I just happened to grow up this way…it’s not something I was taught…

but when it comes to my food preferences…epicurean I am not.


Some people like to separate their food…they think that’s the way it taste great…

I approach this from a different angle…I mix everything on my plate.


I don’t know how to explain it but to me a meal isn’t splendid

until all the food groups set before me have come together and been blended.


I have a friend, he is a food critic, who thinks most meals I disgrace…

I only know when I mix everything together…I love the way it tastes.


I love the way the colors blend but what I truly savor

is how, with every bite, I get a different blended flavor.


Deborah says it’s like feeding a dog but I am not subdued

I mean…show me any dog out there who doesn’t love their food!


Again I can’t explain it but to me it’s easily comprehended

and I make no apologies for loving food that’s all been blended…


I don’t expect everyone in the world to eat their food this way

(that would be nothing short of rude)

but I do think it would be wonderful if everyone in the world

blended together…as easily as my food?




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To anyone feeling the pain of injustice…

To anyone whom that injustice has eternally scarred….

Here’s a little reminder…of how wonderful

how extraordinary

how beautiful you are…


When dealing with people’s biases…

although it’s difficult…you would be wise….

to look at yourself…then look at them…

and see where the problem lies….


If there are people who are prejudice against you for any reason

Who look down on you…who condemn

know…there is nothing wrong with you

the problem lies with them… 


If there are people who think that the person you know you are is wrong

who look down on you…who condemn

know…there is nothing wrong with you

the problem lies with them…


If there are those who do not understand a heart wrenching decision you have made

who look down on you…who condemn

know…there is nothing wrong with you

the problem lies with them…


If there are those who find something wrong with who you love

who look down on you…who condemn. 

know…there is nothing wrong with you

the problem lies with them…


And though we cannot take away the pain you feel…

we cannot remove your scars…

know…there are far more of us who will celebrate with you

the person who you are.


Who love you…all of you…

love you…

and you…

and you…

Who know love….has no boundaries

no limits….

that only people do.


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On my walk the other day once again in the early morn

I realized the shoes I’m wearing are the only shoes I’ve ever worn.


I’ve never walked in a Native American’s shoes…never felt the back of America’s hand

as the ones who came here after me threw me off my land.


I have never worn the shoes of an immigrant…never felt their sorrow or their strife

having to leave a country they love…to search for a better life.


I’ve never walked in a black person’s shoes…never worried in my daily nine to five…

never wondered as I started my day….if I would make it home alive.…


I have never walked in a woman’s shoes…I’ve never been downcast

at being paid less for doing the same job as a man…

I’ve never been sexually assaulted or harassed.


I’ve never walked in a poor person’s shoes 

never braved the winter cold or summer heat

without a house to call my own…without enough food to eat.


I’ve never walked in a gay or lesbian’s shoes…never felt societies shove

just because they see me as different…just because of who I love.


I’ve never walked in a Muslim’s shoes…never thought I would see the day

people wanted me out of this country…just because of the way I pray.


I never walked in a policeman’s or a soldier’s shoes

Never felt their fear, their pain, their strife…

I’ve never had anyone shoot at me

never feared for my well being or life


Yes, my shoes have been quite comfortable…every shoe I’ve ever bought

but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to the voices of the people whose shoes are not.


So I will use my vote…I will raise my voice

I will stand behind…or in a protest line

working and praying for the day everyone’s shoes

are as comfortable as mine.

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Black…white…straight…gay…all those other letters too…

Christian…Muslim…Catholic…Atheist…and Jew.


Labels can be beneficial when we use them to help guild us

but they can also be a danger when we use them to divide us.


However there is one thing we all share no label can ever take away…

We were all created…all of us…to breathe in the same way.


Basically, from our first breath…from the moment of our birth

we become a part of the rhythm…of the heartbeat of the Earth.


And we keep right on breathing as one…with no need to classify

until the day our breathing stops…until the day we die.


In between our first and last breath…we keep breathing

It matters not if we’re  black, white, straight or gay…

if we are Christians, Muslims or Catholics…

we all breathe…about 20,000 times a day.


And the reason we continue breathing in and out…the lesson I believe

is to teach us life only works its wonders when we give as much as we receive.


Perhaps instead of looking to divide ourselves…

we’d do better to throw all those labels away…

and remember how the simple act of breathing

unites us everyday.


There is a harmony in how we breathe together

Black, white, straight, Gay…Catholic, Muslim or Jew….

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was that same harmony

In the way we lived together too?



