A child hood so lost! 2015

A child hood so lost 2015


looking back to yesturday the memories surface

tears she has shed on her lips she could taste

dare not close her eyes for the darkness does cost

wisked back to the past of a child hood so lost

just ten years old when her innocence was forsaken

she felt her child hood was wrongfully taken

week after week she endured such darkness

she was never the same from a crime so useless

her cries go unnoticed and she could never post

so all she does think about is a child hood so lost

he told her to keep this dirty deed a secret

or she would be sorry and that you can bet

so she suffered in silence for three years at least

then one day it was over no more of that beast

she went home in silence never did she boast

to all that she's been thru from a child hood so lost!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem i wrote is like many of my poems is my child hood my councelor told me to let it out when i was ready well it took me 33 years but i finally did it

  hope you like it!!!!!!!!!


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