Bored in Class


Why am I so bored?

I should be taking notes.

The teacher is doodling on the board

Why am I thinking about boats?


I would rather be a sailor

Out on the open sea.

Or maybe a whaler

With just the fish and me.


Why not be a lieutenant in a war.

Fighting besides my men,

Invading the battle ridden shore

Where was I again?


Oh yeah, in this god forsaken class.

God, how time goes by so slow.

The teacher can kiss my ass

Cause I’m not going with the flow.


I’m going be a knight in shining armor

Riding across the land to save the girl.

I will be brave, strong, and a lady charmer

I may just give slaying dragons a whirl.


Maybe I’ll become a king,

Loved by everyone in the land.

On every finger is a diamond ring,

Where everyone would obey my every demand.


Ding Dong

The bell has rung

Playing its most benevolent song

Boy do I feel young.


Finally class is done

I’m back in reality

Out the door and under the sun

Contemplating my mentality.

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