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The best way to get in touch with who we are…

with our true self…with where our true identity lies

would be as often as we can…to simply close our eyes.


Closing our eyes is easy…in fact it’s the best way

to make a wish, to think, to hope, to dream…to kiss…to pray.


In the darkness of our souls…is where our wisdom does impart

there within the silence is where we listen to our heart.


If we close our eyes before we meet other people

before a relationship can begin

we react to what we feel not how they look or the color of their skin.


When we close our eyes….in our heart we know this to be ironclad…

that any kind of slavery

always was, 

always is 

and always will be bad.


When we close our eyes we know human rights should not have to be won

they should be universal and apply to everyone.


When we close our eyes we know everyone should receive the same education

no matter who, how, when or where….

We know that no one should go hungry and we know everyone needs care.


In fact when you stop to think about it…it’s ironic but it’s true…

when we close our eyes we can clearly see what it is we need to do.


Which makes me wonder: would this world be a little better

would it be more compassionate and wise

If its people every now and then…took the time to close their eyes.


And would we all be a little kinder…all us women…all us men….

If we followed what our heart is telling us…

when we open them again?


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When the old man told him the price of the seeds…the farmer shook his head.

“You won’t be sorry…trust me….these are magic seeds.” The old man said.


“The flowers that grow from these seeds will make a beautiful and varied array…

And though the farmer knew all seeds were magical…he bought these seeds anyway.


He planted them in his garden where they would always be in view…

He watered them and he waited to see if the old man’s words were true.


And sure enough the farmer was amazed at the amount of flowers that grew.

He loved their different sizes…their contrasting colors, shapes and hues.


He would sit upon his porch for hours and hours on end

looking out upon his flowers…watching their shapes and sizes blend.


But inside the garden the flowers were unhappy at what the magic seeds created.

They saw the differences between them…and they were jealous…and they hated.


The tall flowers and short flowers hated each other…they called each other names

The white flowers thought they were the most beautiful…

The red, yellow, orange and purple flowers thought the same.


And the more they fought with one another…

the more their jealousy and hatred pervaded

The more the garden seemed to loose its beauty…

the more their hues and colors faded.


And the farmer could do nothing to stop it…and in the end he cried

the day his garden wilted…the day his flowers died.


And as he plowed his garden under…

he knew those magic seeds had power….

but was saddened that the magic in those seeds

never transferred to the flower.

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I’ve seen children…young boys…walking arm in arm

their faces in identical grins

I’ve seen them laughing….playing, hugging

without questioning the different colors of their skin…


I’ve seen girls and boys walking together

I’ve seen them playing…climbing trees

without questioning their different sexes…

all so young 

so innocent 

so free.


I’ve seen young boys walking hand in hand

I’ve seen young girls walking this way too…

never thinking that one day there will be people

who think this is taboo.


I’ve seen children walking united

I’ve seen how their love is strong…

and I’ve also seen them being taught

how these feelings might be wrong


Which makes me wonder…

when it comes to how to love one another

If we are searching fro the truth

perhaps the answers can be found

In the wisdom of our youth.

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We are awash in a world of colors…reds, greens, yellows…blues.

Each color is unique…

each with its own distinctive hue.


And by themselves they are quite beautiful…

when we see one we’re transfixed

but we can’t deny the beauty once the colors have been mixed.


When the sky is blue it is beautiful…it’s a pleasure to our eyes

but what a beautiful mix the colors make as the sun’s about to rise.


Or when the sun begins to set in the days evanescent light

and the colors synthesize harmoniously…as they usher in the night.


And there must be a heavenly reason…

after the darkest storms in a sky overflowing with rain

a rainbow arching across the sky is the mix of colors that remains.


Sunrises, sunsets, rainbows have proven…they have shown

that each contains a beauty…creating a color of their own.


Which leads some of us to wonder…

and others of us to muse

Doesn’t the beauty they possess arise from the mixture of their hues?


What if we saw each other as a mix of colors

no matter the day or night

a beautiful blend of colors…instead of just black, yellow, red or white


Would that alter the way we feel?

Would our love and acceptance of each other increase?

If we could see each other as a blend of colors…

We could call that color…Peace




I wonder if our creators were trying to teach us about love…

when, even though we all have a different name,

a different sex, sexual preference and religion,

they created all of our shadows the same


I wonder if they were trying to teach us about acceptance

(an acceptance many of us still lack)

when, as they shine their light from up above,

they created all of our shadows black.

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