Demonic Words

Cthulhu Mythos

A man found a tome,

In his newly acquired home.

A book of ancient prophecy,

And things he should not see.


Written by madmen,

Different from what we all can.

Secreted away,

It drove him mad in one day.


The night he read the tome,

He was visited by Demons alone.

Scores of Demons in his dreams,

Banded together in teams.


Sounds fell from their mouths,

Dead and corrupted:





Feeling their poisoned tongues,

His flesh, burning along.

With their very words,

Unto corrupted swords.


Do not speak the lines aloud,

EGO, this time, don't be proud.

Their divine language on his skin,

From these words you cannot win.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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Chanting Birds: Flowing Fountains



Ugonna Wachuku 



Show me the land and soul of your
dreams. Show me landscapes and
beauty in your heart. Show me new
moons and new planets. Show me
streams and rivers where lofty
life-giving water abides.


Show me scars of the loving
Lamb of Calvary: Tell me there
is love in your heart. Tell me
you do not smile and pretend to
love when you see me. Tell me
you remember me when I am not
in your presence. Tell me you
are not a hypocrite. Tell me
your love is real and abiding.


Tell me you are not a back-bitter.
Tell me why you should be called
human. Tell me your are not wicked.
Let me know that you want me to
live, breath and survive this
journey through life.


Let me know that you respect the
colour of my skin because I have
respected yours from beckoning
beginings of time. Tell me, you
will always be there for me;
even when dark clouds gather
for storm.


Tell me that my life is worthy
to you. Let me know why you do
not see my humane worth and
dignity of the spirit. Let me
embrace your caring spring and


For once, let me see you smile.
There is no bill to pay. IRS
won't be on your neck howling.
Then, let me know your wish:


Let me be there for you. Let me
calmly take you to my beautiful
meadow land where chanting birds
give hope and peace for life -
My meadow land of the living
where chanting birds give
loving voice to fresh
flowing fountains and
creative meadow lands
for love and charming
cherishment amongst


Then, let these flowing
fountains and chanting
birds light up your day








Let Me Be

Ugonna Wachuku  


Let me be gone 

now ... Silence! 

Silence of the 

grave ...


Life on this 


earth home! 


Humankind with 

heartless homes: 


Fading moments of my


I walk through unknown

pathways and river banks.


The mind in me is still;
yet wandering through
uncharted landscapes 
and meadow sea shores.


This new day, I stare into
clouds, hoping, wishing,
wondering if you'll let me be.


At night, I watch your stars
and moon; waiting, hoping.


Fading moments of my


My journey has been a long
one. I have waited so long
in those eyes of human


I, really, keep wondering
whether you'll let me be.


Fading moments of my
yawning awakening...


My soul is heavy ladden.
My spirit reaches out;
searching to find some
meaning to this desolation
on flourishing farmlands
of abundance and beauty.


Will you finally let me be who

or what I am meant to be?
Because, now, this day, there
is joyful pain in my soul.


Will I be? Will I be?
Good Lord, I am still
waiting on you; while 

still striving, asking, 

seeking, knocking on

heaven's door of your 

deeply compassionate

heart. I am, hopefully, 

still waiting: "do not

pass me by!" 


Let me not be weary.
Let me soar and mount
on wonderful wings as 
your eagle of my essence.
Just let me be who I am 

created to be, abidingly: 
I humbly plead! 


Humankind with 

heartless homes: 


Fading moments of my
yawning awakening...


My soul is heavy ladden.
"Do not pass me by."

Give me your

mustard seed
faith. Let me

not be weary.  


Let me go 

home now

into your 


for there











Let Me Be
~ Critiques/Comments ~

Misty Lackey  


This poem has very strong words. Strong and powerful. I am glad to see
you again, reviewing my poetry, loved what you wrote on western
desire.. you are a true peach of a talent yourself. love yea, misty

Douglas Lazard

These words, as if from a waking dream, call out to the soul as they
call out to God...
Yes this...
that thou hast called me to do and be... Let me be!

Peace my Brother and God's love ~~~ Dougie ~
2002-08-07 19:16:16

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Ugonna Wachuku


Then, I saw the peaceful
reliable rainy rainbow



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The next time you see a rainbow in the sky,
please, humbly, calmly and praisingly think
of the following Bible verses:  


"Then, God said to Noah and his sons with him:
...I establish my covenant with you:
Never again will all life be cut off
by the waters of a flood; never again will
there be a flood to destroy the earth.
And God said, `This is the sign of the
covenant I am making between me and you and
every living creature with you, a covenant for
all generations to come: `I have set my rainbow
in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the
covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I
bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow
appears in the clouds, I will remember my
covenant between me and you and all living
creatures of every kind. Never again will
waters become flood to destroy all life..."

~Genesis 9; 8-15
The Holy Bible.


What an overwhelmingly and unfathomably

loving God who cares so deeply and so much
for us. These verses are so breathtaking
and mind blowing that when I sat down to write
FOREVER, I could just say it in two lines.
It is the eternally peaceful hope that
I see in this covenant rainbow forever.
It is the hand of God in all of its saving
love and radiant beauty! May humanity deeply
learn the real truth and meaning of the rainbow

whenever it appears in the sky! And bow down in
praise, respect and love for that Almighty I AM who

created all things "bright and beautiful!" 

This was my mind bulging inspiration
for this poem: Forever!  


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