Rocking down the Sunset Strip

going all the way

on this one way trip

hanging at the Whisky

and the Rainbow Bar And Grill

watching all the girls

getting all the dirt

stop by the Motley house

on my way out



Rocking down Hollywood and Vine

gonna hit up the Cathouse

sometime tonight

hang out with my heroes

stop by the Brat house

on my way out

before I go home



Wanna see all the rock stars

movie stars

strippers and more

wanna see all the girls

down on their knees

on the floor



Welcome to Hollywood

to Hollywood

where you can rock the night away

welcome to Hollywood

to Hollywood

gonna do all the girls

when I'm in the mood

welcome to Hollywood

welcome to Hollywood



I just wanna walk down

Sunset Strip

see the rock scene

live out my dreams

film a movie scene

see myself on the big screen





I wanna do all the things

my heroes did

back in the day

then I wanna go home

maybe I'll go back to


again someday


Repeat Bridge and Chorus






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