The Homeland


I remember

how we'd walk through the night

down the street

it was just me and you

and all our crazy friends

doing all the things

kids should do

living like there's no end



All it took

was one sweet kiss

from your lips

to mine

and a look into your eyes

thought you were mine forever

but within the blink of an eye

you were gone

outta my life



Times they are a changing

up and down

they're re-aranging


all the old is gone now

they've brought in the new

I'm still trying 

to make my way back to you



I just wanna go home

back to The Homeland

where I can be

with my family and friends

but this dream ain't over

this life I live

sometimes I just wanna go back to

The Homeland

and live life again



Things ain't what they

used to be

the small town

we once knew

is now

a big ol' city





In this life

things and people change

here one day

gone the next

you gotta learn to love again

keep your heart and soul

in check

but don't give up

no no

don't give up hope and faith


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



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