Monthly Archive for March 2023

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Where Was My Pain, My Pain Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 1st
من سابع المستحيلات Prose nasheed Mar 1st
WAITING FOR A SIGN Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, WAITING FOR A SIGN Mar 1st
The Splendor Of A Thousand Sparkling Stars---A Sonnet For Cascade Poem J-C4113d 3 Mar 1st
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; In The Tombs Of Dead BoyWhores, In The Time Of Imperator Antoninus Pius Poem J-C4113d Mar 1st
Blades Poem deepblue Mar 1st
wharfside reverie Poem arqios 4 Mar 1st
MARCH IS FOR WOMEN Poem joy #Women Mar 1st
Carnival Food Truck - Carnival Food Catering - Boardwalk Bites Prose brushyourteeth carnival food catering, carnival food truck Mar 2nd
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; On Colossians 1:17 Poem J-C4113d Mar 2nd
To The *Meek And Lowly* Poem J-C4113d Mar 2nd
This Cherishable Temporary Poem lyrycsyntyme Mar 2nd
Lost Souls Poem ChandaBurton 1 Mar 2nd
beautiful beginnings Poem ewbonitz Mar 2nd
It's On The Wall Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 2nd
devouring night Poem ewbonitz Mar 2nd
FIONA Poem joy #Beauty, #individualbdauty Mar 2nd
I cannot stop thinking about you… Poem ewbonitz Mar 2nd
Transcendence of Fury Poem patriciajj 7 Mar 2nd
You may love me, but will you love me…? Poem ewbonitz Mar 3rd
The Orange Poem lyrycsyntyme Mar 3rd
LIGHT GOING OUT Poem georgeschaefer 2 Mar 3rd
HYPHEN IN A DUAL NAME Poem georgeschaefer Mar 3rd
I 'MAGIN Poem joy Mar 3rd
To See Through the Dark Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 3rd
ننتظرك Prose nasheed Mar 4th
COHERENT CURSIVE Poem georgeschaefer Mar 4th
X = ? Solve for X Poem Teytonon 1 Mar 4th
A PINK MYLAR BALLOON Poem joy #baby Mar 4th
Flawless Genocide Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 4th
Near Tarsus, June 26, 363, An Apostate's Death Poem J-C4113d Mar 4th
+ 2ND POEMS: Poems For David, The Young Shepherd, Who Loved Prince Jonathan, 2 [Repost] Poem J-C4113d Mar 4th
Unfinished Masterpiece Poem justshan1983 4 broken, love, relationships, sadness Mar 4th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; *Therefore Most Glady I Will Rather Boast* Poem J-C4113d Mar 5th
Rainy Kisses Another Version Poem djtj 1 Mar 5th
Sweet Talker Speaks Poem djtj Mar 5th
Aggrandizement Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 5th
Yet [*/+/^] : 27.225 MHz, Some Final Measures; A Roman Soldier Grieves Poem J-C4113d Mar 5th
untitled Poem Morningglory 3 Mar 5th
THE BEAUTY WE CANNOT SEE Poem joy #Beauty Mar 5th
Heron Clan: March 5, 2023 Heart Torn make a wish weather u love Poem djtj Mar 5th
flowers Poem ewbonitz Mar 6th
Dear Self Poem justshan1983 Letter To Self, Self Love Mar 6th
Amazon review light cover Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 6th
Slap that face Poem Teytonon 2 Mar 6th
Nearly Spring Poem shewhodwellsint... Mar 6th
Full Bon Ouija Jacket Poem ramonathompsont Mar 6th
لله يا غائبين Prose nasheed 2 Mar 6th
Servant of Sick Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 6th
3 Energies Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 6th
seven thawing springs ago Poem ewbonitz Mar 6th
counsel Poem ewbonitz 1 Mar 6th
Two Mugs And A Smile. Poem sweetwater 2 Mar 6th
On The War In Ukraine Poem J-C4113d Mar 6th
Venomous Bites Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 6th
forgive me my burgeoning uncertainty Poem ewbonitz Mar 6th
At Lenin's Tomb, Moscow, 1, A Smug Bolshevik Holds Forth Poem J-C4113d 3 Mar 6th
going, not gone Poem arqios Mar 6th
HP Printer Paper Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 6th
HP Printer Paper Review Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 6th
THAT SUBWAY TOKEN Poem georgeschaefer Mar 6th
