Rise Above Being A Bully

Note to bullies

Hear me now
And listen well
Stop trying

To pretend
To really
Care about
Those whose names
You barely
Even know
And about whom
You only

To know enough
About to justify
Pushing them about
And beating them up
Stop pretending
This isn't about
Your own
Insecure need

To assert

Over those

You deem weak
Because weak
Is how you

Really feel
I am sorry
That is how you feel
But taking down

You were taught

By other bullies
To look down on
Is not going to
Truly make you

Feel strong
Or help anyone

Least of all you

Find your own

Think for yourself
Be your own person
And own it

Maybe just maybe
Then you may have
A chance
At being a better person
Than just a common
Everyday bully

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