This is fun

It's time to refine this thought of mine. To underline, design, and further define. One can't help but notice the attention. Something beyond all comprehension. Little did I expect, aware I was not. Such an effect, my senses are shot. Failed to foresee, unable to compute. Now I agree, unfit to dispute.

The power of rhyme, one can plainly see. A forgotten paradigm, buried under debris. Does it please, entertain, and fill with emotion? Bring you down to you knees to attain devotion? So luring, attractive, it must cause ill health. I'm assuring, proactive, revealing its wealth. Spreading information is important to me, besetting inspiration is all I can see. Never before has my domain seen traffic. I abhor, it's insane, almost pornographic.

I think it's time to face the music. The masses demand I change the rubric. The first of many, my decision is final. My thirst for any provision of viral. So go, be free, spread amongst the net. Know I'll agree, adjust, yet still fret. A worry that gnaws, a smack I find. The flurry of applause that can hijack a mind. Can I keep it going despite the pressure? While blindly ignoring my newly found stressor? All in all, I guess it's worth a try. I'll fall, I'll stall, to Earth, goodbye.

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The Shoe Shine Boys Game

Can you tell me something new?
If you do I’ll shine your shoes
But if I’ve hear it before
Then you perform this nasty chore

Many people had a go
At finding something I didn’t know
But every single time
I found my shoes were being shined

They all thought that I was thick
As I shined shoes for my bit
But I answered questions thick and fast
And they then befell this dastardly task

But on one sunny summers day
A new man came from far away
And asked me something quite profound
But all I did was frown and frown

It appeared my luck was up
And I was down cleaning muck
This man had taught me something new
It was that I would forever shine shoes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A mini story from the eyes of young boy who's job is to shine shoes for anyone richer than himself. Shows how society uses the poor to there own accord to do what they want. Role reversal to show the rich how the poor live, but then reversed back as eventually the rich always triumph over the poor, as the world can appear money centred.

Her mask

She hides behind the shadows of laughter.
Fear that they would see the truth.
How deep those eyes go, to the core of her soul.
At a young age she sealed those eyes closed.
Fear of judgment and stories that unfold.
Feeling the corruption of her soul she fears to let go.
Seeking a place to run, seeking a place to hide she dug deep inside.
Freedom to gain, it is now time to end the pain.
Realizing it’s all a part of life’s game having the need to end the pain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote base on a true story a friend told me.

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Gotta Respect The History of Hip-Hop

Random Poems

It's amazing how music can influence us right? Most influential, Pac had a tough life but had everyone behind him yellin "Thug Life!".. Shyt 50 arrived had even had the white boys tryna be gangsta; And now Drizzy showin us a new way to play this rap game up; He proving u don't have to rap about guns, drugs, and violence to get ur damn cake up.. and of course gotta give it to Weezy, nikka stood on top of the game even when he was caged up! Ate rappers up like it was lunch time and don't front, he's the reason when u wrote rhymes u added more punchlines; And i swear out of every rapper, he got the most hatas; Neva complains tho, sure he knows its a part of being famous; And let me tell u sumtin about this next rapper son: He dont gotta be ur number one, but in ur top five dead or alive better be Big Pun. He's a boricua Bronx legend and without a question never be second;I aint lying, being able to spend my adolescence in the essence of his prime was a blessin; Cus he crushed a lot of competitors..No PUN intended.. get it? Yo but without a question the current living king of hip hop is Jay-z; Consistency and one unarguable aspect he holds over all other Mc's? ..Longevity.. shyt he made blueprints to his own destiny; Giving him the crown was almost expected; Like he said, and i agree, "You dont have to like it, but u gotta respect it." But when u think of who's the sickest lyracist, maybe u forgot, but one person comes the closest: Nasty NASDAQ Nas, the Queens-Bridge poet; Who ever went against him he taught them a lesson; Shyt he made the term "He got eithered" a house hold expression; If u think anyone could touch him lyrically I'd call ur ass crazy!.... Well anyone with the exception of one man; They call him Slim Shady; Who else could spit a verse and make u laugh, hit a nerve get u sad, than make almost all of America feel offended or mad; Key word diversity; No threats to him but himself, Eminem, he's his own worst enemy.. literally; He's probably the reason other rappers quit; I mean whether its clowning around, being personal, or battling off the top of the head lets admit he's the shyt! The best at it; And if u still doubting, which i doubt it, or asking "How the hell??" I got two words for you, "Album sales"; But ya know i cant end this without mentioning one more: Big Pa Pa, Brooklyn's finest! The Notorious Biggie Smalls; No one did or does a better job at reppin N.Y. And for that, we New Yorkers will never let his voice dye; No one could match his hustle whether on the mike or on the corner sellin; Cus on the mike, not even Nas could match his ability at story tellin; From one through ten we all know his lyrics and flow is a TEN! Even self proclaimed "Kings" of rap gotta bow down to him; And before i even factor in his wealth, in my opinion one of the most important thing B.I.G did, in some unexplainable way, was... well... he made it beautiful to be yourself. These artists spat there highest, flyest rhymes shyt! next producers signed it, u kno flex bombed it, fans bonded, unfortunately some rappers payed there lives! Im jus paying homage.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

yea i know its type long ; This is based on my opinions so don't get offended lol ..

&&+ Honorable mentions : kanye ; Easy E ; Rakim

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So We Decided to Go to a Game

We went to the
     boys lacrosse game.
We both got burnt.

The other one got
     burnt on purpose.

She tans
     I don't.

She complains
     I don't.

I get upset.
     She doesn't understand why.

Now we're fighting
     and a good weekend
          ruined because
we decided to go to a game.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 12: titled "So We Decided to..."

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