Chess is a war,

That sheds no blood,

Not even a single drop,

From any heart’s core!


The soldiers perish,

Including the bishop,

To save the King and Queen,

From the foes nightmarish!

Many think that chess spawns intelligence!


While to many the game is sheer nonsense!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to dear Allets. :)

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The Queen





A chessboard.

Most people play the game 

As one charcter, because

They have little character

To speak of, they are

Like a child that

Has never been able

To learn how to skip, and 

They miss out on so many joys 

Of life, locked into the same role all the time,

Not realizing, that in the game of real

Life, in order to win, 

You must see beyond 

The rules of game, and 

It is not so much about

Each person having a

specific character, but 

How flexible we choose 

To be in each circumstance 

That life throws at us in order 

To achieve the outcomes we all want.

Some circumstances call for us to make 

Ourselves a pawn in order to win the game.

Other circumstances require the knight, the rook,

Or the bishop, and there is no telling when the need 

Will arise to play a given character for the betterment of all,

And that is the clincher when it comes to real life. People tend to 

Look at things in a 'fixed' way. They limit their own opportunities by doing so,

And without realizing, they limit the opportunities of everyone in their life.

Being a Queen in real life, in the eyes of a pawn, may appear to be the best character to be,

But the truth is, this is the job of a real life Queen if she indeed wants the greatest

Good for all of the characters, which in turn, will be her own greatest good, she must, at times,

Be flexible enough to play the role of the pawn. And that is why, in all honesty, she is the QUEEN.




June 19, 2013 2:27 PM



Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are characters that hide in the same 'role' in life, and there are people with character. Be a person of character, and people of character will be drawn to you.

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Equal grounds

all I need back is my peace of mind..
i've been walking down the borders of life, looking out to the vast sea..
the ocean of all that is to be.
wishing to float with you...
I don't want to feel so cut up.. 
the clams at the bottom are so rough.
there's dead jellyfish about..
the seagulls are so loud.. 
but I wish we could be together & completely shut it out.
I know you really don't need me.. so this is it.. 
i'll try not to think too much about all this, until i'm given a better reason to.
I feel sick.. is it just me?
i'm beginning to think everyone around me is ailed in some way..
this is probably true..
for me, it is not use or be used... 
equal grounds is where I like to lay.
this will help mask the pain.... 
one day it will just stop for awhile... 
she'll be able to smile without aching.. 
without tears swelling up in that cloud of grey & blue..
king & queen knocked off the board, your knight's & pawn's crumble, is this game done..?
I feel like this body just isn't me.. it's not at all a part of who I am.. 
I want to break free!!
I don't want to feel like a worthless piece of flesh...
but I re-assure myself, each time this skin blisters red..
i'm sorry I keep letting you down.. 
sometimes, I really just want to fall off a cliff... 
it always feels like i'm being pushed, anyway..
what's making me stay?
I can't stand being stuck in constant resistance.. 
hesitation versus action..
it's nothing happening at all, against consequence.
it's like being pulled both directions & stuck where you're at.
i've stretched so far for the both of you... 
the center of myself is but an empty hole.. 
worn thin.. deteriorating..
would you lie to me, if I questioned, are you all parasites..?
simply feeding...
i'm not here for you to feast upon..
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