She was always giving

always accepting, 

always compassionate 

and kind.

She was love 

and sympathy 

and caring 

and charity 



Whenever we would thank her

she would hold us close 

and she would whisper in our ear…

Isn’t that the reason dear…


the reason we’re all here?


After we’d finished dinner at Grandma’s table one night

she looked about to cry

but a smile slowly crossed her face as a tear dropped from her eye…


You’ve grown up much too fast she said as she gave the top of our heads a kiss…

I know that’s the way it’s supposed to be….but there are some things that I miss….


I miss being able to hold you on my lap

It used to bring me joy

I miss cleaning the crumbs off your dinner plates

I miss picking up your toys…


I miss how every moment between us

was exciting, surprising…and new

I miss how tired your grandpa and I were

when our time with you was through.


I’m glad to see how you’ve grown up

our moments together have been unsurpassed

I’m happy for the all times we have…

just sad they’re over so fast.


Since that conversation with Grandma,

every time we leave her door.

we make sure there are some extra crumbs upon our plates

and a few toys upon the floor.


And Mom and Dad are never angry….

when they notice toys in Grandmas hands…

because one look at the smile on her face

and they seem to understand.




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She often wondered why her grandma stopped so often on their walks


looked all around…

then smiled

Why her face would suddenly brighten 

with the innocence of a child.


Why she would close her eyes for a moment

for a moment without talking

and when she opened them again she’d smile


and continue walking.


One day she found the courage to ask her

ask her why she acted this way

her answer is the reason

she walks like her grandma did 



“Time moves by so quickly,” she told her

“moments moving swiftly in front of me…

so occasionally I like to take time out 


and capture a memory.”

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I remember the aroma of Grandma’s cookies…in the oven baking

and in the jar upon the counter…ready for the taking.


For any occasion or no occasion…I’m not exaggerating

when I walked into her house…she had those cookies waiting.


When Grandma became sick…when she couldn’t bake cookies anymore

one day on my way to visit…I stopped by the cookie store.


I found the most beautiful cookies sitting near the windowpane…

smiling sunflower cookies…wrapped in cellophane.


I brought two of them to Grandma…she said, “Oh honey, what a treat.”

“I”ll cherish them forever…’cause they’re much to beautiful to eat.”


I didn’t think much about them till she was gone and there on her windowpane

I happened on two sunflower cookies…wrapped in cellophane.


“She wasn’t kidding.” I whispered to myself as I wipe away a tear

thinking of all the cookies she’d baked…all those cookies…all those years.


I laid one in her coffin…so when she got to heaven she would see

her cookie wrapped in cellophane and she would think of me.


And I kept the other cookie…wrapped in cellophane as it were…


so every time I look at it…I will think of her.

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