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Everything Was Weeping

Satish Verma

Today my dancer fish
died. How did she know, the death
was nearby. She went to a nook to lie down.

Again my old pain comes
back. A parrot was imitating a tall
man. All the parrots were burnt alive.

Remaining poor I made
you a rich and immortal O god, to stay
in the sanctum sanctorum walls of gold.

Existential Risk

Satish Verma

Why did you ignite
your hidden love? The swallow
always surrenders to the snake.

When a lie ruptures,
the flagellation begins. You will
nosedive to catch a fish in water

Can we make a hybrid
between god and a man? Who
blows the trumpet in the dark?

The Tears Don't Come

Satish Verma

A great hurt bleeds
Love was trampled under rose petals.
The right to kill will continue.

How a poem heals
the sorrow of a genocide. I will
not allow the world to end.

To join mushrooms
coming out like a fairy ring to cool
the fires in the eyes of the moon.

When Love Frowns

Satish Verma

Rip open your chest.
I will enter in you to meet the
god. I owe much to my suffering.

A rose finch drinks the blood
of a sea bird while singing. My
lonesome poetry bleeds.

I search appropriately
for neomodern words. I want
to love my primeval heritage.

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Under the Holiness

Satish Verma

You will demonise to
remove the grief. Keep yourself
with lotus. I'm knitting a new moon.

To disengage, don't go
too far. Can you drink your own venom?
Too pure. Voiceless. Catching red flames?

The imperial pain. You
gather the pine needles and lay on the
hands to feel the collective bites.

To Find the Greatness

Satish Verma

Amidst the chaos
I am going to search for myself. Who
are you? I will raise questions.

You make the meaning
of holistic death without any pain. Ah the
physical grief doesn't reach god.

However, crossing the
bridge on fire, not to swim the river
full of crocs for a challenge.

A Wounded Swan

Satish Verma

I was going to call
you beast without a yoke. My timeless
dust will not shut the eyes.

A lone walk reminds me
of revelation. Was it true that there
was a body to speak like us?

A lotus stands in mud
as a witness in waiting for the rise
and fall of the sun in a blue lake daily.

The Invasion

Satish Verma

Will you wait for
the apocalypse, when the world
is getting ready to come to an end?

Re-digging the graves does
not bring out the dead angels
for our salvation. Are the gods untrue?

You need a powerbroker.
Black hole is widening. I stick
to antiquity to become famous.

Not Inclusive

Satish Verma

Pink lips whisper.
It was time to part with. No more
the roses will come to salute you..

Nowhere to sit in
the garden of thumbs. Your fingers
always made the question marks.

Oh my carnivore, I
melt my agony and love in moonlight.
I was not ready for kisses.