Powerless Pawn

Love Hurts

I am a powerless pawn

In a dangerous game

I am only a victim,

With no reason or name

I am his captive

He holds my fate

My future looks bleak

As he closes the gate

No one can see this

No one but me

My bonds are invisible

They think I am free

But loving him

Is not a choice

It’s demand on my heart

It strangles my voice

I live in terror

I fear the worst

And although he assures me

That I’ll never be hurt

I don’t believe him

He’s said this before

Once I had faith

But I don’t anymore

they are dangerous, woman.

Go run away and hide in the brim of shores in darkest last galaxies. Haunted by crawling being of the lost, and run by children of born not of light, were pain en peace has no meaning all there is, is all that can be that has been, that could be. Many then hopefully you'll be safe.

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