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Hope And Despair

Satish Verma

Home coming
was not true. A character
remained unread.

What image was
holy? You walk barefoot
after worship to listen
the voices of earth.

The volcano weeps
for centuries, waking
the flames one day. What
were the questions
which had no answers.

A pink bandana
becomes the heartache
of moon. No star was
worthy of you.

The book wipes out the
new sermons.

Out Of Question

Satish Verma

Will you break the
golden triangle, one day,
and come to river?

Time-lapse memory.
I will meet you midway to
hold your rough hand.

Do me a favor.
Write the other name of fire.
When you walk on the

Can you push the
rock like Sisyphus after
refusing to color the night?

Rose is rose. Can
you commit for black petals
which will stay
in hot sun?

This Panorama

Satish Verma

Sitting on a white
rose, the miniature god
writes the lines of life.

Inside animal implodes.
The dark blue blood has a
weird relationship
with broken limbs.

I don't want to die again.
The bright Ariel claims
for the rebirth.

Was there a promise
to repair the flesh torn
out from the bones
of faith?

It is too much dark
here, I don't see your face.

Ash On Roses

Satish Verma

I am, because
you are not there.

In cold blood
you slice the moon
and drink the tears.

The forest path
opens for the shot
tigress. She will

A mysterious hand
picks up my name to
write a wounded

There was no war
between the gatherers
of blood-soaked shirts.

Will you come back
bone, flesh, heart?

Lost Tribe

Satish Verma

At life closing,
were you in peace
with your slips?

The weariness brings
a curse. You start

Like a newfound
fossil egg, you kiss
the lost poem.

A dependent
wound stops hurting.
I bring a stoned version.

The moon and the
resurrected dream,
throw long shadows on lake.

My boat goes in flames.

Not In Wake

Satish Verma

Your theme will
not endure the momentous
push. Stars are falling
one by one.

In row of skulls
time stands still, to revise
the angle of moon. Now
the words haunt. We are
in peace.

Will you embrace
the religion of trespassing
against rituals? You were
the creator, you were the destroyer.
Venus sleeps naked.

Talking of self, we
forget the nature of
vicious vipers. Can you play
with the flames of past?
Which of the god was not
a love child?

Every Moment

Satish Verma

Do not unveil the
wound of errors.
Let me in―
in your green eyes, where
the goddess weeps.

The terror changes
the polarity. You were in chains,
fighting the demons of sea.
Unlike moon, a star
plunges in valley of tears.

Who will measure
the depth of fall, from the
edge of life? Time has the
wings of golden eagle. It
flies on the peaks of thoughts.

And the merciless
gray of dementia wipes
out the words.


Satish Verma

Cannot undo, the
headless leap of faith.
It was not the answer.

A thousand moon
I will wait for the calamity, when
you come back with empty hands.

Playing Mozart,
I discover myself in the
jungle of antlers.

The grief survives
eternally. I arrange all
the words to spell correctly,
a white death.

The black tree
stumbles on pale moon.
The angel will not
open the door.


Satish Verma

Mauve detachment;
I wanted a short placenta.

The dust wants
to eat me. My legs give―
away, when sun goes

I will offer you
my dreams to nestle
in paws of destiny.

Don't walk on the
hot sands. They are going
to roast my poems.

I smell your pines
I drink your cones
Lake was inviting
the boat.