She (In Beauty—She Lives)

She (In Beauty—She Lives)

She has grown old with the times
possibly an escapist of her own town
(that might have already burnt down)

still burning
(its heat reminisced)
yet feeling
(its flames one could not resist)

'twas a painful mistake
something we all have dreaded
but people were lain there dead
that i would even find it hard to take

how lovely, an idealized love—
a world filled with warmongers
circularly defined by our masters
our mastery of the heaven above


When I look back on this year, 2020, a year that has been insane

I’ll remember all the heartache…I’ll remember all the pain.


I’ll remember a country that, if not careful, is sealing its own fate

divided by its anger…its bigotry, its suspicions, lies and hate.


I’ll remember the wildfires in the west that scorched many a forest…and plain.

I’ll remember hurricanes in the east and south that flooded us with rain.


I’ll remember praying the rain from those hurricanes…

that eventually ran out of names

would miraculously move to the west coast and help extinguish all the flames.


I’ll remember praying that the tears we shed from the sorrow and sadness we create

would be enough to extinguish...the fires of our hate.


Of course we can’t control the weather…wildfires and hurricanes will always be our fate

but we can control the way we treat each other…we can control our hate.


When a wildfire or hurricane wreak havoc on our land…

immediately we begin repairs…

but when hatred destroys another’s life all we do is add our tears to theirs.


But 2020 is not over yet and in the world I’l like to see us create

when casting my ballot this November…I will not vote for hate!


I will not vote for fire…for prejudice…for duplicity and lies

I will not vote for dishonesty wearing righteousness as a disguise.


I don’t know what side of this division you are on…

but I’m tired of these wildfires of hate causing so much destruction…so much pain.

so when it comes to this election…I’ll be voting for the rain.


So when I look back on this year 2020…

I can say it was the year of our transcending.

a year I was saddened at the way it began…

but am happy with the ending.



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When it comes to politics, as in nature…as in life…we would be a fool

to think every question has a simple answer…

to think here are no exceptions to a rule.


Look at all the issues facing us today…each side knows the other’s way of thinking is medieval 

Each side knows they are right and they are good…and the other side is evil.


Republicans know they are fair and just and honorable in their beliefs

as do the democrats…

But nothing we believe is that uncomplicated…It’s never as simple as that.


There is a story behind every one of us…a reason we think and act the way we do

and it has taken a lifetime of experiences for us to form our point of view…


I cannot dismiss or banish you…just because the two of us don’t agree.

Any more, just because we don’t see eye to eye, that you can dismiss or banish me.


So how do we end this stalemate…as well as our mutual hatred, anger and fear?

If we want to be a great country…where do we go from here?


I believe we should be doing something…we should have been doing all along…

Look to nature for our inspiration because nature will never steer us wrong.


When we’re so very rigid in what we believe…in what we vehemently proclaim….

Nature reminds us life is all about change…that nothing ever stays the same.


That’s why we have four seasons…because after the cold and snow that Winter brings

once the ice begins to melt…the flowers can bloom again in Spring.


We are in the midst of a cold, cold winter…the only way out would be if and when…

we bring back the Springtime and allow our flowers to bloom again.


It doesn’t take a genius, an expert…a prodigy…or a whiz

to understand how nothing in nature is perfect…yet everything in nature is.


I’m not saying it will be easy to blend our beliefs and hopes and dreams

because if we’ve learned anything from nature it’s that nothing is ever as simple as it seems.


But, I for one, am tired of the winter…I’m ready for the birds again to sing…

I’m ready for the sun to shine, the ice to melt and the flowers to bloom again in Spring.

