I am who I am because of my dad 2 2015

I am who I am because of my dad 2 ! 2015


from the day i was born my dad prayed every night

when i was a teenager dad never left my sight

and when i got married at night he would pray

he prayed for my safety every day in every way

he knew i was in trouble and he prayed all over again

he prayed for the anger he was feeling he could restrain

if he acted on his anger he knew i'd be in trouble

when i needed him he came right on the double

my dad shed rivers of tears down on his knees

i think his prayers worked because i was able to flee

I thank god every night for dads endless prayer time

he never gave up on that tear stained prayer line

with out him praying for my safe and an end to my fight

theres no way i would be standing here writing tonight

without my dad praying for me i wouldnt be who i am

because i am who i am because of my dad!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was a short poem I wrote back in 2011 and i rewrote it a little longer so i hope you all like it.



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