The Odyssey


Every tear I cried helped you sail farther away

Every breath I sighed filled your wings to fly

You mastered the wind and waves to leave me

You cried as the storms only pushed you along


And then You, that magnetizing, gravitating whirlpool

Leading men down to watery graves

Pulling the breath from many men's lips

And crushing them in your depths


It was difficult for me to lose you

I heard your siren's call

But I stuffed my ears and tied myself up

I knew you had nothing but death


Lastly to you, I won't say that there isn't beauty in your suffering

Only that those of us who can see it are pretty messed up

Trying desperately to find a silver lining in a thundercloud

A refreshing sea-breeze in a hurricane


Like the aurora borealis

Or the spritely fox-fire

You're a natural mystery

Filled with hidden meanings


My muses

My fates

My inspirations

I gave you all my everything

And you each of you left me wanting

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In contrasts to your darkness and light is your will to live



From the coals of sacred texts, brought fouth from ancient whispers of a circle of unbroken time, dipping and acendinding its change state, as the one constant in unending continuity. Therein lies a simple truth, corrupted with gentle persuasion. 


The state of being, the being of state and status of beings. 

There are three main laws for us to purview and avail here and now, or in past and future possibility. There is one rule that seperates, yet, reconsiles and is master of all truth; ugly or beautiful it renders life in death, death  into life and life into death. 


to live evil live to  - live.d.evil

to Evo L ovE to 


The cycle that never alters its identity making Its mood known in all forms and states; the All as in the We collective; and as the I; AGAPI, the known mystery of presiding over both and the first of the third.


Go.d  and evil.


Live with the hidden truth in plain sight. Felt  with intense realness,  hidden in semantics of languages  long lost and forgotten,  but none is needed to unless seeking to corrupt the incorruptible what is known and fails in explanation.


For  this very reason,  the logic of AGAPI (love) in all its moods, colours, ugliness and beauty fail to be described. And still, the poets' pride tries in vain to capture the whole.  Ever so often though, glimpses resonate and we can see a temporal portal with the promise of the indescribable known.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the few temporal and literal scholars here who might find something of interest here. Blessings and Hugss 

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Thoughts On Love

Love is like hot cocoa

On a cold winters day

Snuggled up in a blanket

Watching the snow outside


Love is like having a dream

Good or bad, it doesn't matter

Because if you roll over

You'll be held all night long


Love is like waking up

To dew outside your tent

The birds singing for the morning

 And the smell of a woodfire

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The coin


I hold a coin, and before flipping it, I ponder


The world is not good


I tell these stories to make you feel better


There are humanitarians and caregivers


Men and women of valour


There are benefactors, globalists and monsters who sleep well at night, unperturbed at being monsters


We are mortals, We wake, work and dream


We ache all day and commute with heartbreak and pains


As the universe expands, our tolerance and imagination dwindles


We are man, broken and ignorant


No facades exist here, no light beneath the shadows. We are exactly what we seem


Nevertheless, the problem is not only in the ideology but also the methodology


Before I flip it, I examine both sides



Just people see shades of grey and hesitate to do whats right


A lie of omission is still a lie


A crime of inaction is still a crime


Good men do good for recognition of those within their sight


Their good is half measured, born out of convenience rather than necessity


Right taken out of necessity should not be the goal we aspire to but look around you


It has to be stirred within us; it needs a diatribe


That need, that passive feeling to let evil bloom till it is so overwhelmingly obvious is nocuous


That when the sins are named, and ignorance is brought up


Morality bows to logic yet arguments are long worded, tautological with no substance and vacuous


Good men are magnanimous


The universe is everything but




Evil, it seeps and crawls


Grabbing all within its thrawls


Good men find options, good people hesitate


Evil is meticulous and calculated; it is the nature of hate


It is anything but laggard


Always one step ahead, while planning for the far future


Men of evil vary yet are united for they are all dastards


They are sequacious chthonic and fear the repercussions by covering themselves metaphorically or physically with hoods


The worst of men believe they are the best of us


The truly despicable... convince themselves they are the greater good



It lands upright, the overlooked variable



Hope is immaterial 


Without actions, it can never be realised 


Truth outshines the darkness, only if it is viewed


Our presence and actions make the untouchable real



Justice is undefeatable


Being in the presence of someone who wields it is ethereal


Finding someone that pure is almost impossible


Becoming that person is a thrill


I speak like a man who does not see the world from his abode


I think like a man who has never encountered a forked road


Evil grows, and good cowers


Until it is reversed I say:


The world is not good


I tell these stories to make me feel better












Author's Notes/Comments: 

Iiiiiiiiiimmmmmm baaaccccck. comments and advice are always appreciated

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Good Morning Sunday Wishes For Him/Her

Good morning wishes for sunday is for the ones difficult working people who choice to have every day Sunday. You want to test those desirable morning glad sunday desires. Sunday morning view is so awesome. Absolutely every morning has fresh air that is good for our fitness and morning offers us a superb freshness for the complete day. So therefore I’ll share with you the blessed sunday morning greetings. Sunday is the laziest day in the week for maximum of people. So how do you making plans to spend your Sunday? if you need to encourage the one you love ones and family participants with excellent inspirational. revel in sharing those stunning sunday desires images. And make their morning may be very glad and unique.


