Monthly Archive for March 2015

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
The After Life' Poem deepinyourdreams After Life, forgotten memories., Lost Treasures, past existence, yard sales Mar 22nd
*One More Day* Poem Whispers_From_T... days, free, God, love, Other, see Mar 22nd
*Sometimes People Search Forever* Poem Whispers_From_T... each other, forever, love, Other, search, someone, The One, together Mar 22nd
Right now Poem Geniusbyrelation 2 Mar 22nd
*The Fight (2)* Poem Whispers_From_T... 1 days, die, disappear, Evil, Fear, fight, God, heart, Other, Try Mar 22nd
Original Poem Geniusbyrelation Mar 22nd
Useless, but importante Poem Geniusbyrelation Mar 22nd
fuckwit central. Prose SSmoothie Mar 22nd
you dont understand it because: Prose SSmoothie 2 ahead of the times, avantguarde Mar 22nd
I Do Not Greet Any More. Prose bern 1 Mar 22nd
FREE Poem NowhereMan 1 #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #suicide Mar 23rd
Save Me Poem MarinaSweetheart Mar 23rd
WCW Poem AngryLaughter 2 Mar 23rd
BE HONEST Poem AngryLaughter 1 Mar 23rd
L.E.V.I. Poem Whatcanisay art, beast, drug, ending, fiction, fuck, help, normalcy, skull, strange, whatever, wtf Mar 23rd
Trust Poem Whatcanisay 1 bitch, help, here we go again, lies, Mirror, Omg, self, Slut, someone, trust Mar 23rd
Paper Nest Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 23rd
New Dictionary Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 23rd
What keeps me up at night Poem KattieCatt #death #suicide #grieving Mar 23rd
Clay Water Pot Poem bishu 2 Mar 23rd
Paper Kite Poem bishu Mar 23rd
MY DROOM VROU Poem lovestruck Mar 23rd
I Am The Only Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 23rd
Passion Princess Poem deepinyourdreams erotic pleasure, Lust, Passion Princess, sex Mar 23rd
Value of Honesty Poem KingofWords 1 honesty Mar 23rd
প্রতিরোধ গড়বই Poem KingofWords প্রতিরোধ Mar 23rd
Graduation to what? Poem bittersweetpoison 3 Mar 23rd
Here Is To Past Lovers Poem LovingLovelace 4 Mar 23rd
WISDOM And UNDERSTANDING Poem MilMan 2 #Look #Listen #Learn #Live #Love #Life Mar 23rd
Life makes my heart ache! Poem zoeycup16 heart ache., Life Mar 23rd
Long gone roses Poem Sgdoherty Mar 23rd
Before We Fall Again Poem ProductofFate Corrupt Evil Government America Illuminati New World Order Apocalypse Society Humanity Culture Media Depression Brainwashing Control Greed Hate Mar 23rd
My Sandro Poem Fiorella1948 1 Mar 23rd
*Summers Memory* Poem Whispers_From_T... Birds, Children, cut grass, Fireworks, Fun, Other, play, sun, swim, warmth Mar 23rd
*I Need You (2)* Poem Whispers_From_T... forever, Happiness, love, need, Other, rain, trees Mar 23rd
nature of love Poem nairat 4 relationship Mar 23rd
*Life After Death* Poem Whispers_From_T... Angels, breath, death, God, heaven, Life, Other Mar 23rd
Embassador Of Sunshine (Christintina Style) Poem ladydp2000 poetess tribute dedication poetry God embassador sunshine lady Christian beautiful inspirational Jesus love Mar 23rd
Haiku about society. Poem Zokuen #haiku kindness #souls #empathy #sympathy #where has the world gone # Mar 23rd
How Can I Not Love You ( Free Verse) Poem ladydp2000 Jesus inspiration salvation sin Christian God love Mar 23rd
Night And Day ( Heartbeat) Poem ladydp2000 1 sadness love heartbrokeness emotions feelings desire yearning missing passion heart soul Mar 23rd
The Owls Have It Poem Chadical Mar 23rd
kissimus Prose SSmoothie 2 Mar 23rd
Four Yobs. Prose bern Mar 23rd
Simple Kisses Poem roseblossoms 6 Mar 24th
growing older Poem amazingdizzy teen aging older thoughts Mar 24th
Little Things I've Missed Poem cathycavalcante 1 growing up, missing out Mar 24th
Under The Mist Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 24th
I Think Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 24th
Beer. Poem Zokuen Coping Freedom Drunk Beer Wine Whisky Escape Escapism Reality Preach Wisdom Mechanism Crutch Mar 24th
sometimes the things we avoid the hardest Poem Daniel-59 1 Mar 24th
The Lessons Of Life Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
