In a way we’re all like prospectors panning through the river of life 

for each day, as we grow old…

we search for little bits of happiness…

our own little nuggets of gold.


And just like prospectors…we never know

in the river about to be mined

what happiness we might discover

what nuggets of happiness we might find.


For happiness comes in many colors, shapes and sizes

to discover this is paramount…

and if we’re lucky at the end fo the day

we have more nuggets than we can count.


And if we’re truly blessed at the end of our life

when our story has been told

we’ve collected a lifetime of happiness

of little nuggets made of gold.


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When searching for the key to happiness 

It’s difficult to know exactly what to do

Sometimes I wonder if we should be looking

into our sadness too…


We should look for someone who knows our sadness

who can see the tear before it reaches our eye

for someone who accepts our sadness

who knows it’s okay to cry.


For someone who understand us

who can read our changing mood…or tone

who knows when we want to be held

and when we want to be left alone.


For someone who understands sadness has its own schedule

who knows what is at stake

someone who will sit beside us…and hold our hand

no matter how long we take.


For someone who knows when it comes to sadness

this lesson they have learned:

It is only through patience and love and understanding

that happiness will return.


And if you’re lucky you will find your happiness…

You’ll find that someone who

all the while you were looking for them

they were looking for you.

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Most mornings when I walk I am fortunate to be graced

by the same rabbit…at the same time…in exactly the same place.


It’s difficult to read a rabbits feelings…they’re so quiet and reserved.

Like most creatures they don’t readily show affection…

unless affection is deserved.


When I first began to notice him…he didn’t have much to say

In fact every time he saw me coming…he’d quickly hop away.


Of course I know rabbits are silent…they do not vocalize

but rabbits have this funny way…of talking with their eyes.


So over time we’ve built a tentative trust…

for now when he sees me coming his way

he stops 

he rises up

and he looks at me…

before he hops away.


And though I’m not sure of our exact relationship…

I do have a feeling we are friends

because at the same time most every morning

he’s waiting as I round the bend.


It is a simple yet fulfilling friendship…for a human and a hare.

He seems happy when he sees me…and I’m glad to see him there.


And I know the days I don’t see him…

When he’s not there to play our little game

I am disappointed…and I wonder…

does my rabbit feel the same?


This is the extent of our friendship…

but what a wonderful way to start the day…

even if we only share a moment…

then go our separate ways.

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Phoenix Wings


You wrap your arms round me like giant wings,

You protect me,

Youre there for me,

You care for me,

You love me,

I love you,

I care for you,

Im there for you,

I protect you,

You hold me in your wings,

As soft as a cloud,

Bright flame red and orange feathers,

I can feel your heartbeat,

I can hear your heartbeat,

Feeling your wings hold me tight,

I look into your eyes,

As blue as Neptune,

My fears and worries melt away,

I feel like im floating,

Your touch sends ripples across my skin,

Tiny little fiery sparks dancing,

You are my everything,

The air in my lungs feels so pure,

My senses overload when youre near,

You make my heart feel free,

Like it has wings too,

I would do anything for you,

I Love You My Phoenix!

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So many things in life are out of our control

We don’t control the sun, the moon,, the stars, the wind…the rain

We don’t control those moments when our heart fills up with pain.


Perhaps then while we’re alive it should be our goal

to do the best that we can do….with the things we can control.


We cannot control our past…and the future’s not always in our hands…

but we can control how we treat the animals…and how we treat the land.


We can control how we treat others…if we are unkind or humane

We can control if we cause another person’s happiness…or pain.


If we make treating the animals, 

the land around us 

and people 

with compassion as our goal….

It becomes much easier to accept those things that are out of our control.


For they will be there to support us through the uncontrollable winds and rain

and they will be there when we need them most…when our hearts fill up with pain.

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He often asks himself how she did it…

what subtleties did she employ

to help him find his happiness

to help him discover his joy.

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When the seas around us are choppy

when the times ahead are tough… 

If I can make one heart a little brighter

then I have done enough.


Because if I make one person smile

If I brighten one person’s day

There’s a good chance they will take that smile

and send it on it’s way.


Eventually that one smile 

will find its way to you

then you will take that smile

and brighten one heart too.


For we know even in our darkest times

like being quarantined by the flu…

sometimes brightening one heart

is all that we can do.


Which is why I repeat when the seas around us are choppy

When the times ahead are tough

If we all can make one heart a little brighter

then we have done enough.

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I have this list…I keep it in my head…an ever-expanding file

of things that make me happy…things that make me smile.


What makes this list so amazing is that it’s always very near

and I never know from day to day…which items will appear


On this list are my friends and family…

and individual moments we have shared

moments that were planned out…and moments unprepared.


Moments walking along the beach

Skipping stones or holding hands

When our children and grandchildren were young 

and we built castles in the sand.


Standing under sunrises and sunsets

In the city watching crowds

Seeing the waves move across the ocean

or the changing colors in the clouds.


Listening to bird songs

or the wind whistle through the trees

Walking barefoot in the grass

feeling the mist in a morning breeze.


The feel of a baby’s skin

The taste of sugar cane

The aroma of cookies baking

The smell of a forest after rain


My list is in no apparent order…

thoughts float in then float away

I’m never sure what’s coming next…

and I kind of like it that way.


It means whenever I call up my list

when I stop and visit it a while 

I am never far from happiness.


and the things that make me smile.

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I’ve said this over and over again because I believe it to be true

most of our enjoyment in life comes from the little things we do.


Little moments…little adventures…little wonders

that somehow find a way

to enter into our lives…and brighten up our day.


Like moments found by two thin blooded Floridians…both over 65 years old

on a recent camping trip together…when the weather outside turned cold.


They bundled up and took a boat ride…

they listened to what the captain had to teach

they saw a fort that was built but never used

and watched wild horses running on a beach.


They ate the best clam chowder and crab cakes

they had ever been served

and they handed the waitress who served them

a tip she so rightly deserved.


They stood on the edge of the Atlantic ocean

while a flock of birds circled overhead

they tried the Pirate punch in the oldest bar in Florida

and watched as their cheeks turned red.


They watched three sunrises and sunsets

They saw a family of dolphins perform…

they found when you hold hands even if it’s freezing outside

inside you feel warm.


These little moments…little adventures…little wonders

somehow found a way

to enter into their lives…and brighten up their day. 


Thus proving once again what I’ve always believed to be true


most of our enjoyment in life…comes from the little things we do.

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