Yes I Can

Yes I can
See through
The fog
That surrounds
Me in my life
As if I were
In a bad dream

Yes I can
Take that
One big breath
And take that step
Needed to rise again

Even when
Counted out
Cast into
The darkness
Left starving
For attention
Oh so craved
And yet
Even then
I rise again
This time
So much
Than before
Have been
Beaten down

With fists, words,
And circumstances
That made it
All so much worse
And I'm still here
Lost as ever
But with a much better
Of what I can withstand
And hell
With that

Knowledge alone
I am confindent
Enough to say

Yes I can
Fight through
Whatever you
Throw my way
So bring it on

Because yes I can
And will survive
All that is
Thrown at me

Just watch me


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