THE CHOICE IS YOURS Poem joy #acceptance, #kindness Mar 6th
Rest In Peace, Mom - Part VI Poem randyjohnson Mar 6th
Walmart Superstore Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 6th
speak from your scars Poem ewbonitz 1 Mar 7th
NATURE THE CHILD Poem joy 1 #nature Mar 7th
HP PC Product Review Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 7th
Corporate Captured Poem lyrycsyntyme 1 Mar 7th
Wounds Of Life Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 7th
liberation Poem ewbonitz 1 Mar 7th
Walmart Review Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 7th
مايسترو Prose nasheed Mar 8th
Ishmael, call me! Poem Teytonon Mar 8th
divine assistance Poem ewbonitz Mar 8th
HP Printer Ink Review Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 8th
The Game Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 8th
untitled (true music) Poem tula Abstract, AI, anabaptist, ancient philosophy, anomie, anthropology, archon, artificial intelligence, baptist, biblical hermeneutics, biblicism, buddhism, capitalist realism, catholicism, chatGPT, Christianity, comparative religion, conservative christians, continental philosophy, corporate capture, cultural studies, culture industry, demonology hagiography, egregore, end times, episcopalian, eschatology, experimental poem, experimental poetry, foreign policy, hermeneutics, intercultural training, international relations, islam, Judaism, kabbalah, law of unintended consequence, liberal christians, metaverse, moral philosophy, Muslim, Mysticism, narrative theory, orthodoxy, perspectivism, phenomenology, philosophy of mind, Philosophy of Religion, presbyterian, protestant, regulatory capture, religious studies, Rhymed poem, Rhymed poetry, salvationism, satanology, scripture, semantic theory, signification, social identity theory, spiritual war, Spiritual Warfare, syllogism, Theology, tribulation, tribulationism Mar 8th
Judgement Day Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 8th
Mysteries Move Poem HCE Mar 8th
Asleep in Chicago Poem HCE Mar 8th
A WILDFLOWER WITH SUPER POWER Poem joy #inspiration, #teacherstudent, #wildflower Mar 8th
Free 2023 Movies Streaming Popular Websites Poem afdahpro 1 Mar 8th
Self Destruction Poem Bec.J #Anxiety #Depression Mar 8th
Where To From Here? Prose J-C4113d Mar 9th
Raise and fame Poem shailaenglish challenge, work Mar 9th
Dusk To Dawn Poem williamjroneyiii 3 Mar 9th
At Lenin's Tomb, Moscow, 2, Quatrain From An Undergrad History Major Poem J-C4113d Mar 9th
DOWNHILL ALL THE WAY Poem joy #inspiration Mar 9th
Blinded Poem Wordman 4 Mar 9th
i wouldn’t change it Poem ewbonitz Mar 9th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; At Yekaterinbug. A Soldier Watches Ieskela And Aylok Poem J-C4113d Mar 9th
Uncommon Sense Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 9th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; That Roman Centurion Speaks Of Neaniskos Poem J-C4113d Mar 9th
UTTERANCE MADE Poem georgeschaefer Mar 10th
Dates Poem orangejumpsuit Mar 10th
FAIR Poem chris Mar 10th
+ 2ND POEMS: At Joy [After The Holy Prophet Habakkuk] Poem J-C4113d Mar 10th
Ghost Face Is Stabbing Poem ramonathompsont Mar 10th
Daisies And Snow. Poem sweetwater Mar 10th
The Magnetism Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 10th
inspiration Poem ewbonitz Mar 10th
bled wounds Poem ewbonitz Mar 10th
Siren Season Poem PiscesPieces Mar 10th
One Of Us Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 10th
happy birthday Poem Tsenumaic Mar 10th
ALL THE MES Poem joy 1 #inspiration, #whoamI Mar 10th
BLIND FOLLY Poem georgeschaefer Mar 10th
Sayen 2023 Goojara Movie Free Online Streaming Reviews Poem afdahpro Sayen afdah, Sayen full free movie, Sayen myflixer Mar 10th
Mouse Sounds Poem metaphorist Mar 11th
HomoPhobe, 1 Poem J-C4113d Mar 11th
