our full attention.

We tend to believe that when we speak

we will be heard the loudest.

Through the force of words we will get our point across.

But there is a great power,

a movement that occurs,

a shift that takes place,

in silence.

There is a healing that words could never say.

We believe our seperate words are powerful,

But silence is the whole.

It is not our breath that moves the world

But the power that breathes life into us

and in which can breathe through us

if we honor silence

and listen

truly listen

to the whole.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Meditation is not about becoming a better person or becoming "enlightened." The art of mindfulness is to realize and feel all that you already are. This is it. Here now. There is no where to go. You are already all that you seek to be. There is nothing to seek. The action of seeking will never allow you to reach what it is you are reaching for-  It is already in your hand. Observe yourself as you are right now without judgement. No matter what you are feeling or thinking, be the eternal divine observer you truly are, and without judgement, emanate the light of your true self onto all. Love the splintered aspects of your ego personality. Do not take them personally. For you are LOVE. You are not your thoughts and wounds. You are the divine eternal healer. Allow your heart to be ruler of your body once again.  There is no where to be. No where to go. You are already here. now.

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