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How to Make the Most Fom the Clown Car

by Jeph Johnson


The clown car that is the American political system is driven by evil clowns. The Democrats are entrusting the nation's hopes on yet another clown. He's arguably not as evil but he's still a clown. Guess what? Our clown car has 4 flat tires! The most this clown is suggesting is to pump air into the tires. What the United States doesn't quite understand is that there are leaks in the tires. The big money establishment has punctured them. You see, we need to replace them not blow air into them! Nonetheless America will either puff a little air into old leaky bald tires and be on it's way to another terrible accident or retain the evil clown who's now in the driver's seat with flat tires. We had brand new wheels with solid tread all shiny and ready to go.  We could have gained real traction towards recovery. Instead we are left with no sensible options. So the best we can hope for is to tie a noose around it, drape it from a solid tree branch and make a playground out of this fun little tire swing.  

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Politically speaking I lean to the left which makes it difficult to unite

with people who, politically speaking, are leaning to the right.


Even though we have our differences I was brought up thinking it would be wise

if both sides want to progress…is to find a compromise.


But over the years the fundamental differences in our beliefs 

in our souls and in our hearts

have made compromise impossible…have torn us all apart.


To the point where we’re calling each other names

when saying politically I lean left or I lean right

is not a path to compromise…

but a source of anger…

an invitation for a fight.


So today I make a wish for peace, acceptance and understanding

I make this wish with all my heart

as I watch a country I once loved…tear itself apart.


This wish I shall not make upon on the wind…to be lost among the trees

I shall not share it with the clouds…or upon the seven seas…


A wish, like each of us, need it’s freedom…to travel wide and far

so to give this wish a chance to succeed…I shall attach it to a star.


And send it to the heavens…not just to my God but to all your Gods too

with the hope they will unite and make this wish come true.


I’m not sure we will ever find our peace

It seems, politically speaking, of solutions we are bereft

but for me…and for all those friends on my right


perhaps one wish is all have left.

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Bad Character

Bristling, brazen bodily harm
Beat the diggings, darn his composure
Stalwart, states so smug, self satisfied
His wounded victim flees
Those with soul and feelings flee
His epitaphs burn deep
Like searing acid in the open wound
Scream to high heaven
Yet mugged, mouth stuffed
almost to suffocation.

He has lambasted others,
Sets hounds on decent men,
Has cajoled to numb and beat
The old, the homeless, the innocent
He is a bastard, vilified, anathema
Yet who has the right to snuff out
To eradicate, to put him away for good
When no witness dare testify?

He is the dark soul and shadow of fear
In incarnation of all that is painful
And no grand jury has indicted. Or will indict.

One or more of his tortures on the innocent
His eager bloodthirsty nature open
And his self destructive nature
In hero fashion will pin him too – to the wall
Knife, shoot or hang him
As he has wounded many
And throttled a few.
He will be missed only in contrast
Since quiet and peace will appear
And an omen of good and justice
Flutter like a flag in the wind

Right, fairness must prevail, as it should
Nor is all not forgotten,
No widow will weep
No children attend a father’s funeral
Friends scarce or non-existent
But a new air of calm, of harmony
Will sound as princess justice
Has won again and weighed wisely

Why did it have to take so long?

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Our our way to an election one year

Down the path along side the lake

A country fed up with politics saw ahead of them…a snake

He came with a different outlook…he had a different view

He said if you vote for me in this election…”I’ll take care of you.”

Take me in oh voting public

Take me in for heaven’s sake

Take me in oh voting public, sighed the snake.

Almost half the country listened to his lies…as sleek as silk

And his prejudices flowed upon them…as smooth as buttermilk.

They hurried to the voting booths to get this man elected

Aware what they were doing…that it was a snake they had selected.
Take me in oh voting public

Take me in for heaven’s sake

Take me in oh voting public, sighed the snake.


They clutched him to their bosoms, “You’re what we need.” They cried

We know you were telling us the truth…we know you wouldn’t have lied.

They were happy with the choice they made…they felt the future was looking bright

Until the snake they all had voted for eventually gave them a vicious bite.
Take me in oh voting public

Take me in for heaven’s sake

Take me in oh voting public, sighed the snake.


