There Is A Madness, A Sickness We Need To Stop

There is a madness
In the world
That I am sick
Of so many
To ignore
There is a sickness
In society
That one way
Or another
We are all
Responsible for
So much hatred

So much greed
So many wars
We can't seem
To stop fighting
So many

Not willing

To see
That even
If they
Are not doing it
Just by not

Standing up

To it
They are still
Letting it happen

Which makes

Them too
Part of the problem
So much abuse
We are putting
The planet through
So many people
In need of help
We keep
Forgetting too
We know its wrong
But either
Don't care
Or are too lazy

To do anything
About it
There is a madness
A sickness
In society
That goes by
Many names
Hatred, greed,
Power hungry,
We are all
On some level
Guilty of
Living and spreading it
And it needs to end
Because if it doesn't
Our worlds end
I fear it may
Very well

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