Whenever I see a baby passing by me on the street

I smile…

you see I’m captivated by their baby hands and baby feet.


It reminds me of the miracle of birth


how swiftly our time goes

when I see their little fingers…

and count their little toes.


I remember when my children and grandchildren were babies…

Was it really that long ago

when I held their baby hands in mine

and tickled their baby toes?


And again I think how time moves ever onward

does not stop

will not repeat

and how we must cherish every moment 

of baby hands and baby feet.


Knowing babies grow up…

that it’s all part of the plan

I look into the parents' eyes and whisper…


“Enjoy this while you can”.

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Yesterday on the news I saw people fighting across the sea…

and as I witnessed hate in our own country this thought occurred to me…


That when it comes to the news…photographed up close or from high above

we are shown a lot of hate…and not a lot of love.


Oh, occasionally there are happy stories we are meant to comprehend

but these are not the first we hear…they’re usually thrown in at the end.


So I was pleasantly surprised yesterday by a story that reminded me who we are

It showed a father singing to his baby who was prone his guitar.


This father sang a lullaby…his baby listened without making a peep

and slowly as the father sang his baby drifted off to sleep.


And when the song was over…a happy tear was shed 

as the father leaned down gently and kissed his baby on his head.


It was nice to see and hear a story that brought a joyous tear…a smile

and made me forget about all the bad news…

if only for a while.


I know there’s bad news all around…we cannot hide our eyes

every day there is fighting, war, destruction…every day the people cry.


But it seems to me amidst these stories…which come in colors black and blue

we should be looking harder to find the love that’s out there too.


I pray for day there is less bad news…

I pray to the heavens and the stars…

for the day we have less stories about hate…


and more babies on guitars.

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What is it about a baby’s smile?  

What’s in that smile we see?

Beauty, innocence, acceptance, compassion…purity?


Do we see comfort, pleasure satisfaction, peace and harmony…

happiness, beatitude…delight…serenity?


Or is that baby’s smile to us…a little more than what it seems?

Perhaps we see a shadow of our hopes…a reflection of our dreams?


Perhaps we realize a baby’s smile is a gift to remind us who we were

when we were young, excited, wide-eyed…

when we were innocent and pure.


A baby’s smile reminds us…we don’t have to look too far

to see not only who we were…but also who we are.


And if we have forgotten who we are…

perhaps in that baby’s smile we can see

not only who we were…

but who we are…


and who we’re meant to be.

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350,000 REASONS

Each day around the world over 350,000 babies are born 

or so the statisticians say

350,000 babies…welcomed into our world each day.


350,000 first time parents..who are excited (but don’t have clue!)

as are their grandparents, aunts and uncles…brothers and sisters too.


350,000 reasons to smile…reason for families across the world to beam.

350,000 reasons for those families to cherish…to hope…to wonder…to dream.


350,000 reasons to ponder how so many of our lives interweave.

350,000 reasons to trust in the universe…to  marvel…to admire… to believe.


350,000 reasons to delight in a day with so much happiness in store


and to be enchanted by the fact that…tomorrow…they’ll be 350,000 reasons more.

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Born today is a wonder… 

a life innocent, precious…and new

Born today is a miracle…

Born today…is you.


Born today is a mom and dad…

whose life will never be the same.

Born when they first saw you enter this world…

born when they said your name.


Yesterday they were two…

but today the count is three.

no longer just a couple…

born today is a family.


Born today are grandmas and grandpas, 

even great and great great ones too

Born today are aunts and uncles and cousins…

just to name a few.


Born today are smiles on many faces…

smiles…also innocent and new.

Born when they heard you finally arrived…

born because of you.


Born today are a lifetime of wishes…

carrying a host of different themes…

wishes for a wonderful life…

filled with love and hopes and dreams.


Born today is a new kind of happiness for your family

born the moment you came into view…

Born today is unconditional love…

born today…with you…


Born today are all these little miracles and more…

you see, that’s what miracles will do…

They tend to change the world…

all this….


because of you.

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