When she asked, “Have you been happy with me?”

He answered, “Yes, indeed! For everything I have,” he smiled,

“Is everything I’ll ever need.”


And when he asked her, “Have you been happy with me?”

Her smile lingered…steadfast…undaunted.

“Yes, indeed!” She said.

“For everything I’ve ever had…

is everything I’ve ever wanted.”



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When we toss a stone into a quiet lake…

we watch perfect circles flow

spreading out from that one act…

we see them grow...

and grow...

and grow.


And we marvel at the beauty…

and how easy it was to make.

with the simple toss of one stone…

endless ripples across the lake.


Which makes me wonder…


When we show another person an act of kindness or love,

when we toss a simple smile to a stranger, a friend, or a foe

spreading out from that one act…

how much will that kindness grow?


Hopefully, we will marvel at the beauty as we begin to understand…

how one simple act of kindness...of love 

can send endless ripples  across the land?



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There is another pandemic raging across the land…

one…to which we all are prone.

It’s called hatred and it has but one symptom…to turn our hearts to stone.


Hatred is contagious…and once it has attacked

despite our best defenses…it’s hard not to hate back.


The moment you come down with it…when you feel it begin…

It becomes harder and harder to fight it…and easier to give in.


Our hearts begin to freeze up…our minds become constricted

what makes this even sadder is…this disease is self-inflicted.


There is no vaccine we can take……no pill…no miracle injection…

But there is a way, if we are willing, to extinguish this infection 


It will not be easy and recovery will take time

It will mean all of us who hate…must be willing to make the climb…


To climb out of the hole we’ve dug ourselves with hate…

To find a way instead of carrying hate…to drop it

because hate can only hold power over us

when we refuse to stop it!


It will mean everyone…



everyone with no objections

must replace the hate that’s in their hearts

with forgiveness, 

with acceptance…

with love and 

with affection.


I have this on good authority…

all the Gods and experts concur…

When faced with a pandemic of hatred sweeping the land…

Love is the only cure.


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He thought he knew where love originated…

where in the body it lies

He was sure it was in the heart…

until he looked into her eyes.


He thought he knew how time and memory relate to one another…

He thought he knew…and yet

when he looks into her eyes he can’t remember a time before they met.


He thought he knew where his life was heading

but it wasn’t until their two lives crossed

until he looked into her eyes…that he knew he had been lost.


He thought he new about happiness and joy

but much to his surprise…

He only began to understand them

when he looked into her eyes…


Her eyes have taught him about life

with every joy they shared

with every sorrow they overcame….

and he hopes after a lifetime of looking into his

her eyes feel the same.




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To anyone feeling the pain of injustice…

To anyone whom that injustice has eternally scarred….

Here’s a little reminder…of how wonderful

how extraordinary

how beautiful you are…


When dealing with people’s biases…

although it’s difficult…you would be wise….

to look at yourself…then look at them…

and see where the problem lies….


If there are people who are prejudice against you for any reason

Who look down on you…who condemn

know…there is nothing wrong with you

the problem lies with them… 


If there are people who think that the person you know you are is wrong

who look down on you…who condemn

know…there is nothing wrong with you

the problem lies with them…


If there are those who do not understand a heart wrenching decision you have made

who look down on you…who condemn

know…there is nothing wrong with you

the problem lies with them…


If there are those who find something wrong with who you love

who look down on you…who condemn. 

know…there is nothing wrong with you

the problem lies with them…


And though we cannot take away the pain you feel…

we cannot remove your scars…

know…there are far more of us who will celebrate with you

the person who you are.


Who love you…all of you…

love you…

and you…

and you…

Who know love….has no boundaries

no limits….

that only people do.


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I walk the same route every morning…from this path I do not stray

because I have so many friends to greet whom I’ve met along the way.


There are the trees that tower to the sky…many, I’m sure, older than me

There’s the crickets and the owls and a host of other animals I hear but do not see.


There are the shifting clouds that are always moving 

from right to left or left to right

There are the flowers waiting for me…the ones that only bloom at night.


