We are awash in a world of colors…reds, greens, yellows…blues.

Each color is unique…

each with its own distinctive hue.


And by themselves they are quite beautiful…

when we see one we’re transfixed

but we can’t deny the beauty once the colors have been mixed.


When the sky is blue it is beautiful…it’s a pleasure to our eyes

but what a beautiful mix the colors make as the sun’s about to rise.


Or when the sun begins to set in the days evanescent light

and the colors synthesize harmoniously…as they usher in the night.


And there must be a heavenly reason…

after the darkest storms in a sky overflowing with rain

a rainbow arching across the sky is the mix of colors that remains.


Sunrises, sunsets, rainbows have proven…they have shown

that each contains a beauty…creating a color of their own.


Which leads some of us to wonder…

and others of us to muse

Doesn’t the beauty they possess arise from the mixture of their hues?


What if we saw each other as a mix of colors

no matter the day or night

a beautiful blend of colors…instead of just black, yellow, red or white


Would that alter the way we feel?

Would our love and acceptance of each other increase?

If we could see each other as a blend of colors…

We could call that color…Peace




I wonder if our creators were trying to teach us about love…

when, even though we all have a different name,

a different sex, sexual preference and religion,

they created all of our shadows the same


I wonder if they were trying to teach us about acceptance

(an acceptance many of us still lack)

when, as they shine their light from up above,

they created all of our shadows black.

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I wish, while getting older, as adults we could devise...

a way to grow up and mature…but keep our child eyes.


For children do not see differences in our color, sex or name...

They hold hands and talk to everyone…

as if we we’re all the same.


Children welcome all visitors who enters through their door.

Theirs is a world of peace and love…They do not think of war.


I have no proof it would be different

but I do love to surmise...

what our world would look like today

if we had kept our child eyes?


Would we welcome all visitors who enter through our door?

Would ours be a world of peace…would we never think of war?


Would we not see differences in our colors, sex or names

Would we hold hands and talk to everyone…

as if we were all the same?

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Here’s a simple lesson I wish everyone could be taught:

When we say Black Lives Matter it doesn’t mean other lives do not!


Of course all lives matter…that point is undisputed

But that has never been the case in this country…despite being constituted.


So when we say Black Lives Matter this should be your first thought

It means that other lives have mattered more and Black lives…they have not.


When we see a person drowning we try to rescue them without thinking

We don’t look to save everyone in the water…only the one who’s sinking.


But for over 200 years we have been the ones pushing them under the water

holding them down…

or sitting on the shoreline…content to watch them drown.


So when you hear Black Lives Matter think of it as a synonym…

for people who are only asking for an equal chance to swim.


Think of it as a way for all people to achieve equality

So we can finally become 

the country we were constituted once to be..


So never again will any group be made to feel inferior or small

So after 200 years when we say all lives matter

It finally will mean all.



I love to walk before the sun comes up…with the stars and moon on high

to walk along deserted streets while darkness fills the sky.


As I listen to the morning birds sing from the protection of their trees.

I feel free…

I feel safe…

I walk with dignity…

I walk with ease.


I feel alive…I feel exhilarated……everything in the world seems right

as I walk alone…in the shadows…somewhat hidden by the night…


But then again I have nothing to worry about…

on a round trip from my home and back….

and I can only imagine how different I’d feel…

If I was a woman…

if I was black.


Our society has made it’s fair share of mistakes

none bigger than how we do not treat everyone the same…

We divide ourselves up irrationally

by color, 

by sex 

by religion

by sexual preference

by name.


Which has made it comfortable for me

without a worry or a fright

not to give a second thought to my safety

as I walk the streets at night.


But I hope and pray someday soon this will change

that for our past sins we will atone…

and in the early morning darkness

I won’t have to walk alone.

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I learned acceptance early in life as my household was a little odd

My father was German Jewish…my mother Irish Catholic…

which meant they prayed to different gods.


I was exposed to both religions and the more and more I grew

when I was asked…I never knew…if I was a Catholic…or a Jew?


Whenever someone sneezed next to me…I didn’t know what to do!

Should I say Gesundheit…or Shalom…or go with God bless you?


But being raised with this disparity was one of the beauties of my growth

for having two religions meant that I accepted both.


And when I went out into the world it made it easier to be

more accepting of all the other people who did not think like me.


I made friends with people whose Gods had different names, 

different clothing, different hues…

whose Gods did not resemble at all the two Gods that I knew.


But having grown up with two Gods I found it easy to get along

for whose to say my Gods are right and all their Gods are wrong.


And though it’s made acceptance easier 

as I’m able to see how each God pleases…

It has left me now more confused than ever…

when anybody sneezes.  

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A little while ago on my morning walk I wondered, how can this be?

when a black cat came out of the shadows to say hello…to me


Without any inhibitions…in the middle of the street

she ran up and when I looked down…she was purring at my feet.


I bent down to scratch her back…”Hello little kitty." I said.

She mewed her own Good Morning…then let me scratch her head.


We chatted for a while then when there was nothing more to say

I stood up, said “Goodbye…and we both went on our way.


The next morning on my walk I again wondered how can this be

when up ahead…there in the street…that same cat was waiting for me.


This is something I didn’t expect…I could have never foreseen

but when I finally reached her…we followed the day before’s routine.


And now most days there is this black cat…sitting in the middle of the street

patiently waiting for me…and who I always stop to greet.


Most of the cats I see on my walk…when I say ‘hi’ or have a good day

usually act as if I wasn’t there…or deliberately look away.


And I was brought up believing my day would be filled with wrath

if at any time during that day…a black cat crossed my path.


But this little cat has taught me different…though I still don’t know her name

she’s taught me not to judge…for not all cats are the same.


And since I’ve had good luck since meeting her I think it would be fair

not to judge another cat…by the color of their hair.


I think about this at least once a day…when I bend down to greet

and scratch the head and chat a while…with my black cat in the street.

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Sometimes when the world saddens me

at night when I fold my hands to pray

I like to think how things would be quite different

If I was God…for a day.


The first thing I’d do is eliminate hate

I’d throw everyone’s hate away

I’d replace all their hate with love

If I was God…for a day.


With love in our hearts we’d accept everyone

we meet along the way

no matter how different they seem to us…

If I was God…for a day.


If I was God…for a day.

Everyone would grow up healthy, safe, secure and well fed

We’d all live long and happy lives 

and die peacefully in our beds.


I’m sure there’d be more to do

more problems to face along the way

but this seems like a great place to start

If I was God…for a day.


Of course this will most likely never happen

I may never get to be God for a day

but at least it gives me something to hope for

at night…when I fold my hands to pray.


We watched the sun rise on the west coast of Florida

over a landscape vast and wide

Then we drove 200 miles across the state

to watch it set on the other side.


This morning we watched it rise again

200 miles away from our home by car

And I thought isn’t it amazing how the sun rises 

on all of us

no matter who we are?


Each morning without a doubt in her mind

she rises and our day begins…

She doesn’t care about our nationality, 

our religion

or the color of our skin.


She doesn’t care about our sexual preferences

if we are athletic, 


or lame.

Every morning without fail…

she rises just the same.


She doesn’t care if we’re fat 

or thin,

if we’re tiny, 



or tall

When she rises she doesn’t seem to care

what any of us look like at all


Perhaps the sun is sending us a message…

as sunrise after sunrise we see…

If she can rise above all our differences

Perhaps she’s saying…


so can’ we.

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