Raise and fame

Raise and fame

Raised to the house of fame,

living with best and worst.

Years of cake walk,

tuned with pleasure.


Overnight served by fate,

A thunder blew (called) for a new beginning,

Accepted the challenges,

resting on the shoulders, by

trusting them as well-wishers of mine.


Me and my works went clueless,

 to the crocodile tears

and words of boosting.


My fame once again,

touched the crown of town.

Both empathetic and jealous men

sang a song, till the thunder

 serve me again.


It is universally known fact of

King Lear’s self-destructive fate,

resting on words of boosting,

a perfect trapper of knaves,

much alike spider’s web around.

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You decide… please leave a comment

You decide… please leave a comment

By jfarrell


I will be 50 in 2 weeks (23 december);

Should I have a party? Celebrate?

Cast your votes now please.


And not a joke….

My friend’, I asked, I gonna have party will you come?…


“yeah, I’ll happilly come to your party, I’m your best friend….

But don’t be negative, at your party.”….

He’s the one calling people names,…

But I’m the negative one?

Party cancelled.


But life,

Prospects, dreams have changed since then;

So very few weeks ago.


It used to be said ‘life begins at 40’;

Is 50 the new 40?

I’ve spent 20 years overdosing, hanging cutting my coward wrists

To not be here for 50!


It’s clear I’m incapable of decision…

So like Big Brother….

You decide, cast your votes…

50th birthday party?

Yes or no?

Please leave a comment


Author's Notes/Comments: 

is the glass half empty or half full?.... 50th birthday.... something to celebrate with pride or drown in a vodka bucket full of hate and spite? i've already told you i'm incapable of a grown up decisiion ;-)

Stop telling me I can’t change the world

Stop telling me I can’t change the world

By JFarrell


Stop telling me I can’t change the world.

You know why one man can’t change the world?

Because everyone tells him he can’t.


Not me!


I am trying to act better.

How I act has an affect on how others act

And so on…



A butterfly flaps it’s wings here,

There has the monster of all storms.


You are reading my poem

That will have some effect on what you feel, what you think

However insignificant



I can and am changing the world.

And I just proved it.


You can change the world too.

Let’s make it better




Author's Notes/Comments: 

proved it

my dragon

My Dragon

By jfarrell


I’m gonna make a dragon;

I wanna write a book, maybe

(not sure I can do that)

But, I gonna make a dragon.


And my dragon stinks!!!!

The day after a fire,

Still damp,

That musky, burnt everything smell.


It’s a comforting smell,


If you just breathe in, deep,

And reach into that smell.


It feels like a tree in the very early morning,

Damp, slimey, veiny…

And it moves,

Ever so slightly.

There, again…



Press against the solid and listen.

Ba-doom. Ba-doom. Badoom.. badoom…

It’s like a heartbeat.

It is a heartbeat.



My dragon will be made of words,

And, here, it was born, it is born.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath….

What does your dragon look like?


I bet it’s beautiful :)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'd love to write a fantasy book :) honest

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Letting go

Letting go isn't about the moment.

It's about the challenge of it, the difficulty in the moment, the hours and hours spent staring at the wall, hoping that with the mental ironsight on the heat of your emotional target, that'll you be pricesly happy by waiting for things to change. That the winning shot will happen at random times, and you're just waiting for it.


But, that's where you mess up. That's what causes the train-wrecked emotions that bring you to your knees, mentally weeping and emotinally hoping to be taken care of. If you wait for it, it'll never happen, because you're setting up expectations, and happiness is a building. You have to have a foundation, and you have to build it up from there.

Move on, and wait. Do things that make you happy, and try to make others happy. Don't do everything that everyone asks, and don't be someone that everyone wants you to be. Don't let others talk you down and keep you from being an aspiration in the modern day bullying culture.

Be yourself. Be happy. Don't set up expectations, just go with the flow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't miss the moon for the stars, and seize the opportunities to be someone great.


Perverse & Bazaar
My poetical rhetoric is 
like a metaphorical etiquette..
My common wealth 
is like Edison, 
with rhymes cut thick
just like beef Wellington.

A skeleton? 
Looks like I'm under your skin.
but I'm laughin, not half assin'
sassin' back with grin.
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What’s the word challenge all about?
Challenge can make your abilities sprout,

We fear to take up something new,
We want our systems same with changes few…

We want to stay in a life that has no risk involved,
We don’t want to move from our comfort zone at all,

A challenge that has to be taken,
Becomes unsuccessful as no motivation has been awakened!

Why not face a challenge in a situation?
The situation can be taken over by a determination,

We feel challenges block the flow of our livelihood,
But challenges check our abilities of what we can & what we could………

So take every challenge as a great opportunity you have got,
To turn it in your favor with a new radiance that life has taught!!!

Make every adversity an opportunity today,
Challenges will make you a renowned personality someday!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Define Challenge??

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You (Haiku)

You are my weakness
But it's you who gives me strength
For you are my love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yesterday I was challenged to come up with a Haiku on the spot! Here's my efforts! lol

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Dear You, Yes You.

Dear you,

Yes you reading this.
I know you are going through some terrible challenges and pain.
Some days you may not want to even get out of bed, brush your teeth, go to work/school.
But you should know, you are loved.

You are born with nothing, and you will leave with nothing besides love.
There are people that live to see you smile every day.

You can look at your challenge as if it’s a wall or a mountain.
If it’s a wall, you're stuck behind it, helpless.
If it's a mountain, you can keep climbing higher and higher till you reach your goal.
Please view every challenge as a mountain, and keep on growing and getting stronger.

You deserve to be happy,

You are beautiful,

I love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If any of you need help, I am here for you.