We Are All In The Same Boat, Act Like It

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You are a puzzle
Broken, with pieces
Waiting to be seen
Life is a maze
That is not

Meant to
To be figured out
With ease
The world is a stage
And we are all
Fools in a play
That we just don't
Have a script for
And no matter
How hard we try
It is never enough

Above us
Is always asking
For more
Even when
They themselves
Have no idea

What they
Are really
Looking for
Some of us thrive
As to the occasion
We rise
Some of us crumble
As under the pressure
We stumble
And some

Hell most

Just end up
In the middle
Where they
Actually belong
But do not
Think even for
A second
Those who
Thrive are
Any more
Than those
Who stumble

Or end up
In the middle
Has a purpose
And even
Those who seem
Well off are struggling
Just as much
As the rest of us
To get through

This maze
Called life
While trying to
Put together
The pieces
Of their own puzzle
All while trying to
Say the right lines
On this stage
We have made
Of the world
We are all

One way
Or another
In the same
Damn boat
And it is about
Time we acted
Like it

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