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My Single Love

Satish Verma

A sparrow tries to catch
an arrow in air, that hurts her wings.
Why were you different from others.

There were many pains
to understand each other.
Behind the mirror no one stands.

The soul does not die.
Becomes a cloud to marry a hilltop,
where you will wait for the moonrise.

The Flickering Flame

Satish Verma

This pain was a newcomer,
loading the songs of fire and sea.
Today only a silhouette walks with me.

In black light I miss your
glittering smile, and I was only
for you shuddering in summer.

What one needs now, when
ancestors watch your golden skin and wonder,
from which side, moon will rise.

Strange Rhythms

Satish Verma

Stalking each desire,
you want to extinguish the sparks.
Love was no more a weapon.

Art in your smile breaks
the boundaries. Do you drink moonlight
daily? Who slaughters my poems?

Here and there and nowhere
I don't find your perfumed yens
to make a beautiful hut.

Human Noises

Satish Verma

Incomplete love
was like half-moon. You cover
yourself with wordless solitude.

Unbelievable, non- violence
is very violent. You sleep on snakes.
Everything the moon says is false.

Pass on a pain of heart-
break, where hope betrays to sacred
truth. Life changes color everyday.

Very Individualistic

Satish Verma

Silence speaks one day
between the words without noise,
omitting the pain.

Repetition demands price.
I have to pay the debt of common
text, when we fell in love.

Fever rises with verse.
Sentences were written onquivering
lips to commit for jumping in lake.

No Miracles

Satish Verma

The newness learns a
lot about dystopia. I want to marry
you of last birth again.

The rattle snake raises
its head, to understand human
nature, waiting to throw venom.

I will do it again to
write with my blood. No need of
hundred salutes You know how to cut thumbs.

Family War

Satish Verma

Put the moonlight on leash.
You give me rarest pain. I will suffer.
Moon becomes lonely like a lover.

Two smiles come near
each other to separate. This is how
the destiny plays the trick.

Why one dies for someone.
This is white lie. Will not be erased.
Don't help the carnivore. I am only bones.

No Cuts

Satish Verma

Why stroking gold
nuggets, I have become poor.Give
me a brief stop to think.

The desire takes a big toll.
I never wished to divert your
attention, to witness an immolation.

The point was heavier
than time. I don't have an explanation.
At the intersect blood rivers meet.

Hope In Twilight

Satish Verma

I hear your voice from far away.
I was still searching you in jungle of pain.
The legend crumbles downplaying.

My poems ask, what were
you up to digging the ruins of love.
Who admires past to know the truth?

In my saga the end never comes.
Death comes free. I remained a fakir. At the
tangent of suffering someone cries.