"The Courthouse"

Just a thought!

I had a dream...

 I went to a bar called "The Courthouse"

 Where all the barmaids wear butt length judges robes...

  They sell T-shirts, that say...


                             "The Courthouse"

"That one place, where you show up and then get served"


The cover charge..."A one shot minimum"

You and your friends sit at a table downing Jello shots of

"White Lightening", and yell..."I wanna get served!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Courthouse"

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bishu's picture

Hic hic niceeeeeeeeeeeee Mr Deep

Hey jutehaired barmaid.. Please make me anudde tall one widdut watar.. nawwwww I' aint drunk.. juss feelin nice Laughing