I Dream Of A Better More Peaceful World

As I lie in bed
At night
Starring through
The window
At the stars
So high
And bright
Shining in
The sky
As the moon
Kisses me
Good night
I close my eyes
And as I feel
Myself fade
As I drift away
Into a state
Of sleep
I immediately
Start to dream
Of all the beautiful things
Life could truly be
If only for once
We fought as hard
For even the
Slightest sense
Of peace
As we do
For everything else
Power, hate,
Politics, and greed
How could any of that
Be anywhere
Near as
In the long run
As making the
World safer
And better for
I just don't get it
And doubt I ever will
But as long as there
Is peace in my heart

You better believe
I will fight
For it still
So dream on
My fellow dreamers
Who feel like

They don't belong
And just remember
It's your belief's

And what makes you different

That in the end
Just may
Change things
For the better
When it comes
To everyone

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