Pam Schwetz

No Matter What

No matter what you say or do

sometimes people just don't get you

It happens to us all sometimes

Don't let it occupy your mind

What they wanna think is on them

Don't let it become your problem

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by being misunderstood the other day. Poetry is a good way to get some feelings out instead of keeping them bottled up inside. We all go through this kinda stuff. Sometimes it can be rough... NaPoMo, NationalPoetryMonth, PoemADay, April2021, Day17


I hate when people twist my words

and say something that's so absurd

their misconception gets transferred

and so my words remain unheard

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by a tweet that was twisted by some idiot and had a bunch of other idiots reading into that...crazy stuff...had to mute the conversation. I debated about deleting my original tweet but then thought I would rather leave it as is so maybe somebody might actually read what I said and realize it wasn't me but some twisted idiot that misquoted me. I can't imagine what it is like for celebrities constantly being attacked by stupid stuff like that. I guess you just have to tune it out.I am sure everyone is misunderstood at some point and it's no fun.  At least it inspired a poem I guess. Ended up deleting and blocking. Frustrating stuff but inspired this poem and one more for tomorrow so some good came out of it. #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #April2021 #PoemADay #Day 16 about six hours early but who's counting?

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It's Up to Me

Once upon a time in my mind

everything seemed to be just fine

I drifted and something shifted

Vibrations need to be lifted

I know it's up to me to do

and somehow sure I will pull through

Author's Notes/Comments: 

#NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #April2021 #PoemADay #Day15 Not really sure what inspired this for thought

Partly Cloudy

It's a gloomy doomy day

no sunshine yet today

It's only partly cloudy though

so there is still some hope you know

seems brighter as I write

so things will be all right

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's only 7 AM so not too light outside yet when I wrote usually seems brighter later in the day even on partly cloudy days the sun manages to peek out... #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #PoemADay #April2021 #Day14

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I really miss the stars at night

they really gave me such delight

their magnificent display

at the end of the day

Nothing like it my friend

Why did it have to end

We must find a solution

to stop light pollution

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was listening to a new instrumental I did last night called Heavenly and it inspired this poem for day 13. I really miss the stars at night! You can listen to it on YouTube and read the poem along with it to enjoy the full sense of it...

The most magnificent display of stars I ever saw was in a field in Little Rock Arkansas back in the 80s. I flew to Dallas,Texas to see one of my best friend's college and join her on her road trip home back to Chicago. We stayed with her sister a few days in Little Rock and that is where the magnificent stars were. It was pitch black at night there you needed a flashlight to walk around and see. We laid down in a field and looked up at the stars. They were huge and you could see them all...felt like you could reach up and touch them so close. We had a constellations book with us and were trying to find all the different constellations cuz they were all in full view...that night a huge orange harvest moon rose up from the road too. It was amazing and incredible. I am glad to have those memories and be able to picture it. I used to be able to see the stars in Chicago too. They were farther away but I could see lots of them. I knew the big dipper and little dipper so saw those every night but didn't know lots of the other constellations. Could see a lot of stars back then. Why did they have to change the lighting? Now I can only see the  moon and occasionally a nearby planet or two when they are visible at certain times of the year that look like stars...I should be greatful I can still see the moon I guess but I really miss the stars. They need to change the lights back to the way they were when we could see the stars cuz I miss them very much. #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #PoemADay #Day13 #April2021

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Time Travel

Our minds tend to dwell on the past

hoping that our memories last

We're always imagining 

just what the future will bring

but it's always's always now

we need a place for the present somehow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well my timing is off once again to have a poem for the next day must be day 12 somewhere in the world...infact I am sure it is...anyways...was thinking about how we travel in time  in our minds going between past,present, and future while always remaining in the present...our thoughts are often elsewhere but we are always here now today in the present...we need to be more aware of that and appreciate what is happening right now... #NaPoMo, #NationalPoetryMonth, #April2021, #PoemADay #Day12

My Guardian Angel

In my younger wilder daze

something that I used to say

My guardian angel's working overtime

If you knew me back then you would know why

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem came to me today but it is for tomorrow's poem a day for this National Poetry Month but I already lost it once this morning and do not want to lose it again so am posting it a day early to be sure not to lose know how elusive these things can be...I am surprised I remembered it when I couldn't find it...good thing it was still fresh in my mind...I have said a guardian angel prayer for many years and it has never failed me...a big thanks to my guardian angel...Dear angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love entrust me here, ever this day be at my side to watch and guard to rule and guide... #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #PoemADay #April2021 #Day11 a day early...I want it to be on day 11 cuz of the whole 11:11 thing...I see that a lot and have been seeing it for a very long time...I remember back to the 80s when I first started noticing it...a sign from the Angels you are on the right path...

Trust Your Intuition

Trust your intuition

It never steers you wrong

let that be your mission

let that be your bond

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is funny that intuition is being called to my attention again...I had to check and see i already wrote a poem concerning intuition and yet it wants to be heard again so I is a very important piece of wisdom to share for sure...anytime I ignored my intuition I didn't like the consequences so trust it even if it feels weird or doesn't make sense at the time just learn to trust it always. It will never steer you wrong... #NaPoMo #NationalPoetryMonth #April2021 #PoemADay #Day10 

Morning Dew

The morning dew

refreshes you

you smell it too

you know it's true

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nature inspires so much poetry. I can see the dew and smell it and feel that sweet morning dampness and's incredible... #NaPoMo, #NationalPoetryMonth, #PoemADay, #April2021, #Day9