Follow The Right Path

The potential
For peace
Is already

Inside every
Human being
It is in
Our capacity
To love

To learn
To adapt
And work
Being better people
For the greater good

Of not only others
But ourselves
As well
Where it

Falls apart though

Is when we
Ignore all of that
And focus
On only ourselves
And fall in line
With what others say
Just to fit in
When we allow
Hate and greed

To affect

How we feel
About and
Act towards others
But people
Never forget
Even then
The potential
For peace

Still lies within
Just waiting for us
To acknowledge
And do something
With it

So stop fighting it

Stop fighting
What you know is right
Just because
Others tell you
The right path
May not be easy
But it is still
The right path
Even when you
Are walking it alone

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