Learn From History

A beautiful mind
Free and brilliant

Is a horrible
Thing to waste
But what may
Be actually worse

Is a mind like that
Which is so unique
Bright and
Full of life
Not being
Ever seen

By anyone else
At least not truly
Just because

People are afraid of it
For being different
And what gets me
Is that
All through out
All I hear about

Is the same

Damn thing
About a brilliant mind

That is always
As ahead
Of their time
But who had to fight
And some that may have died
Just for their

Ideas to finally

At some point
Be taken seriously
And finally
For once
Learned from
Come on society

Its 2015
Surely by now
We have learned

At least something

From history
These brilliant minds
Go un noticed
And un cared about
Labelled as

Because we
Just don't seem to get
What it is they
Are trying to
Teach us

But maybe it's
About time
We learned
For once
From our own
And we finally
Took the time

To just sit down,
Shut up, listen,

And learn
Without first
Fighting the teacher

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