Good morning sunday wishes


Good morning happy sunday wishes


  • 1.       Time flies when you don’t know what you’re doing. Good morning and happy Sunday.
  • 1.       My wish for your Sunday, may it be beautiful day! May you share love and laughter with family and good friends and may the lord be ever present to keep your safe.
  • 1.       Life is like making tea! Boil your ego, evaporate your worries, dilute your sorrows, filter your mistakes and get taste of happiness. Have a great Sunday!
  • 1.       Smile more than you cry give more than you take and love more than you hate. Happy Sunday!
  • 1.       It is that time of the week again, where friends and families get together and have gala of time talking, drinking and eating. Wish you a happy and joy filled Sunday with your loved ones.

Good morning wishes for sunday


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."

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"This is it,

the last time.

Not my last time,

for there will be many more,


but before I go,

take a second.

Or two.

As though leaving a humble abode


for the last time.

Or realistically,

one to be proud of,

one no need for humility.


A tendency to be crass, 

the one-stop coffeeshop 

that was the first building

foot stepped in,


the exact final destination

of a journey

across from

one Ocean to the next.


First impressions,

wild differences between

vernacular and tone,

'shaka brah', 


and an immediate inquiry

as to where the hell

I come from.



but immediately warm

the very first contact

turned out to be,

only to observe


more than a year of stumbles,

pieces scribbled,

baristas in and out,

one to be a brother


calling this location


locomotives blaring by

in a flash of red




the count not of years,

but of poetic conveyance,


written in the soft glow

of this shop,

this shop the subject

times so often giving


detail to who,

what, where,

and how that one girl,

that one time,


smelt as she walked by.


the time spent 

since the Spring,


but some things never change,

and that's how at home

I feel in this booth.

Bottoms up,


here's to you,

one last brew,

one last time. 

No more lines


to be written


skate to the next place,

though it won't be the same."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Home, closed down... I'll be wandering around town on a longboard for awhile. Two books written here at Brash Coffee, the local coffee shop I walked in the first hour of being in Chattanooga.


Cheers, Brash.

a world full of sadness

a world full of saddness 2015




what if there was no sadness or no more fear what then would we feel


to live with out depression or pain would be like a dream that felt so unreal


what then would we do if there was happiness in the world where we live


would others be loving and more inclined to smile and be willing to give


what if the world was made up of the good and have none of the bad


would the world be too boring or would there be no fun to be had


what would it be like to live with out fear to live with out the mess


that comes with a war that we didnt want and to live with out sadness


to live with the peace we all truely deserve would that be to much to ask


or live with out poverty and sickness or to live with out hiding behing a mask


i believe we would combust if the world wasnt mad or terribly sad


we would probably die of bordom from the same old emothions we all had


but what if we all try a little harder to be positive more or less


and then maybe we could live with out a world full of sadness




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one has been on my mind a lot i hope you like it



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*Keep Your Head Up*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Things may look impossible

Think of the positive

Hold on the the possible

Hold onto the love

Let go of the hate

Give yourself that extra shove

To get you out of this state

That keeps you holding onto the bad

Believe in fate

Let go of being sad

Believe at any rate


Keep your head held high

Fight the stress

That wants you to die

Forget the mess

That makes you cry


Things will get better you'll see

Live the life you want

Let the worries go by

Don't let your struggles haunt

Push them away set them free


Keep your spirits held high

Don't waste your time on what people want

Let your strengths fly

Keep your stand let it flaunt

All you can really do is try



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The Tear

human beings

whether in angst or sorrow or bliss,

our tears are like the ice

that melts off mountains

to form new rivers and streams.

the sound of a symphony,

the wail of a newborn baby,

the anguished weeping heard

in between church prayers

at a funeral service,

the dreamy fixed gaze

in the eyes of a woman,

holding her great grandchild

for the first time.


reading the handwritten

love sonnet from a beloved...

and sometimes,

just the perfection

and sychronicity felt with

the sight of a mere sunrise or sunset

that touches the heart

and reminds us of what beauty is....

or the remnants of a life...

even a death,

after the fury

of mother nature has spoken

truth of powers

that we mere human beings

know nothing of.

It is those things

and those things only

that we continue on this journey for.

the journey we call life,

that is welded and weaved 

with the tears

of all human beings

who ever walked the earth.

all human beings 

who have cried the same tear,

in moments of happiness, sadness....fear,

an inseparable kinship, 

an anchor between,

it's that "something" we reach for,

that's there, but unseen.


the human experience, collectively,

shares many emotions while we're here,

and this fabric called life weaves it's tapestries best,

...with its invisible thread of "the tear".





2015, January

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just about life.

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