My lil bear.

          my lil bear          2015



that moment when you arrived

was the day i really cried

those were happy tears you see

cuz you are very special to me

you had all your fingers and toes

and such a cute little button nose

you were special right from the start

cuz i knew we would never part

you always were grams little girl

her love for you was out of this world

but my love for you is always there

when you came to be my lil bear !!!

         i love you lil bear.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for my best friends daughter Kourtney lil bear is my nick name for her,we have a bond that started when she was born and will never end, she and i have had a rough life and she is only 14, i will always love her like my own I had a lot of fun writing this poem and i hope you like it.


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