For My Fish Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
What Do You Look For? Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
We Are All In The Same Boat, Act Like It Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
Happy Birthday Jim Parsons Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
Stand Up And Make The World Listen Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
Tender Kisses Poem bishu Mar 24th
Mad House Poem bishu 5 Mar 24th
Yes I Can Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
No More Turning A Blind Eye Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
Miraculous Birds in Islam Poem KingofWords Birds Mar 24th
No matter what your supernatural persuasion Poem SSmoothie 2 Jesus does it better. Mar 24th
"Morning Wood" Poem deepinyourdreams 1 Morning Wood.....humor Mar 24th
save it, bitch Poem rose Mar 24th
Halitosis Poem allets Mar 24th
Garden Poem allets Mar 24th
Take Your Stand Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
"Dancing in the Deep Poem deepinyourdreams 1 Dancing in the Deep, death, drowning, end of days, last breath., Life, watery grave Mar 24th
Baby Daddy Drama Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Mar 24th
[ I Love Square Brackets ] Poem KingofWords Square Brackets Mar 24th
Silence Poem allets 4 Mar 24th
To: From ll Poem KindredSpirit 6 Mar 24th
My lil bear. Poem zoeycup16 bear, born., love Mar 24th
Nostalgia Poem Lonesome_Wednesday #nostalgia #moon #moonlight #night Mar 24th
Gleam Night Prose Celashcole #stars #world Mar 24th
Moony Day Prose Celashcole #haiku Mar 24th
On the ocean Prose amazingdizzy Mar 24th
condemnation Prose amazingdizzy Mar 24th
this is war Prose amazingdizzy Mar 24th
"The Courthouse" Prose deepinyourdreams 1 Bar and grill, dream, getting served, The courthouse Mar 24th
Space Ship Money. Prose bern 1 Mar 24th
An Uphill Battle Poem ProductofFate Corrupt Evil Government America Illuminati New World Order Apocalypse Society Humanity Culture Media Depression Brainwashing Control Greed Hate Mar 25th
BUDDHA SLEEPS Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 25th
BUDDHA SLEEPS Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 25th
Earth's Intelligence Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 25th
OH HOW I WISH Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Mar 25th
POET IN DETERMINATE Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Mar 25th
Silence Poem TAC #confused #contemplating #silence Mar 25th
Giving wolves a bad name Poem KindredSpirit Mar 25th
The Golden Tablet of Sinhagad Poem marygabymorales Mar 25th
/+/ Epigram On The Early Christians, Martyred Poem Starward Mar 25th
Te Wai Pounamu Poem Marozam Mar 25th
Te Wai Pounamu Poem afp199 itesm Mar 25th
Society, What Have We Done? Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 25th
Why Do You Hide Your True Self Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 25th
What Gives Anyone The Right To Judge Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 25th
Learn From History Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 25th
Rise Above Being A Bully Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 25th
Gollum's Tale Poem deepinyourdreams Gollum's Tale...Dark poetry, Lord of the Rings Mar 25th
how the mind forgets Poem khala_poetry Mar 25th
letter to my children Poem belial_lair Mar 25th
Stones Covered in Chocolate Frosting Poem FireXVulcan Chocolate, foodforthought, friendship, lost, promises, time Mar 25th
The donkey and the lion: Fable Poem manoladorantes #fable #beginningofearth Mar 25th
Love is love no matter how small. Poem zoeycup16 APPEAL, love, small, women. Mar 25th
Alejandro Fuentes Evelyn Bermeo Poem eebv93 alejandrofuentes, evelynbermeo, fable, itesm, readingsandvideos Mar 25th
Torol the Tortoise Poem victordgza Mar 25th
Torol the Tortoise Poem ismael222 Mar 25th
MY HEART IS HIS ABODE Poem emmenay Spiritual/mystical Mar 25th
I feel Poem miss.meek 2 thinking out Mar 25th
Armageddon Poem arasofia #fable #apocalypse Mar 25th
