Powerless Pawn

Love Hurts

I am a powerless pawn

In a dangerous game

I am only a victim,

With no reason or name

I am his captive

He holds my fate

My future looks bleak

As he closes the gate

No one can see this

No one but me

My bonds are invisible

They think I am free

But loving him

Is not a choice

It’s demand on my heart

It strangles my voice

I live in terror

I fear the worst

And although he assures me

That I’ll never be hurt

I don’t believe him

He’s said this before

Once I had faith

But I don’t anymore

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It is hard to tell if when

It is hard to tell if when you say, "but loving him is not a choice". Is it the same who holds you hostage? Hard to tell as written. This sounds like a story I know about a mother who was arrested without charges, merely because she was a witness of a crime her son was accused of doing, and the person that committed the crime was wealthy and in the public eye. Happens all the time--- but I never see any wavers of the abuse flag harping about it!! Do you?Be a survivor. I hope if this is a true story you choose to be a survivor. If it was someone who committed suicide, to me, they are a survivor who chose to die rather than be a victim. ~peace~


Oh wrong poem--no suicide here...but could be.FYI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeCjOh0KCPU


PS every bit of violence that winds up in prisons has usually had it's roots in 'domestic violence'. Many people are unaware of that. They only see the wrong done, not the wrong of neglecting to prevent it through teaching things seen with the heart and not touched with the hands. I also want to say---(if this is a true story) you have a choice---unless there are shackles---you have a choice, but you appear to want to be held hostage. You always have a choice.



...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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I really like this poem. I

I really like this poem. I read it 3 times already. Also, I just listened to the song "victims of love" By Good Charlotte. Reminded me of that a little.

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Keep wanting to comment on

Keep wanting to comment on this. I do hope that you are not really a victim of abuse but if you are, I hope you find the strength to walk away. Personally I've been victimized in my past but I refuse to BE a victim. Be strong! You are not a pawn. Put your faith in your own heart and the Great Mystery. You'll be alright.

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