But we voted for you, cried the people

And you’re biting us…but why

You’re dividing us with hate and our democracy might die…
"Oh shut up, you silly people," said the reptile with a grin
"You knew damn well I was a snake before you voted me in…




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My Pro Free Market Libertarian-Friendly Democratic Socialist Manifesto...Oops, I Mean Rant

by Jeph Johnson 


When it comes to a social safety net (health care, welfare, unemployment insurance, pretty much anything that would benefit the poor) many Republicans and most Libertarians really do not want the government involved.  


They do however love what they call "the free market."


But the poor (by definition) do not have money to play in "free market" political games. 


How do we balance the playing field that so favors the rich?


Now keep in mind, I'm all for a free market dictating stuff that is frivolous, "sinful", regal, unimportant or excessive.  I like that the collective pocketbooks of the consumer put a stop to the Pet Rock after only one Christmas, and made a beloved talent like Leonard Cohen rich, but for some strange reason Libertarians want to kill this free market concept when it comes to our collective political desires. 


Oh I'm not saying politicians are not being bought by the highest bidder, that's exactly what's happening!   But it's not a true free market because money is not equally distributed among people.  Political ideas need to be a free market of people not a free market of money.  People are equally valuable. 


I'm not going so far as to say all people should be financially equal, there are undeserving deadbeats and heroic occupations that we place a priceless value upon.  In so far as what people accomplish in life those with talents should be treated better off.  


But that's still going to happen when corporate influence into politics is eliminated.


The money spent on influencing politics and public policies and essential programs should be focused on government programs and not squandered on politicians simply to get legislation passed.  Corporate monies should not have an influence in political policies.


Another Republican talking point I'm proud to admit to having would be defunding programs that are non-essential. Because things like art, the lottery, sex, sports, movies, ice cream, guns and muscle cars are all non-essentials, they will remain in the hands of a robust economy free to flourish under the auspices of free market capitalism.  


But the essential stuff everyone needs (basic food, shelter, health care etc.) let a retooled government deal with it.  


Not the inept government we have now, but one that's not corrupted by money and free from unnecessary pork.  Pork that seems to get added now because of lobbyists!


Of course artists, football players and ice cream vendors would continue to be well compensated in the free market of capitalism, and the big shots who own buildings and shopping malls can free up their money they'd otherwise be spending on lobbyists and compensate artists to beautify their properties, still pay giant contracts to their quarterbacks and strike it rich with each new frozen yogurt flavor.  


The poor would have their burdens of mandatory existence lifted so they could work not out of need but out of actually want.  This makes for much happier humans. They'd also occasionally have the opportunities to go get an ice cream cone, buy that fancy car or go to that football game.


The money that is currently being spent by a small handful of extremely wealthy individuals would indeed be redistributed.  


How is this a bad thing? 


These upper 1 or 2 percent have no concept of what is best for the common person. 


If the free market works so well, shouldn't the same "people's spending habits best dictate the success or failure of an industry" attitude apply to the will of the people?  


It starts by replacing "spending habits" with "votes."  Votes alone should be the only currency when dictating political policies, otherwise we are not allowing the free exercise of the people's will to be realized.  The "free market" of good ideas is ignored under the current system where only money calls the shots in politics. 


Lobbying should be allowed with ideas ONLY rather than monetary bribes.  


Any monies given to politicians outside of the salary their office allots them should be a crime punishable by death. Okay maybe that's a little harsh, but they should be ridiculed severely.  


Eliminate term limits and let them earn their keep through financial incentives.  Still allow a politician to get filthy rich, but this time by serving the will of the people!  You see, each term they are given a raise. 


Do good for the populace? We don't mind at all doubling your salary the next term.  Do poorly?  You're voted out AND we save a bit on our taxes because the new senator-elect is going to be making a "first term senator's" wage.  


I repeat, financial incentive would be based on HOW WELL POLITICIANS SERVE "WE THE PEOPLE" not based on how well they serve the corporations paying them...or the speaking fees lining their pockets etc.


I'm quite happy for my taxes to go to essential programs that help the masses and to pay politicians a handsome salary too since they, for once, would be doing the actual will of what the people want rather than the will of the highest corporate bidder (whose interests are generally not our interests).


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