Armaggedon Poem JPEstrada Mar 25th
The division. Poem MoniDzib Mar 25th
The greedy squirrel Poem gabrielmcquary #fable Mar 25th
A LOVE THAT HAS NO PAR Poem emmenay Spiritual/mystical Mar 25th
An inconvenient Tree Poem kaleb_dlg #nature #apocalipsis #God #War Mar 25th
Fine Fable (wolf story) Poem jesstgarza Mar 25th
One Wonders Poem kbissainthe5 heater, liar, scorpio Mar 25th
Lion Kingdom Poem GermanGomez #Fable #Apocalypse #Animals Mar 25th
"Replenish the Stars" Poem deepinyourdreams 1 Newton's law outer space, Replenish the Stars, star light star bright Mar 25th
War... It's an Eye for Poem giajl Mar 25th
Just one Rule Poem Polo30 #Fable #Apocalypse #Animals Mar 25th
A troubled boy Poem Fiorella1948 Marika. Mar 25th
(A lack of) Passion Poem TheCure242 Mar 25th
Deja vu .....I've seen it All Poem giajl Mar 25th
To marvel at the age old scars that still bleed Poem Daniel-59 2 Mar 25th
SEAL TANK Poem chris Mar 25th
A day after the lights went out Prose czamorai92 #fable #crows #endoftheworld Mar 25th
Empty places Poem Lumilenore #Addiction #depression #self discovery #expression #comfort Mar 26th
It´s on Poem pmerla94 Mar 26th
Safe Places are Never Safe Enough Poem Chadical 1 Mar 26th
Started From the Top Ended at the bottom Poem allausas #fable #animals #robber #learning #reading #and #videos Mar 26th
The cockroach and the mouse Poem HectorCasas fable Mar 26th
Driving me Crazy Baby Poem RomeonJuliet113 Mar 26th
A day after the lights went out Poem victordgza Mar 26th
smile Poem Anonymous Mar 26th
Blind Encounter Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 26th
Endoskeleton Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 26th
The kind squirrel Poem CaroBasuro Mar 26th
Fable Poem auroravf Mar 26th
The End of the Beginning Poem andrestrevinor #fable Mar 26th
Plastic Religion Poem TheDelicateMuse 1 #idols #greed #gluttony #God #religion #power #humans #atheist #death #life #deep #fake #society #modernday #technology #brainless Mar 26th
Doomed ...... was my quest Poem giajl Mar 26th
The lion and the lamb Poem Carlos.va5 Mar 26th
"The little thief" Poem a_vizcaino Mar 26th
Remember Poem baniv 2 #memories #sea #life Mar 26th
My Sisters Friends Poem BloodLustSkye Mar 26th
Hold Me Close Poem BloodLustSkye Mar 26th
Fairy Dance Poem BloodLustSkye Mar 26th
Shattered Poem BloodLustSkye Mar 26th
Destructive Pattern Poem BloodLustSkye Mar 26th
What Do We Do About Foolish Greed Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 26th
See And Think For Yourself Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 26th
The rabbit and the snake Poem Eugenia Mar 26th
There Is A Madness, A Sickness We Need To Stop Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 26th
Never Stop Fighting Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 26th
A Deeper Meaning In Life Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 26th
Goodnight, Goodbye Poem thisisme789 death, Depression, Goodbyes, Hopelessness, Pain, sadness, Suffering Mar 26th
Confession Poem Anonymous Mar 26th
Humanity Prevails Eventually Poem KingofWords Humanity Mar 26th
Getting Intimate with Her Poem KingofWords making love Mar 26th
সে যখন আসে Poem KingofWords সে Mar 26th
তুমি সুন্দর আমার বুকে Poem KingofWords 2 সুন্দর Mar 26th
Melodic Euphoria Poem Sky 4 Mar 26th
Cycle of Shit Poem Carcass 2 Mar 26th
Our parents! Poem zoeycup16 father, Love., mother, Parents Mar 26th
"Facing the Reaper Poem deepinyourdreams 2 death, Facing the Reaper Mar 26th
Anacampserote Poem thelohaspiral Mar 26th
Flame Poem moondial 1 fire, magic Mar 26th
Over You Poem metaphorist Mar 26th
Pieces of Myself Poem metaphorist 1 Mar 26th
The little thief Poem sammyuyi Mar 26th
Words of a Prophet: A Quest for Power Poem ProductofFate Mar 26th
My Dreams, were All Poem giajl Mar 26th
Why Poem KindredSpirit 1 Mar 26th
The End of the Beginning Prose andrestrevinor #fable Mar 26th
The End is Coming. Prose Sourwolf 1 Mar 26th
Fire, flooding, Explosion. Prose bern 1 Memories of a Coal miners Meeting. with me as a young boy. Mar 26th
