Normal Drugs

Fun/Free time

The world is a place for fun, drama, life, and death
Living here just to leave a mark on the world or try
Doing our best to stay away from the drugs and addictions

All the drugs and addictions bring the world to a deeper place

To a place of rainbows and death, A place where people think is good

Where things change all the time like a normal persons daily morning

Get up, restroom, eat, get ready for work... then its repeat for the day

But why do people think its normal?

may this question be anwsered over and over and never figured out


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thankyou allets for the comment ^^ that brightened my day

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New Writer Syndrome

At PostPoems we are always gentle and kind (well 98% of the time, barring meltdowns and poeting rant syndrome), It is less a bout like/don't like - it's about writing a lot and reading and commenting that makes it fun here. Welcome and keep writing ~slc~

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