My Metaphysics Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 11th
Begin Again Poem Wordman 6 Mar 11th
THE LAST THING ON MY MIND Poem joy #politics Mar 11th
TRYING TO DISCERN Poem georgeschaefer Mar 11th
STUDDED PISTOLS Poem georgeschaefer Mar 11th
Total Waste Poem metaphorist 1 Mar 11th
One Small Thing Stands Between Us Poem and_hera_met_zeus Mar 11th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; At The XLIX, With BlueShift (Fridays, Saturdays, July 10th-September 4th, 1976) Poem J-C4113d Mar 12th
home bound Poem Morningglory 1 Mar 12th
Tongue & Groove + Heron Clan Sunday Reading: March 12, 2023 Kiss Sweet Talker Poem djtj Mar 12th
CONNECT FOUR Poem chris Mar 12th
Dark Skinned Love Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 12th
The Scattered Brethren Of SharedWay Baptist Church Poem J-C4113d Mar 12th
+ 3RD POEMS: Curriculum Vitae, Quod Vide, Quantum Vis Poem J-C4113d Mar 12th
+ 3RD POEMS: Breath Prayer, After Psalm 27:8 Poem J-C4113d 2 Mar 12th
WONDERING Poem joy #wonder, #wonering Mar 12th
SOFT, SECRETIVE CODES Poem georgeschaefer Mar 12th
GRIST MILL Poem chris Mar 12th
AGENT USA Poem chris Mar 12th
GRANDMA'S HOUSE Poem chris Mar 12th
BEACH Poem chris Mar 12th
Md. Ziaul Haque’s Quotes [মো. জিয়াউল হক এর উক্তি] Prose KingofWords quote Mar 13th
Md. Ziaul Haque’s Quotes [মো. জিয়াউল হক এর উক্তি] Prose KingofWords quote Mar 13th
Family Road Trip Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 13th
Chooze Booze Poem Pingus 2 Mar 13th
the peaceable reed Poem tula 4 anthropology, cultural studies, experimental poem, experimental poetry, idyll, idylls, intercultural communication, intercultural training, parataxis, Prose poem, prose poetry, reed, reeds, religious studies, Rhymed poem, Rhymed poetry Mar 13th
Footnote: How The Haiku Form Is Loosened And, Therefore, Deteriorated Poem J-C4113d Mar 13th
Assurance After Mark 4:39, Hebrews 13:5-6, Romans 10:13, Jude 24 And Psalms 32:8-9 Poem J-C4113d Mar 13th
Fractal Lives Poem Beavis 12 Mar 13th
A GOOD DAY IN BETWEEN Poem joy #inspiration, #littlemoments Mar 13th
unedited self Poem ewbonitz Mar 13th
What start off Poem geneconner2008 Mar 13th
frivolous scribbling Poem ewbonitz Mar 13th
Forever in your heart Poem zoeycup16 Goodbye, heart, sadness Mar 13th
Kindred Poem shewhodwellsint... Mar 13th
pampers Poem Morningglory 3 Mar 13th
Season's Change Poem shewhodwellsint... Mar 13th
calling it love (yet involving cultural variances) Poem tula anomie, built environment, corporatism, critically conscious research, cultural differences, cultural studies, cultural variance, cultural variation, experimental poem, experimental poetry, jean baudrillard, Mysticism, pierre bourdieu, Prose poem, prose poetry, Rhymed poem, Rhymed poetry, simulacra, social engineering, Spirituality, symbolic violence Mar 13th
Scarce Poem shewhodwellsint... Mar 13th
Small Poem metaphorist 1 Mar 14th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; That Light, In That Photograph Poem J-C4113d Mar 14th
Footnote: Pain Management Poem J-C4113d 2 Mar 14th
Grayscale Poem metaphorist 1 Mar 14th
PREDICTABLE BUT NECESSARY Poem georgeschaefer Mar 14th
UNWORTHY MORTALS Poem georgeschaefer Mar 14th
Who was unseen? Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 14th
Yes, it’s really gross Poem Teytonon Mar 14th
AN OCEAN OF MEMORIES Poem joy #memories Mar 14th
Maniacal smile Poem Pingus 2 Mar 15th
Let The Madness Begin! Poem ramonathompsont Mar 15th
CEMETERY OF THE HEART REVISITED Poem joy 1 #death Mar 15th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; To Etienne, My Friend, Whom I Call Swedening Poem J-C4113d Mar 15th
Encore Poem TheShadowKnows Mar 15th
Another sad love poem Poem jade Mar 15th
Alone Inside Poem Wordman 4 Mar 15th
There Was No Protocol Poem satishverma Life Mar 15th
Reparations Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 16th