Naughty, Naughty. Prose bern 2 Nonsense really from Bern. Mar 26th
Salt Water Sand & Sun Poem allets 2 Mar 27th
The Mirror Poem KindredSpirit 1 Mar 27th
Addict Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Mar 27th
I Want You To Want Me, But Not Really Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Mar 27th
Laceration Poem life_used_to_be... 5 Mar 27th
Breaking Tide/ My Fragile Heart #2 Poem millyardo love Mar 27th
Dreaming I Were Still Alive Poem PeterChristophe... 4 Mar 27th
Give And Take Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 27th
Tires Poem ashlyndodd ashlyndodd Mar 27th
The troubled fox Poem jacintolp Mar 27th
Footnote: This Spring, 2015 Poem Starward Mar 27th
Footnote: Spring, 1981 Poem Starward Mar 27th
Footnote: After June 7th, 1980 Poem Starward Mar 27th
Footnote: On The Film, "Godzilla" (1954), 1 Poem Starward 2 Mar 27th
"Time Comes a Knockin" Poem deepinyourdreams It's your time, promises, Time Comes a Knockin, Time is short, Time's up!, unfinished task Mar 27th
I can’t Tolerate the Pain of Losing Her Poem KingofWords 2 love Mar 27th
Come On Y'all Poem allets Mar 27th
সে যেন একটা তারা! Poem KingofWords প্রেম Mar 27th
Love Poem allets Mar 27th
Broken Poem Ink-Stained_Heart Mar 27th
On The Look Poem allets Mar 27th
Once Poem allets Mar 27th
I am who I am because of my dad 2 2015 Poem zoeycup16 Dad, night., pray Mar 27th
GET UP Poem Ceeclod 1 Motivational poems Mar 27th
*I Just Can't Seem To Wake* Poem Whispers_From_T... free, Goal, heart, Life, Other, Pain, part, wake Mar 28th
*Always And Forever* Poem Whispers_From_T... 2 always, forever, Happiness, heart, love, Other, ring, together Mar 28th
THE NAKED GENIUS (ARTIST JACKSON POLLOCK) Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Mar 28th
Future Poem DaveBrowder Mar 28th
Lettin' Go Lettin' God Poem DaveBrowder Mar 28th
Live Your Life Poem DaveBrowder Mar 28th
God And Family Poem DaveBrowder 2 Mar 28th
Home To You Poem DaveBrowder Mar 28th
Dream Poem DaveBrowder Mar 28th
Live Poem DaveBrowder Mar 28th
What You Feel Poem DaveBrowder Mar 28th
My Friend Poem DaveBrowder Mar 28th
Please Poem Whatcanisay 3 Mar 28th
The Longest Goodbye Poem PeterChristophe... 16 Mar 28th
the tired silhouettes Poem 9inety 2 Mar 28th
Job Satisfaction Poem KingofWords 3 satisfaction Mar 28th
যত দেখি তত লাগে ভালো Poem KingofWords প্রেম Mar 28th
electric kiss Poem 9inety 2 Mar 28th
Arrowheads Poem allets 7 Mar 28th
Walking Poem Mar 28th
Silent Killer Poem BloodLustSkye Mar 28th
It's fun to break hearts right? Poem BloodLustSkye Mar 28th
it's you Poem kayspoems Mar 28th
Spinning Poem mypersonalpoems777 Depression, DESPAIR, Peculiar Mar 28th
*Today You Begin To Breathe* Poem Whispers_From_T... 1 begin, breathe, cry, give, live, older, Other Mar 28th
*Keep Your Head Up* Poem Whispers_From_T... bad, Good, Hate, live, love, Other, positive, sad, see Mar 28th
*I'm All Alone* Poem Whispers_From_T... 1 friend, lone, love, Other, pretend, share, soul Mar 28th
*Once Again I'm In A Losing Battle* Poem Whispers_From_T... 2 Battle, crying, fight, hide, losing, Other, stay, stone, Strength Mar 28th
I Swear It Was A Dog. Prose bern 2 Mar 28th
Misty Blue Poem word_man 5 Mar 29th
I Hear Whispers Poem KindredSpirit 7 Mar 29th
We.....Never Leave a Man.... Poem giajl 1 Mar 29th
Blue Heights Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 29th
Weightless Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 29th
Sparks Poem brooklynspice 1 Mar 29th
Bored in Class Poem Scotty bored, Class Mar 29th
Time Continues On Poem Scotty Life, time Mar 29th
Grind Poem Scotty Life Mar 29th
Beard Poem Scotty funny, Limerick Mar 29th
Soldier Poem Scotty War Mar 29th
Star Poem Scotty funny, Life Mar 29th
O'l Captain Poem Scotty funny, Limerick Mar 29th
Normal Drugs Poem Wolfy 1 # addiction # love #learninlove # life # truth # joy # happiness # beauty # beast # peace # music # soul # body # mind #emotions # awe # poetry # heart # humanity # words Mar 29th
A lie her eyes give away Poem BloodLustSkye Mar 29th
Fighting Poem BloodLustSkye Mar 29th