There are the toads and the rabbits who dart in and out of the shadows of the moon

Who either stand in one place hiding…or hop away too soon.


There are the churches with their marquis lit

with messages for the mind

There are the oranges painted by a friend

he graciously has left behind.


There are the old folks who live on the corner

the early morning enclave

who, as I round the corner

always smile and wave


There’s the homeless lady who never speaks

but will occasionally smirk

There are the silent streets of a city asleep

there’s the bookstore where I work.


There are the stars that guide me on this walk,

the moon with her occasional grin

There are the silent messages I send to my family

and release upon the wind.


I love this path I’ve chosen

love the friends I greet as on this path I roam

and I love the way this same path

always leads me home.

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Why do I tell you ‘I love You’ so often?

Why from my lips do those words continue to flow?

Why do I keep repeating…

something you already know?


It’s because I’m so happy to have found someone to love…

and someone who loves me too.

It’s because I never tire of hearing how you love me…

or saying I love you.


It’s because if something should happen to me tomorrow…

I’d like to know, at the end of your tears…

you have enough of my ‘I love yous’ stored in your heart…

to last for the rest of your years.

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She noticed the old man in the park…she saw him ever day

He’s always there at the same time she brings her child to the park to play.


Today she sat down next to him as she watched her child play

“I was wondering,” she asked the old man, “why do you come to this park every day?”


The old man smiled at the question, he said, “Young lady, I’m glad you asked.

“I come here every day to visit the memories I’ve amassed.


You see long ago there was this woman I fell in love with…

Yes, I think this is a good place to begin.

She never needed the sun or the moon to shine…she lit up from within.


She was like no other woman…you might say she had her own uniqueness.

She was strong when she needed to be strong but not afraid to show her weakness.


She lived every moment to the fullest…or at least, I know, she tried.

which meant, depending on the moment, she could laugh as easily as she cried.


Through all our years together…as we raised our family

she let me take care of her…while she took care of me.


This park is where we met…it’s where I got down on one knee

It’s where I first told her I loved her…it’s where I asked her to marry me.


I come here to think about all the ways my life’s been blessed…

I come here because it’s a place where my memories and I can rest." 


I come here because I miss being with her…I hope you understand…

I miss sitting with her on this bench…I miss her holding my hand.”


The young woman nodded then did something spontaneous…

something she hadn’t planned

She reached across that park bench and held that old man’s hand.


She kept staring straight ahead…

as they sat there watching her chid for a while..

and out of the corner of her eye…

she could see that old man smile.

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I do not attend church but I do believe in God…

like many she’s a God I cannot see

and I am often quite amazed and awed at the signs she sends to me.


Usually I see no-one when I walk in the early morning dark

but today a young couple was sitting on a bench on the edge of our city park.


They looked so happy sitting there I wondered if they were newlyweds

I waved and as I passed by…”Love Ya” they both said.


Love Ya…when I heard those words I was immediately taken aback

and though I did not know this couple “Love Ya too” I instinctively hollered back.


Those two words were the extent of our conversation…

lasting only as long as they were said.

But for the rest of my walk I was smiling as ‘Love Ya’ echoed in my head.


I was amazed how these simple but beautiful words spoken by strangers along the way

could cause such immediate joy and influence my day.


Continuing my walk I noticed a man coming toward me…soon he’d be passing me by

So filled with the confidence joy instills…I thought I’d give ‘Love Ya’ a try.


He said good morning as he passed…and the moment he turned his head…

Good morning, have a nice day and….Love ya…is what I said.


Our conversation was over quickly…lasting only a short while

and I’m pretty sure once his initial shock wore off I saw that old man smile.


Instead of heading home I ran back to the bench

to thank the couple for the love they chose to share

but when I returned they were gone…

which made me wonder…were they ever really there?


Or perhaps they were two angels…

sent down to say a ‘Love Ya’ just for me….

A reminder to me to spread some love

from a God I cannot see.

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