Blind love~realized disguise~rap of life~line~time

aches & pains sever the line.

the train i've been tryin' to ride,

came off the tracks.

so here I am,

i'll just sit back on this dirt ground,

the air is thick with fog, while the sky cries,

there's a blue & black cloud bringin' me down..


money burning all around, while you starve & whine-

out of food now.. without love you've spent too much time.

i'm not a mother fucking slot machine,

so quit shoving in your two, three, four, five cents,

i'll spit it right back out!


while you're at home, feeding your addictions..

greed, alcohol, drugs & sex.. 

i'll be taking care of all these convictions.

you're not good at fuckin manipulation,

cause in your words I can taste it,

the lies you've coughed out,

fucking corn syrup, cough syrup,

preservatives, fucking sick shit. 

disgusting scent, you reek of dishonesty.


I never believed in you, cause you never believed in me.

i'll be gone before you can count to 3.. 

never again will you see me..


blind, kind, innocent blackness seeping into your mind..

darkness consumes, your night is full of gloom.

into the heavens you cannot see, 

because the pits of hell have taken over,

run away, lest it devours me.


sorry I couldn't help you,

the rope you tied around my neck got worn & broke.

so to this i'll take a toke, 

the sheets were torn,

your eyes bled melting plastic,

& your heart withered in scorn... 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

unusual of me, but I was really feeling some rap music today... & felt inspired. so here's the product. not that great but it speaks for me.


Thinking about you.

In my dreams everything is alright. We are happy and alive. Despise all that's going on. I wake up to nothing but a heavy blanket that keeps me down. I can't move. I can't think.  My heart is racing and my mind is pasceing. I'm so angry I can't think. So hurt I can say. I black out and come back to a recked room. The red rose blood drips from my finger tips. Hand is slashed open.  This dosent happen often.  I know I did wrong and I try to make it calm but I know it never will. I'm not strong. Not anymore. Holes everywhere and things broken. Sit in the middle of the floor thinking. "what happened." 
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Medicinal Scribble

A rhyme is deciphered in multiple ways,
            Perception is vital,
                           As is the length of one’s daze,
The spelling of words can hold meanings construed,
              Making some rhymes sound different
                             If heard, and not viewed.

Inflections on words can be easily read,
            Better yet, when expressed from the heart…
                                      …(not the head).

A title can mimic the gist of the rhyme,
            Or take one on a journey
                             Through eons of time.

One thing is for sure about all that you’ve read,
           When we touch with our heart,
                           And reveal in our head,
What we feel becomes worth something more when expressed,
            On a piece of plain paper,
                          In truth or in jest!

You see, when stagnant feelings are held in the chest,
            The results of this could be your worst or your best,

Transformed feelings have less chance to become,
            Heart attacks that would otherwise
                           End lives of some.



© 2002

Title change  2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thoughts on paper...purges the toxins. Ahhhh...

To Watch Words Die

to watch words die

to watch words di

to watch words d

to watch words

to watch word

to watch wor

to watch wo

to watch w

to watch

to watc

to wat

to wa

to w



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Words are what we use everyday

But how many peopme think of what they say

I mean really think of the stuff you say

For you see words can't be taken back

So i'd be sure to remember that fact


People just talk and talk and don't say a thing

They just keep going around saying the same thing

You no good at this or you  should look like that

Who give you the right to decide what is fact

They say you shouldn't feel a certain way

Cause your words of sadness bring dismay

So am i suppose to say i'm happy
When im alone on the inside


I say that we should just think

and not use words without meaning

For a person that has been hurt

Or felt alone but what you say

They will feel that hurt each and every day


So just take the time to think

And remember what you say

And maybe your words

Will mend their heart one day




              Edward Iacona


There are many magic words

When we have the predilection

For expressing our deepest thoughts

To the object of our affection.


Don’t worry if you’re word impaired

Cause it isn’t very hard

To borrow the words of poets

Including Avon’s bard.


If that is not your style

One really can’t go wrong

With the music and lyrics

Of a well selected song.


And, within our wireless age

There’s no need to be perplexed

Consider the joys of Voicemail

Or, if you must, just text. 


You can say them or sing them

Shout out loud or mutter them.

If emotions overcome you

One may have to stutter them.


When it comes to magic words

There is no one way to utter them

No matter which way you choose

You should not ever shutter them. 


Then there will be other times

When mutual impulses call

And magic words may be spoken

But are not needed at all. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 



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Backwards All It Got You've


Alucard is a poser. He wants to bite me.

I want to suck his blood.

He came in uninvited and ate all my garlic bread.

I'm really desserts out.

Too many sweets.

Was it a cat I saw?

Meh, it stays the same. However you put it.

Just like MoM, or DaD's racecar.

We all know Dennis.

If you dont know Dennis you may not be alive.

But does Dennis exist?

Or was he created by. . .

Lets not think about that.

Ill just be asking for more desserts.

Well have to wait.

Until we can no longer evil.

I mean live.

           Sharmaine Marie
NOV 5 2012 7:28 PM

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this because i like backwards words. It isnt really funny, but i made a folder for Humor for less serious posts. Can you figure the hidden words out? I gave hints.

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You said it yourself, "Words don't mean a thing. It's actions I need to see."
If I could only show you the way that you showed me…

I'd need to take the I love you's away.
I'd need you to promise forever, without knowing I'd ever stay.
I'd sleep with you every night, and break up with you every day.
I'd tell my family you're crazy for getting upset about things.
I'd yell if you hate my friends that say they fuck me in their dreams.
I'd punch you in the face if you ever accuse me of anything.

Last, but not least, I'll mail you back your ring.
I'll leave you voicemails, with no way to contact me.
The reason- "I changed my mind about sex, it's a sin."
That's what I'll email you in a month, and to let you know I fucked my best friend.
Tara, you don't deserve the details. It doesn't matter, I'm never talking to you again.

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Power Of Words!!

How important is a word?
Its extremely important as it is heard…….

A word has the power to kill,
A word has the power to control one’s will,

A word can brighten a sick man’s day,
A word can illumine all wisdom in a ray,

A word can bring out a smile,
A word can remove the mental pile,

A word can ruin a sentimental feel,
A word can envision unity as an appeal,

A word can make a man dignified,
“A man of word” has justified,
That words are not frail,
Words with continuous action plans never fail!!

Your words are precious thoughts spoken,
Be wise that your words are sweet and not a harsh token!!

Words have power beyond one’s imagination,
Words have a commanding role in connecting with the Creator & his creation!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's a word all about?

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