persistent blockage Poem ewbonitz 1 Mar 16th
I’m not Irish, kiss me anyway Poem Teytonon Mar 16th
clattering racket Poem ewbonitz Mar 16th
i’m too damn happy Poem ewbonitz Mar 16th
HOW WE'LL BE REMEMBERED Poem joy #remember Mar 16th
A black magic tragedy Poem Pingus Mar 16th
+ 2ND POEMS: Homage To Shiki Poem J-C4113d 4 Mar 16th
Patience Poem Wordman 4 Mar 16th
a crappy poem for a wonderful woman Poem ewbonitz Mar 16th
Talking To Adonis Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 16th
SIMPLER TIMES Prose georgeschaefer 4 Mar 17th
The Port of New Cellis Prose rachel Mar 17th
FLASHLIGHT BATTERY Poem georgeschaefer Mar 17th
The Stones Are Coming Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 17th
supplication Poem arqios Mar 17th
THE SEARCH Poem joy #happiness Mar 17th
Rumors Poem gaurav2000 Mar 17th
Devils on my back Poem elliot_jordan2003 Mar 17th
An Obdurate Situation Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 18th
The Virgin Blood Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 18th
Zipper-Head Poem HCE Mar 18th
OUT OF REACH Poem joy #alzheimers Mar 18th
My Beautiful Despot Poem Spinoza 3 Mar 18th
A Handful Of Spring. Poem sweetwater 5 Mar 18th
Getting ahead in the big city Poem Teytonon Mar 18th
Highway To Heaven Poem DaveBrowder Mar 19th
The Homeland Poem DaveBrowder Mar 19th
When Agni Licks Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 19th
RUNNING THE EL Poem georgeschaefer Mar 19th
SHOES IN hANNOVER Poem georgeschaefer Mar 19th
Hollywood Poem DaveBrowder Mar 19th
Mystic Love Poem DaveBrowder Mar 19th
Dreaming Into The Stars Poem DaveBrowder 2 Mar 19th
The Cross Poem DaveBrowder Mar 19th
Wild Heart Poem DaveBrowder Mar 19th
Unpleasant bellchimes Poem Pingus 1 Mar 19th
Shores beach Poem Tsenumaic Mar 19th
WEDDING VOWS Poem joy #wedding, #weddingvows Mar 19th
Chem-phlegm Poem Pingus Mar 19th
Dying Is Easy Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 20th
Worthy of a tuxedo? Poem Pingus Mar 20th
IT WAS A HOME Poem joy #houseandhome Mar 20th
Taking One For The Team Poem williamjroneyiii Mar 20th
Tanka from a moldy scroll Poem Pingus 2 Mar 20th
Spring! Poem ramonathompsont Mar 20th
Tanka scribbled in crayon Poem Pingus 2 Mar 20th
crumpled up poems Poem ewbonitz 1 Mar 20th
MINI FRIDGE Poem chris Mar 20th
DINNER Poem chris 1 Mar 20th
Footnote: Outdoors, With A Slice Of Moldy Cheese Poem J-C4113d 2 Mar 20th
exist-inguished crises Poem arqios Mar 20th
the weeping ghosts Poem Spinoza 4 Mar 20th
the way you tell Poem Spinoza 2 Mar 20th
true nature of poetry Poem Spinoza 2 Mar 20th
keep your boots Poem Spinoza 2 Mar 20th
lamenting scent of love Poem Spinoza 1 Mar 20th
Untitled Social Piece Poem ramonathompsont Mar 20th
Conversations Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Mar 21st
GRANDMA'S HOUSE Poem joy #grandma, #memories Mar 21st
IMPLAUSIBLE Poem georgeschaefer Mar 21st
skyward Poem arqios 2 Mar 21st
BIRTHDAY LIMERICK Poem georgeschaefer Mar 21st
I Have Loved You Long And Well. Poem sweetwater 2 Mar 21st
Stormy will inform me Poem Teytonon 1 Mar 21st
I Hope The Justice System Prose J-C4113d 2 Mar 21st
Her Independence Prose shewhodwellsint... Mar 21st
welcome to the menagerie: Poem ewbonitz 3 Mar 21st
Deathbed Poem ray_strickland 1 Mar 21st
Sadness Poem ewbonitz Mar 22nd
Poet vows quietude Poem Pingus 1 Mar 22nd
The Spring Break House Poem ramonathompsont 2 Mar 22nd
church with no parishioners Poem arqios Mar 22nd
some days i sing (a tribute to music) Poem ewbonitz 1 Mar 22nd
Tanka for a broken bike Poem Pingus 2 Mar 22nd
FAVORITE SONG Poem joy #love Mar 22nd
+ 1ST POEMS: Testimony After John 12:32 [Repost] Poem J-C4113d Mar 23rd
Tanka found on freeway Poem Pingus 4 Mar 23rd
stairs Poem arqios 4 Mar 23rd
i prayed Poem ewbonitz Mar 23rd
SPIRITUAL BANKRUPTCY Poem georgeschaefer 2 Mar 24th