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Logan Square, Chicago

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I love the Beats. Strange literature. The ultimate to me is James Joyce. Finnegans Wake is the greatest novel ever written in my opinion. Pynchon is great too.

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It's Deep. A well really. It's like that episode of Ren and Stimp with Jerry the Belly-Button Elf.

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I make music sometimes, https://soundcloud.com/bloodtooth-1

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Walt Whitman, James Joyce, Pynchon, Kerouac, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Henry Miller, Gunter Grass, Vonnegut, Plath, Rimbaud, T.S., John Berryman, Stevie Smith, Bukowski, HST, William Gaddis, Saul Bellow...... and those Beatle guys............


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