Time Continues On


Day in, day out

Time waits for none.

No matter how hard I shout,

Nothing can be undone.


The day may be long

As time slowly ticks by

So does my life’s song,

Only question is why?


Why can’t I undo what I have done?

Life was always just a game

Every time I played, I won.

The outcome was always the same.


When did I fall of the tracks?

The path ahead was always so clear.

What did I have, that I now lack

Time has awoken my inner fear.


Can I fix my life?

Is time as cruel as it appears

Or will it cut my problems with a knife.

Will I be allowed to see past my tears.


Even though time waits for no one.

I still have time to make a change,

My life can be as bright as the sun.

Even though time can be strange.


Time has given me a chance,

To get my life back on the tracks

And continue my dance.

As I patch up my internal cracks.


Even though time continues on

My life just needs a little cleaning

There will always be a new dawn,

Once again I have a meaning.

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